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In that case, the number of individual lawsuits against the defendant grew so large, so rapidly, they overcame the federal court system. a) order Troy A. Henry and Henry Consulting, LLC to provide a detailed, accounting of the revenue and expenditures of Henry Consulting, LLC since, April 17, 2009 -- including the payment of distributions, loans, or other, amounts by the company to Troy A. Henry, the use of company assets as.

Its going to get really ugly now and expect so see a faux racial card played to get rid of Letten by some white power brokers who are policially corrupted.

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According to the motion, it appears the Attorney Fee QSF was specifically targeted for a lower interest rate burden to the bank. Playing the long game may not only allow repeat players to play for rules and reap the advantages those rules provide, but also empower those attorneys to influence and control group dynamics in ways that could impinge on client representation.

This action was deplored by Tulane officials, and in the letter of April 11, 1987, of which you show only a portion, President Kelly goes on to state that participants in the parade would be prosecuted to the fullest extent, that he was writing to the DKE national organization urging it to revoke the charter of the New Orleans affiliate {the Tulane chapter had already been closed}, and asking the Mayor and City Council to take whatever steps they could to close the DKE house on Henry Clay Avenue.

(I confirmed that as well through a public records request), Thornton said he understood that the city needs to be compensated, but also said his team had to protect the state’s public money and couldn’t overpay for the lease, "He couldn't take the position due to a two-year ban on public employees doing business with their former agency after leaving office.". I also greatly appreciate the brainstorming and suggestions. As to whether or not the QSF was listed as an asset to take the bank public, he replied, "I don’t know. The aftermath of an air-burst nuclear weapon. On Monday, Holmes, Woods, their white friend and eight others visited the frat house. collateral for personal borrowing of Troy A. Henry or his mayoral campaign, the payment of personal obligations of Troy A. Henry by the company, the, payment of expenses related to the mayoral campaign of Troy A. Henry by, the company, and the use of company employees to perform services for the. He pressured State Legislators to "make an exception" for Grant in respect to the ethics complaint. It’s the land mass that comprises the mouth of the country’s primary artery. American Zombie Independent Investigative Journalism and Commentary from New Orleans, LA. Support New Orleans blogging community!

Saturday, January 30, 2010. on 990 AM with Irvin Mayfield (I think it was his show) amd coincidentally enough Mayfield - asking Riley for a one or two word summation of each name - went down a long list of every local pol (the whoel council, Nagin, all the candidates for mayor) and ended with a great crescendo with who else but.... Riley was asked to as with the rest come up with a quick summary of what came to his mind with that name. The Crab Nebula: SECTOR 15 “The days are getting longer. The case is then assigned to a Federal Judge in that district who appoints one or more "Special Masters" to oversee the settlement such as the payouts to claimants through the claims facility, the accounting, hiring staff, updating the public, etc. In fact, mud is so valuable in Plaquemines it’s illegal to transport it across Parish lines. Am I looking at that map correctly? I asked him if he would be willing to disclose the amount of the loan, he replied no and that if a court ordered him to do so, he would appeal it. One point Yance made was that the lawyers in this Chinese Drywall MDL case are being forced to borrow money from banks, including Esquire, itself, because the litigation has been drawn out or "slow-rolled" to the benefit of the bank. ... Stay up to date on Lora Zombie news! Is it wrong to catch a woody over this? The case was started back in July and lays of the schemes, companies and campaign committees that have been used to steal public monies. He went on to say he doesn’t see a potential conflict in his plaintiff role on the MDL and his interest and involvement with Esquire bank, "I think it’s a sleight of hand by those who see a conflict that doesn’t exist and, indeed, don’t understand the process of an MDL or the power of an Article 3 judge.". He is worried that he is about to go down in a public corruption scandal himself. Fill your zombie cravings with American Revenant! I was told there will be no new contracts, bids, awards, and most change orders. The Judge also creates what is known as a Plaintiff Steering Committee (PSC) which is typically comprised of the attorneys who represent the most claims in the case. During this election, my mailbox has been flooded with all sorts of wild claims surrounding our current crop of municipal candidates.

This time, delaying attorneys’ fees could line investor-attorneys’ pockets at others attorneys’ expense.". Tulane initially banned DKE in 1984, and permanently washed its hands of the fraternity in 1987. Requiem. News, Space Force.

", In respect to Yance’s questioning of Esquire Bank’s integrity and the fact that they are such a small bank, Herman suggested that many of the larger banks Yance referred to in his motion were either conflicted in the Chinese Drywall Case such as J.P. Morgan, or didn’t have as high a. Herman stated in his memo and to me that he did disclose that he held stock in Esquire before he recommended them to the court. At the time they went public, a year after the Chinese Drywall QSFs were deposited, the bank reported it had only $290 million in deposits. It's been about six months since I posted a. The longer claims administration takes, the more interest the financier can collect. Space Force quarantines lieutenants in wormhole to protect them from COVID-19. Support New Orleans blogging community! I faintly remembered the name from the UNOP days, but I didn't know much about him. Investor attorneys may likewise be profiting from lending to other mass-tort lawyers who use the money to invest in the same proceedings. I was just informed that City Council has voted to put all LRA and D-CDBG projects on ice pending new leadership in the mayor's office. If that lawyer/director is also an investor in a publicly traded company that owns the bank, like Esquire Financial is Esquire Bank’s parent company, then the conflict deepens. Instead of having to break up a single, large deposit (exceeding $250,000), two forms of sweep arrangements can be used: Based on that statement, Yance says it’s "clear" that Esquire utilized the off-balance sheet. Riley said that unnamed "powerful" people have launched a campaign to downplay his and Nagin's successes as city leaders. There are like 1-3 JP Council aides invvolved in the whole Lagniappe thing, starting with Hinyub (no secrets here, all, this is all on the web, for instance Council aide Richard Hinyub was/is the attorney for Lagniappe and JP Attorney Wilkinson is in the same law firm). To Mrs. Gadbois, Mr. Zurik, and the rest of his former WWL crew for winning the illustrious Dupont award: Those were the marching orders I got from Troy Henry when I asked him about his claim that he was THE President of United Water. He had recently convicted several suspected Mafia chieftains for trying to take over Louisiana's nascent video poker industry.


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