best marvel strike force characters

Honorable Mention: Black Widow – If you prefer to play more aggressively, Widow can help. Got more nominees for best characters that you’ve found in your own Marvel Strike Force play? There’s no one right way to do this, and so far, no one group of five that has proven to be inherently better than all others. But man is he fun, with a self-healing Taunt and abilities that get even more effective when he is below 50 percent health. Hands down the best healer in Marvel Strike Force, Night Nurse has both a single target and group heal, plus a passive that has a chance to restore HP to the ally who needs it most. Check out our picks for the best characters in each class and zero in on grabbing the shards for these heroes and villains right away. Pair her with SHIELD characters for even more effectiveness.

Not all the characters serve the same purpose.

Well, this is the right question that we are going to answer in today’s article.

Or whistle at, since that would be more appropriate for him. Here are the best Marvel Strike Force characters. Last Updated on 10 August, 2020 . Best Marvel Strike Force characters according to the role.

Yaka Arrow is a great AoE attack that can’t be dodged, Boarding Party summons Ravagers to fight for your side and even his basic attack is nothing to sneeze at. With so many characters to farm in Marvel Strike Force, you are definitely wondering which one(s) should you focus on.

Your email address will not be published. Which are the best characters / heroes in Marvel Strike Force?Well, this is the exact question that we’re going to answer in today’s article. Required fields are marked *, Sign up for the Gamezebo Daily Newsletter, Ghostbusters World Tips, Cheats and Strategies: We Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts, Marvel Strike Force Stark Tech Guide: How to Improve Your Characters Even More, Marvel Strike Force: How to Summon Storm to Your Roster Right Now, #1 in Game Reviews, Walkthroughs and Tips. Super fast, her basic attack can copy opposing buffs and her Widow’s Bite can cause Stun or Bleed. His Taunt also helps him regenerate, making him hard to kill, and his Unbreakable ability buffs his teammates’ defense while also giving him a chance to become Deathproof.

The visuals and sound effects of Marvel Strike Force are just Amazing. Lightning Storm can stun all of your enemies while dealing a great deal of damage, while Hammer Throw also has a chance to affect everyone on the opposing team as well. Seismic Blast slows them, Shockwave removes their buffs, and Earthquake deals plenty of damage while also debuffing their offense. Takes a while to unlock, but he’s worth it. Her Deadly Methods passive also gives her a bonus to crit, so she’s the total package. Honorable Mention: Elektra – Squishier than other brawlers but can enter Stealth to avoid attacks and her Vital Strike allows for devastating one-shot KOs. Honorable Mention: Punisher – Probably the best early game Blaster since he’s not hard to unlock, all of his attacks can damage multiple foes and dish out plenty of harm. Lives up to her comic book reputation as the Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe thanks to her Assassin’s Strike ability, which can allow her to attack again, while her other two abilities both refill her Speed Bar if used to finish off opponents. Be sure to drop us a comment below and tell us who they are and why they’re so good. Wellcome to the unofficial Marvel Strike Force Tier List, all the characters & teams ranked from Tier SS (The best of the best) to Tier D (the worst of the game) Marvel Strike Force is a turn-based RPG mobile game developed and published by FoxNext. Luke Cage is by far the best tank, and characters like the Winter Soldier, Kingpin or Night Nurce are the best healers.

Marvel Strike Force is supposed to be the best Marvel Universe game ever made for mobile phones. Combined with a passive that simply deals more damage, he’s as pure a Blaster as there is in the game. Really great for annoying opponents with abilities that trip them up in three different ways. No one keeps teammates out of harm’s way like Harlem’s hero, which is especially crucial for missions where you have to keep a character from getting KOed.

It is the top rated game of its kind and available on Google play store and Apple app store for free to download. Marvel Strike Force is a marvel-licensed game, which allows FoxNext to set the game in the Marvel universe.

He even dishes out pretty good damage for a tank. Marvel Strike Force Best characters from the farm in the Marvel Strike Force, you are definitely thinking about whom you should pay attention.What are the best characters / heroes in the Marvel Strike Force?

Once you’ve been playing Marvel Strike Force for a bit, you’ll get the hang of constructing a well-balanced team, one with characters from different classes whose abilities will complement each other. Honorable Mention: Yondu – Plays something of a non-traditional Support role since he isn’t a healer, but he’s awesome nonetheless. Players can collect all their favorite characters from the Marvel universe including Thanos, Spider-Man, and Star-Lord. Honorable Mention: Elektra– Squishier than other brawlers but can enter Stealth to avoid attacks and her Vital Strike allows for devastating one-shot KOs.


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