associate in a sentence

Born on the 11th of September 1525 this prince had served in the field under Charles V., and, disliking his father's policy and associates, had absented himself from Berlin, and mainly confined his attention to administering the secularized bishopric of Brandenburg which he had obtained in 1560. Businesses and other organizations may work with TCC to design a program that meets the needs of their employees or associates. Peninsula Pulmonary Associates offers help for people who may suffer from sleep apnea due to potential heart problems or underlying medical conditions. Irwin Rogers and Associates Insurance Both communities according quot Holy Grail and if you're. A very common belief associates serpents or dragons and other monsters with the guardianship of treasure or wealth; comp., e.g., 2. Business reports generally follow the same format, and provide concise information to colleagues, associates, clients and others. Examples Mary W. Smith, B.A.’79, was elected president. Stocked full of fun items, novelties, and even gourmet food, gift baskets are appropriate for giving to friends, family members, co-workers, and business associates. associates with rise in potential gradient a reduced number of both positive and negative ions and a diminished rate of dissipation whether of a negative or a positive charge. The blackcock then rejoins his male associates, and the female is left to perform the labours of hatching and rearing her young brood. And now, thanks to the efforts of a large company of workers, notably Dr Arthur Evans and his associates in Cretan exploration, we are coming to speak with some confidence not merely of a Mycenaean but of a pre-Mycenaean Age.
2. We send our family, friends, and business associates colorful greeting cards with positive messages.

Learn more. On the 10th of May Babeuf was arrested with many of his associates, among whom were A. Already in 1858 the discovery of the Phoenix conspiracy had shown that the policy of John Mitchel (1815-1875) and his associates was not forgotten. Being salaried means that associates can't get the same tax perks that other non-principals can. Powers and Associates showed that consumers only gave 773 of the available 1,000 points to customer satisfaction when they were asked to evaluate the price, offerings and service aspects of their current homeowners insurance provider. But, there are also two year associates degrees that are geared towards preparing students for a career straight out of the program.

From associates like these Di.irer could imbibe the spirit of Renaissance culture and research; but the external aspects and artistic traditions which surrounded him were purely Gothic, and he had to work out for himself the style and formlanguage fit to express what was in him. There is a point, of course, where a man must take the isolated peak and break with all his associates for clear principle: but until that time comes he must work, if he would be of use, with men as they are. What about which year joined as alternative to years of Membership, since some may have joined as an Associate?

He bore with calmness the storm of reproach from his party associates which followed, and lived to regain the esteem of those who had attacked him. This change became gradually more apparent in his preaching and in his conferences with his clerical associates, and occasioned much controversy in the ecclesiastical courts where, however, he successfully defended his position. Compared to other high performing company norms, Novartis associates rate internal communication highly. One of the first of Loyola's associates, Francis Xavier, encouraged by the joint co-operation of the pope and of John III. Masters of the situation, Maurice and his associates met their opponents at Passau in May 1552 and arranged terms of peace, although the emperor did not assent to them until July. In that year the Academy was remodelled, and eight foreign associates were created.

These agents book business travel for associates of the corporation and are generally paid a set salary. He mentions, however, a brother of this John called Unc who ruled over the Crit and Merkit (or Kerait and Mekrit, two of the great tribes of Mongolia), whose history he associates with that of Jenghiz Khan.
This production by Paul Holman Associates confirms the Playhouse's reputation for good family pantos. During the eight week program, the contestants learned techniques from Mystery and his associates that enabled the contestants to be more confident when approaching attractive women. This site comes to you through the extraordinary generosity of O'Reilly & Associates, book publishers. As part of our commitment to excellence tiro associates ltd is a full member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

Klinefelter Syndrome and Associates, Inc. PO Box 119, Roseville, CA 95678-0119. He identified himself with the more moderate and opportunist section of the Socialist party, decisively dissociating himself from the doctrine of a sudden and violent overthrow of society, and urging his associates to co-operate in bringing about a gradual development towards the Socialistic state. During the next session he acted vigorously in opposition, but his conduct was always viewed with distrust by his new associates, and his attacks on the ministry of Lord North grew less and less animated in proportion to its apparent fixity of tenure. He and his associates found ready support from the funds at the disposal of the German secret service.

Had Riaz had his way Arabi and his associates would have been executed forthwith, and when the British insisted that clemency should be extended to the leaders of the revolt Riaz refused to remain in office, resigning in December 1882. (2) Gaius Cornelius Cethegus, the boldest and most dangerous of Catiline's associates.

If you want to do some calculations yourself, you may want to check out the mortgage calculator at the HSH Associates web site. People who are considering one of the Sears employment opportunities offered will be joining the company's workforce of over 300,000 associates. The sales associates were rude and condescending, and ditto for the manager. To his horror and dismay, he has no wife or children, only enemies, associates, and the occasional loyal manservant.

Check out a store like Walmart - though it's not normally a place one associates with high fashion, the company's George line happens to carry surprisingly durable, polished dress shirts for as little as $10.

The cause was a heart attack, The Associated Press reported. Thus he traversed France, avoiding all ceremony, entering towns by back streets, receiving ambassadors in wayside huts, dining in public houses, enjoying the loose manners and language of his associates, and incidentally learning at first hand the condition of his people and the possibilities of using or taxing them - his needs of them rather than theirs of him. Today, Geico has over 24,000 associates and several operation bases around the United States. He had finished his portion of the Byrne report and the interviews he'd conducted with Byrne's friends and associates. From time to time Madame Blavatsky's numerous friends and associates were allowed to witness the manifestations of "occult phenomena," which she averred were the outcome of her connexion with these "Mahatmas.". Nevertheless, during his last voyage he enjoyed excellent health even in the tropics, and seemed less depressed than his associates, Bertrand, Gourgaud, Las Cases and Montholon. 214+8 sentence examples: 1. Your profile will help you to locate, or be located by, former business associates and clients. He and his brother Jean were the first two foreign associates of the Academy of Sciences of Paris; and, at the request of Leibnitz, they were both received as members of the academy of Berlin. Here are some examples. Another type of smell is often present during a reading for a specific person, such as a cigar scent that the client associates with her grandfather or lilac perfume her grandmother wore. After all, you do not want associates talking to your stomach; you want them speaking to you. By his associates Endecott was entrusted with the responsibility of leading the first colonists to the region, and with some sixty persons proceeded to Naumkeag (later Salem) where Roger Conant, a seceder from the colony at Plymouth, had begun a settlement two years earlier. Furthermore, larger companies may choose to buy a large quantity of prepaid phones for their employees and business associates. No sooner did copies of the book reach Paris than he found himself shunned by his former associates, and though he was himself so little conscious of disloyalty that he was forward to present a manuscript copy " engrossed in vellum in a marvellous fair hand" 3 to the young king of the Scots (who, after the defeat at Worcester, escaped to Paris about the end of October), he was denied the royal presence when he sought it shortly afterwards. Business degrees online can be attained as an associates degree, bachelor's degree or master's degree.


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