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Cameron later attended a memorial service for Bernie outside the hospital, but he left midway-through. Phoebe doesn't seem like the type of girl to drop a hunch in a hurry, but could Cameron go after her if she got too close to the truth? Chloe agreed and praised him for the idea, but he instead claimed that using the valve was Nicky's idea. Spoilers for the soap reveal that Cameron's potential new lover Nicky will be forced to choose between her mum and career next week after Tracey starts meddling in her life. However, Cameron suspected that Serena and Alex had grown close and confronted Serena in theatre, resulting in her angrily ordering Cameron out of the room. When Cameron accepted a transfer to AAU, Kian told Cameron that he could have voiced his concerns to him, but Cameron asserted that he did not feel as though he could. "I think Nicky is just a brilliant friend, and lovely and hard working, and Cameron recognises that and kind of manipulates her because she is fond of him. (HC: "North and South"), On 10 September, Cameron notified Zav that Ric had mistakenly prescribed Tazocin to a patient with a penicillin allergy, but Zav told him to "put it down to experience". He's the surprise Holby City villain who has already claimed two victims, but Cameron isn't Dunn just yet. In theatre, Kian left Cameron and Nicky alone while Nicky closed Mason's atrium, and Nicky was forced to tackle an aortic bleed without supervision; Kian subsequently revealed that he deliberately left them. Want up-to-the-minute soaps news, spoilers and gossip on your social feeds?

(HC: "Flying Solo"), On 29 July, after attending a memorial service for Bernie, Cameron got drunk and slept with Nicky; in the morning, the two acknowledged that their fling was a mistake. (HC: "Kiss Kiss"), The following week, consultant Kian Madani left Cameron to treat a man named Mason who had an atrial septal defect, but Nicky took over the case when Cameron neglected to order a CMR. ", A third added: "MAX SEES IT SHE SEES IT !!! (HC: "Gods and Monsters") The following week, Cameron told Zav that Ric confused two patients badly, but Zav warned him not to "go there". Later that day, while they celebrated his departure, Cameron made a pass at Morven; she turned him down. After Cameron exacerbated the condition of a patient by giving them morphine, Jac banned him and Nicky from theatre for two weeks. (HC: "Circle of Life"), After working with each other on AAU in December 2017, (HC: "Always Forever") Nicky was surprised when Cameron started working on Darwin on 8 January 2019. Could Cameron go to disturbing lengths to silence Nicky? (HC: "Don't Leave Me") The following week, Cameron learned that Bernie and Alex were engaged, leading him to believe that Bernie did not trust him. This article is missing important details (e.g.

Cameron avoids taking responsibility for his actions, and though he would never deliberately offend, he makes decisions through the prism of what will be easiest and most enjoyable for him. Cameron Dunn (born 1990/1991) is a CT1 doctor training in general surgery who works on Holby City Hospital's Acute Admissions Unit. She won't let it happen. To those in Cameron’s inner circle, of whom there are not many, he would go the extra mile. Holby City review with spoilers: Cameron reveals his nasty side again as Nicky’s situation becomes desperate. In the evening, Morven told him that she had also contacted the deanery about completing a foreign placement, and the two left for Jamaica together. He treated a woman named Jenny who had fallen off her horse and suspected that she had suffered neurological damage which was affecting her sight, but Bernie believed that it was related to a recent stroke. As Ric had moved the patient up the theatre list, Cameron and Zav rushed into theatre, and Cameron showed Ric his error just before the patient was anaesthetised. However, when fellow F1 Jasmine Burrows suggested that Morven potentially had feelings for him, Cameron approached Morven about it, and she insisted that she did not have feelings for him. While competing with fellow F2 Nicky McKendrick to diagnose Laurie Stocks, Tom Campbell-Gore gave Cameron a clue about Laurie's condition and told him that he used to play the trumpet, leading Cameron to correctly diagnose him with a pharyngeal pouch. Oh no Donna has deleted the voicemail what a piece of work that Cameron is.”, Cameron is a brute. Holby City continues next Tuesday at 8pm on BBC1, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. On 29 November, to Bernie's surprise, Cameron started his F1 rotation in general surgery on AAU. On 4 August 2016, after attending an orthopod's party, a drunken Keeley crashed her car into another and injured the driver who was a heavily pregnant woman named Sally; Cameron immediately rushed to Sally's aid and resuscitated her. For other inquiries, Contact Us. However, Bernie soon heard the news from Morven, and the two shared a hug as Cameron was leaving the hospital. Meanwhile, inside the hospital Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) and Kian Madani (Ramin Karimloo) were both so devastated by the Kestrel announcement that ended up kissing. (HC: "In the Right Place"), The following week, Cameron became concerned when Evan suggested that he and Chloe should move out of the shared flat, and he felt that Evan was influencing her relationship with Ange and Dominic. He continued: "It feels like where we're at at the moment is that Cameron kind of knows that's [relationship with Chloe] not going anywhere. Back on AAU, Cameron approached Ric and suggested that he was showing signs of dementia, but Ric took offence and berated Cameron for being an "average" doctor and a "liability". Later that day, after Cameron turned up drunk on the ward, Serena promised to always be there for him. Consequently, both he and Nicky were banned from operating on patients for two weeks. plot details from recent episodes). (HC: "Running"), On 5 February 2019, Zav confronted Cameron about him routinely leaving Nicky with his bar bills and suggested handing her the role of Junior Doctor Lead as atonement. He manipulates people and we are going to see that with Donna, and also other characters too.". (HC: "When Worlds Collide"). Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. At night, Cameron and Nicky returned to their apartment to find Evan talking to Chloe. Horrified, Cameron reported him to CEO Henrik Hanssen. Later that day, after Cameron managed to convince a patient named Roger Keelan to undergo surgery, Chloe was impressed by his work, but she was immediately turned off when Cameron made a pass at her.
(HC: "The Burden of Proof"), On 22 January, Nicky agreed to produce a register of all the teaching days that were attended by junior doctors in the previous year for Cameron and spent most of her day calling each doctor individually. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, dropped a massive twist by killing off Zav in a road accident just as he’d discovered. (HC: "Everything Old Is New Again") On 8 January 2019, Cameron began his first shift on Darwin. (HC: "Everything Old Is New Again"), On 30 December 2018, Cameron returned to AAU as a locum. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited.

(HC: "Ask No Questions"), On 4 June, Evan told Chloe that Cameron was withholding the fact that the entire hospital knew about her relation to Dominic Copeland from her, and she berated Cameron for not telling her. (HC: "Divine Justice"). (HC: "Reckless") The next day, Cameron treated Jerry McKee — a former patient of Bernie's — and correctly diagnosed him with an adhesional bowel obstruction. However, she later apologised when the results showed significant damage to Jenny's occipital cortex and praised his diagnostic skills.

(HC: "Babysitters and Bystanders").
They ordered Evan to leave immediately, but he refused, forcing Cameron to call the police. Cameron was very close to Bernie when he was young. Holby City villain Cameron Dunn looks set to finally be caught out after Dr Max McGerry realised he was lying about the pills that went missing, just as Nicky collapsed from a heart attack. However, when Evan exposed that Cameron knew, Chloe berated Cameron for not telling her. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. However, in another twist, Donna later changed her mind, restored the deleted message and listened to it. When Cameron returned to the flat, he found that Evan had left his photo of Bernie on his bed to mock him. As a consequence, Serena felt that Cameron was not setting a good example and informed him that the position of Junior Doctor Lead was no longer his. Furious, Nicky berated him for his position of privilege and asserted that they were "different". Viewers were stunned in April when the BBC medical soap dropped a massive twist by killing off Zav in a road accident just as he’d discovered Cameron’s killer secret. (HC: "Running"), The next day, Chloe took issue with Cameron discussing their night together with Nicky as her ex-boyfriend Evan Crowhurst was present on the ward. We think Nicky dodged a bullet when Cameron swerved her in favour of her best mate Chloe last year, but we just wish we could be sure that it would stay that way. (HC: "Circle of Life"), On 27 March 2019, Evan overheard Cameron and Nicky discussing the former's night-out with Chloe. (HC: "Always Forever") However, according to Cameron, Morven later had an affair with a local bartender and later dumped him, leaving him uncertain about his future.


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