breadwinners show

Watch Breadwinners Online: Watch full length episodes, video clips, highlights and more. Honestly it shouldn't be legal to rate Marvin Marvin higher than 1/10. Speaking of that, another thing they overuse is toilet humor. Puppy, and Sam & Cat of course. I really feel bad for the kids growing up these days. | The writing for this show is the worst its like the writers think kids will stop watching if there's even a single frame of slowing down so they have to have the to ducks (which they barely look like ducks at all) constantly doing something and it's just unbearably annoying. And dumb. If you don't know the name, just tell me the plot, I can figure it out based on the plot since I've seen every episode at least once or twice. ((Very creative names, am I right?)) So that, my friends, is my rant for you. I hear that Cartoon Network has a few good shows on now. I'm sorry to say but, this show is not doing Nickelodeon any favors. Like Sanjay and Craig, it tries to be Regular Show and Adventure Time, and FAILS HORRIBLY. And Breadwinners used to have TWO point four, why can't go back to that?

Another thing, they put a rape joke in the episode Love Loaf. Are they gonna give The Lion King like a 4.3 but then do the same to that crappy cartoon Greeny Phatom? Names: SwaySway And Buhduce, These Are really not Names, THESE ARE NAMES THAT A preschooler Made up. I gave up on nick awhile ago but I saw my little brother watching this and I said well I don't really watch cartoons besides Adventure time and Regular Show but I'll give this a try.

Next The Fairly OddParents will go, then Sam & Cat, AND NICK WILL BE DEAD! This show should be called The Drug Dealing Ducks, because bread is bad for ducks and is like a metaphor for drugs. This sucked! Both are loud and obnoxious bread fetish junkies. Second the animation is pretty bad too, while it has a decent frame rate everything is too simple with too many basic shapes, though other cartoons have simple styles like We bare bears or Harvey Beaks they have charm to there style breadwinners dose not have anything charming at all In its art a side from a few nice background drops. UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 27: The rating is 3.1! This is an extremely poorly made cartoon. To start off, if I could give this a zero, I would. And both Dog with a Blog and Shake it Up have 5s (the highest Shake it Up has ever been, however, Dog with a Blog has had 6.1 at the highest). SwaySway and Buhdeuce are Breadwinners! The concept is pretty dumb too technically there suppose to be milkmen only with bread which in there world is a life sustaining resource, that pretty dumb even if this show was aimed at younger kids. I thought Fanboy and Chum Chum was as bad as it got. Who thought of those names!? Also watch Wander Over Yonder on Disney XD, stay clear of Breadwinners on Nickelodeon. What was the people of at Nickelodeon Studios mindset when they said,"I think Breadwinners is what people like in today's world." The thing that makes me the most angry is the jokes. The majority of background characters are stock images of ducks. NOT The Mighty B and all the other crap they've aired since then starting in 2008 with that pitiful excuse of a show. They sound like slang terms for feces!!!

Honestly, I can't take this seriously. Because they have two widely different personalities, it makes them interesting to watch and the situations they're in funny. It's really strange. Also to thebombfunn (AKA Oldnickolodeon34 at, can you review Sanjay and Craig too?

Yeah, they don't just use stock photos because they're too lazy to draw their own darn characters, they use stock explosions, video game noises (like the Super Mario Bros jumping noise)and others. It's limited to the max!

Titles: There is None Just copy episodes Like Employee of the month and Procastination. Out of all the horrible shows that came out during 2011-2014(Examples: Dog with a Blog, Sanjay and Craig, Fanboy and Chum Chum, The Thundermans, etc. That's why most of the ratings are the same as or similar to mine. As another review on here said, this leaves the writer's with very few possible plot lines. I wish we could reverse the ratings for Gordy and The Oogieloves. I would give this show a -95/10 if I could. Oh yeah, and what about rating more Disney movies? It's...Not....Funny. Crap like this is the reason why Cartoon Network, Disney and even Hub will ALWAYS be better than Nick. It started off as a abysmal animated short on YouTube, and Nick saw potential in this, and decided it should be a series. Release Dates The rating drops every day. WHAT KIND OF NAMES ARE THOSE??? The characters look like simple shapes created in poorly made flash animation with repetitive movement. SwaySway and Buhdeuce are Breadwinners! No matter what, nothing stops these two feathered friends from having 24/7 fun and a getting a little bit QUAZY! The show has no plot and the characters are flappybird rejects. This actually becomes worst than fanboy and chum chum. STTTTTUPIIIIIID! One of the worst Nick shows, if not the worst. Now I have to forever remember that me and this god awful show have something in common. Butt jokes. As for there cartoons this is just becoming as repetitive as Justin Bieber songs.
That being said, I hate this show. FAQ I STILL can't believe Breadwinners AND Gordy both have 3.8! The plots are garbage, a three year old could do better than this half-assed crap. And we all know Greeny Phatom is rated 1.2. It causes them a lot of problems. The worst names ever of course.) Nick is not even putting effort to originality on their shows anymore, I don't find heavy toilet humor funny anymore. | Nick Has Lost The Network And Fell in the Sewers, Genuinely the WORST SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN. Either that or they thought live action ducks would look cooler (which they don't). | Nick airs the most grossest shows ever instead of mature cartoons like Hey Arnold! Why can't you see that kids don't like fart jokes or anybody? Don't believe me? They are always twerking.Nickelodeon, try harder will you?

I agree with everything you said thebombfunn! He simply starts farting in the Rocket Van, in order to prove that he "doesn't run low on gas". The first thing wrong with this show are the names of the 2 main characters SwaySway and Buhdeuce those aren't real names.

This show has no redeeming qualities at all. Not everything is about "butts", "farting" or messing with "underpants"! External Reviews

So I Hope its gonna be cancelled Because A bunch Of Twerking, Butts, Fart Jokes And Even Butt Jokes. This is just as bad as the 2006 animated mockbuster Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale. The character designs are pretty bland and they seem to lack story. SERIOUSLY! You can tell that nickelodeon has gone nuts by green lighting a show takes the idea that ducks like bread and run off with it for TWENTY-FOUR episodes.

what's good of this if it's not enough to tell the difference to others, I don't know why they canceled iCarly, Victorious, and others, the final thing to say is It isn't fair. The absolute worst. Bad acting, bad characters, bad plots, HORRENDOUS ANIMATION, and no redeeming factors.

WHY?! So anyway, just to wrap this review up, I just wanna mention that this show not ONLY is extremely awful, but a gigantic rip-off of Regular Show. We finally got a profile for Henry Danger at, but we still need profiles for The Jungle Book and One Hundred and One Dalmatians!

If you want a great premise watch Gordy.

They only thing keeping them afloat is there sitcoms it seems.
I hate butt and fart jokes.


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