back roads review
I highly recommend this book, be warned, it is very dark and disturbing at parts. Then it sat forgotten in my TBR cupboard for awhile, until yesterday when I was rooting around in there, it called to me, and demanded I read it. The subject is dark and the acting and story suck you in and you wonder WHY have I not heard about this movie before. i can't explain exactly why I am giving this book 4 stars...other than to say that it was good enough to make me remember the protagonist...make me think about him after I turned the last page. So sad, it is on the scale of a Greek tragedy, except our hero is not to at all blame, making this a true drama/melodrama. Harley didn't sound like any guy I knew, nor grew up nor WAS in my life. It was definitely dark, and extremely messed up. 19 year old Harley is a country boy, raising 3 younger sisters on account his mother is in jail for the murder of his father. Family secrets, child abuse, no money, bad parents, hopeless existence. As Harley Altmyer, Pettyfer strips away his on-screen charisma (perhaps even to the point of fault) to play an eldest sibling forced to care for three younger sisters after his mom lands in prison for the murder of their father. Those who do will love it. After reading so many women comment about men writing in women's voices, it's now time to admit that women writing as men can completely miss the boat. Don't know why some users states its a bad movie., May be because of some insest contents? Our hero is so admirable and relatable, charged with the responsibility of raising, protecting, and otherwise caring for his three younger sisters, but in many ways, he is still a child himself, and a scarred one at that. Refresh and try again.

I couldn't put this book down, which is crazy because it is so disturbing. How can anyone hurt an innocent little baby kitten? And on that subject, when Harley drank, it said he drank like 3 beers and was falling down drunk.

I loved this movie in all it's aspects. It was such a great character study into dysfunction that I could not look away from the proverbial train-wreck that was unfolding in front of my eyes.
It's the car accident on the side of the freeway at which you can't help but stare. Want to know more about working here? I think psychos should be locked up, why should tax payer dollars go to pay for them to get therapy? The illicit carnal pleasure gives Harley something to look forward to, something to live for – causing some friction since their trysts are Callie’s escapes from spousal and parental responsibilities.

And factoring in this being a freshman feature only makes the achievement all the more remarkable. Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy. dark. That Pettyfer can successfully pull off such a gear shift speaks to his talent as a director right out of the gate. Not all tearful screaming sessions translate well from the page to the screen, and this is an excruciating example of overkill. I wish I would've read it with Oprah as that had to have been a good discussion. I didn't find it slow. The prolific and beloved author John Grisham, known for his courtroom thrillers, is back this month with a new pageturner, A Time for Mercy,... Harley Altmyer should be in college drinking Rolling Rock and chasing girls. The movie is very bad, very boring and does not have any point of quality film. This is for intelligent and sensitive adults with patience and appreciation for human suffering. Back Roads is about a 19 year old boy named Harley Altmyer who has to take care of his three younger sisters after their caring mom has been sent to jail for killing their abusive father. If you like dysfunctional and disturbing this is the book for you! He seemed to freak out and literally run out of them like every time he went. The book is not about how he's surviving in life though, but about love as well, as a key poi. The main character Harley Altmyer is played by Alex Pettyfer and he definitely makes this movie worth watching. Web design by Pro Blog Design. He has too much natural physical confidence. Her presence on screen leaves one with a lingering feeling of unease and sympathy.

I mean, I can drink a 6 pack and be hardly buzzed. Bravo Alex!! | This movie hits all the right notes for a dysfunctional family drama. In this story, we will observe a family of four, of four children, one of whom brings up the other three.

Back roads meet backwards. Weird, but still good :). Harley, as the film presents him, might theoretically be a tormented aging virgin, but Alex Pettyfer doesn’t exactly radiate that quality. Back Roads is available on digital platforms from 6 July. While Back Roads doesn't live up to its considerable dramatic and thematic ambitions, it provides a strong opportunity for its filmmaker/star to stretch his dramatic muscles in the lead role.

In many ways, he might be too handsome for his own good. Ricky Van Shelton was another one of those straight ahead hard core country singers from the '90s and I only have two more of his cds. We’d love your help.


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