battle of warsaw 1914

The Russian First Army was isolated along the Vistula, while the Germans threatened to cut off the Russian Second Army around Lodz. The next day the German Ninth Army began a retreat back towards Silesia.

The first battle of Warsaw is sometimes used as an alternative name for the battle of the Vistula River (28 September-30 October 1914), an unsuccessful German invasion of south west Poland in the autumn of 1914. Help - F.A.Q. - Contact Us - Search - Recent - About Us -  Subscribe in a reader - Join our Google Group The Russians turned south, resuming the attack on the Austro-Hungarian Empire, suffering another defeat at Limanowa-Lapanów, 6-12 December 1914. - Cookies, battle of the Vistula River (28 September-30 October 1914). The latter was attacked on a line extending from east of Königsberg to the southern end of the chain of the Masurian Lakes during September 1–15 and was driven from East Prussia. This disaster left eastern Germany vulnerable to a Russian invasion. The German retreat was skilfully managed. It was fought between the German Ninth Army and the Russian First, Second, and Fifth Armies, in harsh winter conditions. A few days later, the German troops crossed over the Dniester. On 10 November the Russian Second and Fifth Armies were advancing towards Silesia, unaware of the German movements. The Russian Fifth Army, to the south, was ordered to turn to its right and march to the aid of the Second Army.

If you require different versions please get in touch to make a request. The Russian pursuit began on 19 October, marking the start of the first battle of Warsaw. After Germany’s victory at Gorlice-Tarnów in June of 1915, General August von Mackensen led his troops over the San River to capture Przemysl.

Want a discount? The victory, although hardly emphatic, gave a boost to Russian morale, but the Central Powers retreated in good order, laying waste the ground behind and thwarting any decisive Russian follow-up. We specialise in institution subscriptions, providing unlimited access for all students of signed up courses. The second battle of Warsaw, 7-25 November 1914, was a German offensive launched to prevent a Russian invasion of Silesia in eastern Germany.

We accept requests for larger downloadable jpegs. In the early months of the First World War the Russians had launched invasions of East Prussia and of Galicia. By mid-September 1914 the Russians were driving the Austro-Hungarian Army deep into Galicia, threatening Krakow, and the Austro-Hungarian invasion of Serbia was floundering. The decisive moment of the overall battle came on 15-16 November (this phase of the fighting is also known as the battle of Lodz). First Battle of Warsaw 19–30 October 1914 Map Code: Ax00228 £2.99 In September 1914 the Russians gained an intelligence advantage over the enemy, when papers recovered from a dead German officer revealed the massing of Central Powers forces in Silesia. On June 22nd, the Russian troops left Lvov, the Galician capital. Now those bridges were blown, holding up the Russian pursuit. The advancing Germans split open the Russian lines north of Lodz. The Siberians held out during 23 November, but no reinforcements arrived, and the next day the division collapsed. By 12 October General Mackensen with four divisions was within twelve miles of Warsaw.

Their job was to delay the Russian advance as much as possible to give the Ninth Army time to launch its attack. The Russians had moved their armies from the Carpathian front north towards Warsaw and repulsed the German attack.


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