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The podcast concerns “boys, sex, fucking, dating and love” and is absurdist as well as relatable. And you can hear her in TV commercials, doing voiceover work for products including Olay, Schick, and the cereal Special K. Cohen also co-hosts the podcast Seek Treatment, with friend Pat Regan. It's 2019. “I was a church girl in Texas who wanted to get the fuck out because she thought she was smarter than everyone.” She pauses. “And I didn’t feel like people knew what a star I was!”. GONDELMAN: I almost said Tempur-Pedic, but they didn't have Tempur-Pedic in 1865. And it's taken off." ", Cohen is always the butt of her own joke. Years later, those Joe's Pub aspirations came full circle: She hosts her own monthly show there called The Twist?...She's Gorgeous. EISENBERG: All right. EISENBERG: Hey, guess what? COHEN: I'm one of the only people on earth who doesn't suffer from imposter syndrome. She eventually turned to comedy, instead, taking classes at the Upright Citizen's Brigade. I'm, like, hell yeah. Yeah, yeah. COHEN: I always forget that it's called that. She is known for her comedy cabaret live performances. GONDELMAN: Can I try it? EISENBERG: It's exciting. EISENBERG: All right. "I feel like there was a lot of deadpan, kind of like 'guys in hoodie' comedy, and I was like, 'What if we made this fashion?'"

They're on their knees begging for me to talk about them right now. Prepare yourself for an elegant evening of song, storytelling, and standup comedy from the buzziest names in the biz. Years later, those Joe's Pub aspirations came full circle: She hosts her own monthly show there called The Twist?...She's Gorgeous. Catherine Cohen talks about New York's cabaret resurgence and the art of fusing fashion with comedy. [Copyright 2019 NPR]. That's good. COHEN: Yeah. It's so stupid. COHEN: So I want everyone to know I'm very pleasant offstage. It was at Club Cumming that she found a platform for her blend of comedy and song. Catherine Cohen’s official line of work is, in her own words, being “a beautiful comedian slash dumb slut without a primary care doctor”. COHEN: It's pretty close to home. One of the odd jobs Catherine Cohen held early in her career was as an employee in a Casper mattress showroom. Oh, I made it into the podcast. Again, this makes sense. EISENBERG: ...After Alan Cumming's - his venue that he opened up. So in 2018, Time Out New York called you a comedian to watch. EISENBERG: But they just must've been so heavy.

EISENBERG: So we're going to put your bed knowledge to the test in a game called Go To The Mattresses.

The New York cabaret and comedy performer Catherine Cohen is rhapsodising about her maiden Edinburgh experience. EISENBERG: Catherine Cohen is performing her show "The Twist?...She's Gorgeous" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. COHEN: Amazing nightclub. You just run a hose to your sink. It’s so easy to be that way. Cohen said, describing her show. As a high schooler growing up in Houston, Texas, Cohen used to watch YouTube videos of performances as the New York City club, Joe's Pub. Copyright 2020 NPR. Emily Bootle is the New Statesman’s editorial assistant. That's right. For her Ask Me Another challenge, Cohen faced-off against fellow comedian Josh Gondelman in a trivia game about mattress history. Because - right, you're in control. Thank you for having me. Catherine Cohen is still a relative newcomer in New York, but the comedian, actor, and singer has already made a name for herself in the world of cabaret comedy. Josh Gondelman: The Importance Of Being Nice. She hosts a weekly cabaret show at Alan Cumming’s East Village venue, CLUB CUMMING, and co-hosts the popular weekly podcast, SEEK TREATMENT. EISENBERG: And your show - the live shows that you do - it's cabaret, to a certain extent, but there's a lot more comedy. And you're just, like, this is going to be pretty cool under a leopard-skin blanket. COHEN: Thank you so much. The fact other people identify with them just means I’m glad it’s doing something for someone besides myself.


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