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The episode premiered on July 27, 2018. However, he is still angry at Gordon for murdering Mario. Sir George seems to have an adverse reaction to his sister, Alexandra's croquet mallet. If the bell is rung it banishes ghosts. [6] With Live+7 DVR viewing factored in, the episode was watched by 5.31 million viewers and had an overall rating of 1.9 in the 18–49 demographic. Gordon and Bullock decide to follow Dwight after discovering that he worked on Indian Hill. [8], Matt Fowler of IGN gave the episode an "okay" 6.4 out of 10 and wrote in his verdict, "'Ghosts' was a sort of a bust save for the rising threat of Jerome's return.

The episode was watched by 3.69 million viewers with a 1.2/4 share among adults aged 18 to 49. Lee, even with all she'd recently been through, behaved in an extremely uncharacteristic manner throughout the bulk of this one, almost flipping switches as fast as Barbara did back in the second half of Season 1.

A film crew descend on Motley Hall as historian, St John Desmond (played by Nicholas Le Provost who plays Francis 'Fanny' Uproar throughout) details the history for School television, but as they portray incidents from Motley's past, the ghosts notice that the historian has it wrong.

Broadcast information American couple Darlene and Marvin Dewey (Annie Ross and Ed Devereux) are trying to trace Darlene's family tree; Sir George's brother, Albert, married Darlene's great, great grandmother, his older sister Alexandra never married but family legend told that his younger sister, Clara, eloped with an American and Mrs. Dewey wants to find out if this is true. The final scene shows corpses on pods placed on a warehouse and Jerome's body is shown, still smiling and with his death mark. Lee confronts Gordon in the GCPD after unsuccessfully demanding his arrest and claims that he's the "real virus" for entering into people's lives and destroying them. [5] With this rating, Gotham ranked second for FOX, behind Lucifer but beating Lucifer in the 18-49 demographics, fourth on its timeslot and seventh for the night behind The New Celebrity Apprentice, Scorpion, 2 Broke Girls, Man with a Plan, Kevin Can Wait, and The Bachelor. It was first broadcast on January 16, 2017. The next day on the city hall, Cobblepot finds Tarquin getting welcomed with a birthday party, finally seeing him as the "birthday boy". He returns to Tarquin's office to find his body and Dahl's corpse gone. The episode was written by executive producer Danny Cannon and directed by Eagle Egilsson. But Gotham did what few shows have accomplished and juggled five–read it: five-different storylines in its winter premiere. Their self-imposed isolation from each other is suddenly and noisily interrupted by the arrival of two older women and a teenage girl that Matt decides need to be sheltered from the cold weather. Selina enters and accidentally says Bruce's name, which makes Cole decide to pay him a visit later. The episode ranked as the 56th most watched show on the week. In the GCPD, Fox (Chris Chalk) shows Gordon and Bullock the corpse of a girl who was found undressed on the train tracks and died in her way to the hospital. "Ghosts" is the twelfth episode and mid-season premiere of the third season, and 56th episode overall from the Fox series Gotham.

In December 2016, it was announced that the guest cast for the episode would include Ivana Milicevic as Maria Kyle, Paul Reubens as Elijah Van Dahl, Cameron Monaghan as Jerome Valeska, John Doman as Carmine Falcone, David Dastmalchian as Dwight Pollard, PJ Marshall as Cole Clemons, Jan Maxwell as Margaret Hearst, and Dave Quay as Tarquin.

Harvey was classic Harvey, Lee was emotional but thoughtful, and every fight scene left me wanting more. In the episode, after Mario's funeral, Falcone places a hit on Gordon for his murder while also complicating Gordon's relationship with Lee, who continues seeing him as a murderer.

He flees to a restaurant kitchen where he kills the henchwomen and knocks Zsasz out. Written by Add Image.

Ghosts Falcone meets with Lee, who claims that Gordon is the only one responsible and Falcone is the only one to ever kill him.

S3, Ep1.

He tells Cobblepot that "he's not to be trusted" before disappearing.

Conor Devlin continues to seek revenge as someone from Alex’s past comes back into her life.

The other ghosts feel that Sir George is becoming a tyrant and want to teach him some humility. They meet with Barbara (Erin Richards) and Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) where Nygma claims that he wants a "slow painful death. With this rating, Gotham ranked second for FOX, behind Lucifer but beating Lucifer in the 18-49 demographics, fourth on its timeslot and seventh for the night behind The New Celebrity Apprentice, Scorpion, 2 Broke Girls, Man with a Plan, Kevin Can Wait, and The Bachelor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Gudgin is doing a spot of gardening and digs up an old bell buried by highwayman Captain Narcissus Bullock (Michael Elphick); (a former companion of Francis 'Fanny' Uproar. Julia Cohen and Matthew Klam "[14] Sydney Bucksbaum of Nerdist wrote, "It's commonplace for an episode of any hourlong TV drama to engage in multiple storylines at the same time.

Most of these stories have plenty of great material that should keep this season fresh and thrilling. Who Are You?

In December 2016, it was announced that the twelfth episode of the season will be titled "Ghosts" and was to be written by Danny Cannon and directed by Eagle Egilsson. Add Image.

Also, Selina's mom's arrival could shake things up between Bruce and Selina while Cobblepot begins to have strange events occurring to him while on his way to the most important interview he may have.

S3, Ep2.

This was a 9% increase in viewership from the previous episode, which was watched by 3.37 million viewers with a 1.0/3 in the 18-49 demographics. The piano once belonged to composer, Ludwig Stumpf (John Ringham, who has also guested before as a potential buyer of the hall) and he doesn't want anyone else; dead or alive, to play it. Production information 2021 Episode #3.1.

"[12], Lisa Babick from TV Fanatic, gave a 3.5 star rating out of 5, stating: "I wasn't a fan of Penguin's complacency, but for him to overreact the way he did was just a little overboard.

Back in Dahl Manor, Cobblepot is again visited by Dahl, who states that he cannot rest until he lies underground again and that Isabella is on the other side with him and trusts him not to trust "the birthday boy".

"[16] Kayti Burt of Den of Geek wrote, "Gotham is back and it continues to stumble through the middle of its season.

He breaks into his office and discovers Dahl's corpse.

"[15], Robert Yanis, Jr. of Screenrant wrote, "For its first episode of the 2017, Gotham certainly didn't disappoint. Returning to his apartment, Gordon finds Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan) waiting for him as a "messenger".

The episode received a rating of 71% with an average score of 7.3 out of 10 on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Maria arrives at Wayne Manor where she brings a box that intended to give to Selina but Bruce (David Mazouz) decides to bring it to her.


He didn't even listen to the guy, AND he had that big interview. "[9], Nick Hogan of TV Overmind gave the series a 4.5 star rating out of 5, writing "Even the parts that didn't really work cooked and sizzled for Gotham this week, and everyone was at the top of their game. Falcone decides to have him killed but makes Lee know that this will affect her too. Gordon and Bullock go to the morgue to ask the night manager, Dwight Pollard (David Dastmalchian) about the revived corpse. "[13], Karmen Fox of The Baltimore Sun wrote, "Minor plot holes and repetitive themes aside, 'Mad City: Ghosts' was an entertaining start to the second half of Gotham Season 3. UK KIDS TV : What we watched in the 1980s, All the TV Series & Episodes I own..and those I've seen, I've rated part 1. [7], "Mad City: Ghosts" received generally positive reviews from critics. After Hearst leaves, Cobblepot sees his father Elijah Van Dahl (Paul Reubens) in the hallway.

Narcissus wants to ring it so that he and Fanny can preside over the hall and entertain all sorts of unscrupulous spirits, but the other ghosts are Fanny's friends. Meanwhile, a morgue employee is revealed to be conspiring to bring Jerome Valeska back to life as part of his cult.

[1] Dastmalchian's casting caused curiosity on the media as he previously portrayed Thomas Schiff on The Dark Knight in a role that was nearly the same as his role in the series.[2][3].

U.S. viewers (millions), The title of the episode was confirmed from a. Know what this is about? 2021 Episode #3.2.

Be the first one to add a plot. The piano once belonged to composer, Ludwig Stumpf (John Ringham, who has also guested before as a potential buyer of the hall) and he doesn't want anyone else; dead or alive, to play it. While leaving, Gordon is attacked by Zsasz and his henchwomen.

After the press leaves, Tarquin Stemmel (Dave Quay) informs Cobblepot that he arranged an interview with Margaret Hearst (Jan Maxwell), an interviewer who can take "his legacy on a national scale". Be the first one to add a plot. Know what this is about? On Selina's (Camren Bicondova) place, Selina confronts Maria (Ivana Miličević) for abandoning her, who claims that she had to run and she couldn't run faster because of Selina so she had to leave her on an orphanage. 1978

Previous episode The episode premiered on July 27, 2018. While they leave, Falcone watches Gordon from a distance.

Lee visits Barnes (Michael Chiklis) in Arkham Asylum to discuss the virus. The episode received generally positive reviews, with critics praising the tone and set-up for the next episodes but some found the plot to be distracting from Jerome's resurrection.

During the interview, Cobblepot is again confronted by Dahl and leaves the interview, insulting the people of Gotham in the process. Then, Cobblepot is informed by the police that someone dug up Dahl's corpse. The scenes in the episode were shot in Ireland.

July 27, 2018 Meanwhile, Dwight reunites with a doctor, claiming that they need to move forward to bring Jerome back. Fox states that before she appeared, the marks signal an electrical current on her but the weird part is that three days ago, she was stabbed and taken to the morgue and yet she appeared the night before. Season: OR .

He takes the stage to criticize the systems that have spread around the city and the only person who stood up against it: Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) and shows his video of the GCPD massacre. 'Mad City: Ghosts' picked up where the fall finale left off, but instead of delaying certain storylines for later episodes, Gotham went balls to the wall and just included all of them. Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. Selina refuses to acknowledge it and tells her to leave.

S3, Ep3. Ghosts is the twelfth episode of the third season of Quantico. [4] This was a 9% increase in viewership from the previous episode, which was watched by 3.37 million viewers with a 1.0/3 in the 18-49 demographics. "[11] Sage Young of EW stated: "A lot of problems could be avoided if Bruce ever remembered he has a fortress under his house.


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