general university requirements

124–Calculus and Analytic Geometry I (5) (Only one of MATH 124 and MATH 134 may be taken for credit) 365-Latin American Perspectives (5), 202-Zen and the Art of Tea II (3) 273–Art and Society in China and Japan (5) Key. In your personal statement we also look for evidence of: However, if you will be under 17 years and six months when you start your studies, we may offer you the option of taking a gap year. University)|24 November 2017|10 min read.

327–Ireland: A Cultural History (5), 336–The Holocaust (5) (Also taught as FAIR 334L), 375–Diversity, Mass Media and Social Change (4), 432–Community-Based Care for Vulnerable Populations (3), 268–Gender and Society (5) How long does it take for universities to reply? Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all material is copyright © The University of Edinburgh 2020. 203–The Hispano/a-American Experience (4) 338–Mystical Traditions (5) 202–History of Jazz (3), 112–Introduction to Philosophy: Moral Issues (3) Search, shortlist and compare thousands of courses to find that perfect one. 390–Globalization and Families (5), 213–Introduction to Sexuality and Queer Studies (5) Please note the use of GUR attributes in the online Classfinder or Timetable. Russell Group universities – what are they? 203–Intermediate Russian III (5) 334H–Human Rights in Africa (5) 260–The Family in Society (5) 115–Environmental Ethics (3) General University Requirements.

They're usually offered by local colleges. Complete 3 courses from at least two departments; 12 credits minimum, 210–History of Architecture: Prehistory to Modernity (3)

251–Elementary Organic Chemistry (5), 253–Speech and Hearing Sciences for the Liberal Arts (4), 101–Introduction to Geology (4) (Only one of GEOL 101 and HNRS 212 may be taken for credit) GUR also contributes significantly to your acquisition of PolyU's desired graduate attributes as shown in this table. The General University Requirements apply to all students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Business and Economics, the College of Science and Engineering, the College of Fine and Performing Arts, Woodring College of Education, and Huxley College of the Environment. Comparative courses deal with the history and culture of societies beyond the Western tradition. 282–Global Literatures (5) A level subjects. 116–Principles of Physics III (5) 204–Colloquium in Psychology (4) (Only one of HNRS 204 and PSY 101 may be taken for credit) You will gain skill in understanding the logic and validity of an argument by analyzing numerical and causal relationships. 234–African-American Literature (5) 265–Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Experiences in U.S. History (5) General information on entry requirements for students with A levels.

204–Introduction to Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity (5) Yes, there are alternative routes to university if you don't hold traditional A-levels eg you want to return to education after taking time away. So you’ve found a degree course that ticks all the boxes and you’re ready to put it down as one of your five Ucas choices. 112–Functions and Algebraic Methods (5), 114–Precalculus I (5) But what about its entry requirements? Or Why are entry requirements important? 335-Human Trafficking and Smuggling (5) (Also taught as FAIR 334K), 202–Intermediate Arabic (5) Note, a university can change their entry requirements for a course at any time (though they don't often change these, nor do they change these drastically when they do). 161–General Chemistry I (5) 301–Third-Year Composition (3)

205–Co-Inquiry on Learning (3), 103-Navigating the Human Experience-Pre-Modernity (4) 116–Human Sexuality (5)   This is not mandatory and the final decision rests with you.
335–The Middle East: Society and Environment (3), 210A–World Issues (5)

102–Introduction to Human Origins (5) Universities and Colleges Application System (UCAS). 231–Visual Culture in 17th and 18th Century Europe (3) 370–Literature of Rome and Her Empire (5), 220–Communication Theory (5) 274–Latin America: 1824 to the Present (5) 111–Introduction to Western Civilization: Prehistory to 476 (5)

252–Colloquium in Sociology (4), 312–Globalizations Since 1870 (5) (Also taught as FAIR 312F), 100–Leading Responsibly (2) 382–Religion and Society in Japan (5) University offers in? We've teamed up with The Student Room to create a free, comprehensive guide to getting into university, covering everything from research to applying, finance to freshers' week survival. 275–Humanities of Japan (5) Together, these disciplines develop and test theories based on empirical observation that help us better understand how we think and act in the world, form and maintain relationships, organize into groups and create institutions to achieve goals and interests, and relate to and interact with the physical environment.
113–Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophy of Religion (3) 201–Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (5) (Only one of ANTH 201 and HNRS 203 may be taken for credit) 204–The African-American Experience (4)

312D–Global Culture & World Society (5) ENGLISH (ENG) 101, Writing your way through WWU (5). 310–Race, Ethnicity, Indigeneity (5) 114–Principles of Physics I (5). 230–Modern Chinese Society and Language (3)

301–Third-Year Japanese (5) This GUR introduces you to the ways in which scientific inquiry is used to describe, explain, and predict natural phenomena.

Meanwhile, Foundation Years are offered by universities to help students fill in any gaps in their knowledge, so they can progress on to a full degree course.

This belief reflects a long tradition in American higher education. 277–Canada: A Historical Survey (5) (Also taught as C/AM 277) Applying to uni with the International Baccalaureate? 221–Geographic Information Science Survey (3), 201–Understanding Environmental Data and Information (3) 269–Race and Ethnic Relations (5) 204–Human Geography (4) 276–Humanities of Africa (5) 325–Surveillance, Voyeurism and the Culture of Suspicion (5) 212–Introduction to Feminist Theory (5) 336–Scriptural Literatures (5), 333–East Asia: Society and Environment (4) (Also taught as EAST 333) 101–Introduction to Leadership Studies (5), 201–Introduction to Language and Linguistics (5) (Only one of ANTH 247, HNRS 217 and LING 201 may be taken for credit) 355–Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art (3)


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