bates motel pa history

It’s funny when you look at something like this in the shop, and wonder if you can pull off the illusion, but when the lighting and sound are just right, you can't tell it's not real. Can you feel their bloodshot eyes your every move as creep along the trail? This really takes the burden off of my wife and me. The entire structure is a bloody murder scene loaded with props and animations. The entire structure is a bloody murder scene loaded with props and animations. Other big sets include a King Kong style village, a zombie strip mall, a haunted church with ghostly pallbearers, a toxic waste facility, and a 300 foot long cave and mine shaft filled with collapsing beams and giant monsters. To Find the best haunted houses in Pennsylvania. The Victorian Gothic Second Empire era ended in the 1890's. In 2000, we opened our haunted Corn Maze. There are signs everywhere stating if someone jump in line, they will be ask to leave but it’s not enforce because that happen to me. After entering the mouth of a dragon and going almost 100 feet though its smoky strobe filled guts (to the pounding,  heartbeat sound of huge 1200 watt subwoofers), the wagon passes through a series of asylum style buildings.

Over the years, we have made a lot of custom effects used in all three of our attractions. This event is operated like a high throughput haunted house…once the wagons load they never stop, continuously moving through high action, high startle scenes with relentless attacks from all sides of the trail.
By Ken Franklin, Co-owner of Barrels hurl down from overhead, enormous living trees grasp at the riders from above, walls collapse, actors fly over the wagon and monsters jump on with the guests bringing the action right into their faces! The Bates motel became an instant success, with customers dashing from the exit, screaming and laughing. We also sell Christmas trees, wreaths and decorations. 10) Who are some of the key staff at your event? our weekly top coupons newsletter. Apparently he got a deal on mis-carved and out of service monuments from a local dealer after offering him a super low price for the lot. As our business took off, others began entering the scene.

First is a graveyard and crypt area loaded with another of Randy’s special collections…real tombstones! ALWAYS have an extinguisher close by, with someone who knows how to use it. This event is like no other corn maze in the country and has fast become a favorite at the Bates Farm. Now, there are over 12 major attractions located within 100 miles of our place. The main thing to remember is to be safe when using pyro stunts.
Not only were the elaborate building constructed from the ground up by Randy and his staff, all of the wood was milled right in the farm from trees on the property. Works great every time. With three events, a Hayride, Corn Maze and Haunted House he had all the bases covered, three different ways to reach deep into the minds of his guests and make ‘em scream! This format allows my customers to return several times a season and still have a great time. After checking out the set up I could see why this event is considered one of the scariest haunted attractions in America! Randy has amassed a huge collection of the biggest animatronic beasts the industry has to offer including such favorites as the Slayer, the Giant Spawn and the 17 foot tall Pumpkin King. By Josh Wells Is someone or something watching you? Ages 12 and older only! One thing that sets this hayride apart from the others is the use of an onboard, digital soundtrack, that is choreographed to the scenes. Dedicated staff will be in charge of disinfecting touch areas throughout the haunted attraction, 10.

All employees will have temp checks upon checking in (anything over 100.4 may not enter), 6. There, Building Layers of Terror! The idea I had was to have a car smashed into a tree (since we are in the woods) with smoke pouring out of the engine compartment.

4) Your event is known for being very intense. 12) You have a large well known Christmas show now. Although they were still half converted to a Christmas event, his approach to shocking his guests was very clear to me. I first met the owner, Randy Bates about 8 or 9 years ago and he was already at the top of his game.


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