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After six months on air, Amanda Seales has announced that she has quit her role as official co-host of syndicated daytime talk show, “The Real.” The 38 year old first-generation Caribbean American actress, activist, author, comedian and television personality, chose not to renew her contract.

“I’m not the only one but I think there’s other people who have looked at the information provided by the Innocence Project, the information provided by other sources and still don’t feel confident he could be innocent.

Support Amanda by purchasing her book, Small Doses: Potent Truths for Everyday Use.

Amanda Seales is a celebrity activist with a very public platform. Spoken like a true judge, because he used to be the judge in Grenada. © 2020 BET Interactive, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Black Entertainment Television LLC. I use humor to get people in the weeds with politics and racial relations.— Amanda Seales —. Lawyers from The Innocence Project will tell you the same thing.

So, maybe it was just a little thing that gets to be a big thing. I’ve read thousands of pages of source documents in this case. Angela: That's right. Be Truthful. All at once, the people I had trusted and felt like they had my back, proved, horribly, that they did not. Check out this extensive list provided by Amanda Seales on National Resources to aid George Floyd Protesters – HERE. Ya’ll keep trying to come up with ways to undermine the validity of my voice and I am really tired of it.

Angela: Yo, the first-class triggers are real.

I am mad most of the time about what's going on, and so, yes, you get to see real authentic truth coming through on the screen. All rights reserved. Every death penalty case I’ve ever worked on was like this. Amanda Seals Shuts Down Critics Who Say She’s A Non-Foundational Black Person. The virtual Chancellor’s Speaker series is free and open to the public. They trigger me, and then I feel like, my God, I've got to address this. Anybody who’s got something to say to me about otherwise can go suck a bag of d*** because your point of view has no merit because it is not grounded in anything foundational black or otherwise.”. Right now it seems like an impossible balance to find. Who can understand anyth…. what is she on? Harper's BAZAAR participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. You're doing segments where they're like, "Okay, we've got five people up here. She was not murdered by Rodney or anyone else.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Amanda Seales Reps Grenada As New Host of “The Real”, Grenadian Essential Worker On British Vogue Cover, 15 Revolutionary Caribbean Books Every Caribbean American Should Read, Small Doses: Potent Truths for Everyday Use, Dancehall Divas Reality Show Premieres Sept. 10. And a jury voted quickly and unanimously to acquit Rodney on all charges in that case. Going through that process in front of people, partially by my own hands because of me sharing a lot, but also the media is really taxing. My 40th birthday is going to be about receiving. I think once you're a visionary, sometimes people really can't understand that you're looking at something 10 steps beyond the thing that's right in front of you. The facts are what’s being presented for public consumption is hearsay and gossip. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism People. Two, Because I am the descendant of ancestors who have been through the traumas that we are trying to undo right now. Amanda: It's my constant work, but it is my work.

Sooooooo many lies in this video. I see that so differently now from therapy. On Friday (November 15), Rodney Reed was granted a stay of execution after the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles unanimously recommended Texas Gov. You have to go, Amanda. Amanda Seals is not too happy with some of her critics and is firing back. I mean, back to your point again, I need to work with my therapist. After watching the video, Shaun King responded on his Instagram, captioning a repost of the video with the “factual errors” in Seales’ reasoning over the Reed case. We at support’s Amanda’s decision to leave a job that no longer servers her – to preserve her peace and protect her mental health. or anything. Angela: Yes. Confirms Drake Was Urinated On In New Song: Issa Rae Says “Eff Kanye” During SNL Skit, Kanye Responds Accusing SNL Of Using Black People & Says He’s Praying For Issa: EXCLUSIVE ‘Get Ya Life’ CLIP: Tamar Braxton Tells Production “You Stabbed Me In The Back”, EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B Source Denies Song With Nicki Minaj – There’s No Beef, But There’s No Song, Birdman Says He’s Paying May’s Rent For New Orleans Residents Who Are In Need, Beyonce’s Hair Stylist Says Her Hair Is “Realness” After Being Questioned If She’s Wearing A Wig Or Sew-In Weave, Cassie Chills with Joseline Hernandez, Jada Pinkett Smith Surfs + More Celeb Stalking, Stop & Stare: Jada Pinkett Smith & Smith Family Show Skin on Hawaii Vacay. I think I could actually be a lot more conscious of how I process my emotions through my words. And they may not all be positive.

I have to deal with that in front of people who are expecting you to have grace about things they have no idea about. That is a journey I'm on too.

Angela: Yes.


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