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The transformed Cenobites are fused with technology, which Kane compares to Tetsuo: The Iron Man. [38], On release, reviews of Hellraiser III were overall more positive than Hellbound. [17], The biggest issue was the Black Mass scene, which caused controversy in socially-conservative North Carolina. Spencer tells her that without his humanity to act as a balancing influence, Pinhead is completely evil and will indiscriminately wreak havoc on Earth for his own pleasure, in violation of the Cenobite's laws. [21] A "motor with an off-centered cam" was also built into the right hand side of J.P.'s makeup, where moved around the head and pushed a piston to the left hand side. In return, Pinhead promises Monroe power and unnatural delights. [30][31], Hellraiser III required several cuts before the Motion Picture Association of America was willing to grant it an "R" rating. A young homeless woman, Terri, who came in with the clubgoer, explains that the chains sprang from the puzzle box, which she pried from the pillar.
[16], Keen's effects crew Hellraiser III included coordinator Paul Jones; supervisors Steve Painter, Mark Coulier, and Bob's brother Dave; head sculptor Paul Catlin, and mechanical effects coordinator Ray Bivins. It was the first Hellraiser film to be filmed outside the United Kingdom and the first Miramax release under its Dimension Films banner. Pinhead, he said, is "more ambitious, and more dangerous, than ever", and there is "never a dull moment". The Cenobites trap Joey on a construction site and prepare to torture her. While investigating the box's background with the help of her cameraman, "Doc", Joey invites Terri to stay with her.

After the movie, sometime later, Sandy and her skin are later found and pulled out of the Pilar of Souls by her parents Katie-Becky Kendall and Danny Kendall, younger sister Alexandra "Alex" Kendall, younger brother Ethan Kendall, all her aunts and uncles and grandparents William and Jess Leigh and Allison and Dave Kendall who are all shocked, devastated and depressed.

Lacking in faith that demons could exist, the priest is appalled by the appearance of Pinhead. Bob Keen from special effects company Image Animation was one of the few returning crew members from previous Hellraiser films. Smaller roles were filled with friends-of-friends, local actors, and people who had appeared in prior genre films, including Hickox's Waxwork series. Kane says both Joey and Elliott are depicted as seeking answers following traumatic experiences with war.

[41] Marc Savlov, film critic for The Austin Chronicle, instead called the film "about as traumatic as a de-clawed Cerebus". [12], Most of the crew were new to the series, too. Barker, who disliked Hickox's prior work, believed him a poor fit for the Hellraiser series, as Hickox was known for horror comedy films. Following disagreements with Trans-Atlantic, Barker had no official involvement in the project until much later, during post-production; he said the studio balked at his fee, as they wanted a "cheap and nasty" film. Jones had changed Pinhead's make-up to make it faster to apply and remove, but this had the side-effect of making it more uncomfortable to wear. Club, Katie Rife wrote that "everyone is acting as hard as they possibly can", but the campy scenes make the more serious ones difficult to accept. It was directed by Anthony Hickox and stars Doug Bradley, Terry Farrell, Paula Marshall, and Kevin Bernhardt. During one such dream, Spencer contacts Joey. The Russian orchestra, unaccustomed to Hollywood demands, felt they did not have enough time to rehearse, but Miller said they eventually welcomed the challenge. According to Hickox, Bob Weinstein loved the rough cut he saw and offered Hickox money for additional effects work and to redo the ending. The setting was made unambiguously American, ending the first two films' tradition of mixing British and American elements. [19], Barbie's transformation was done through "reverse shots," where silver-sprayed barbed wire was wrapped around by different strings in each shot. A misunderstanding leads Terri to believe that Joey has abandoned her, and she returns to the arms of her ex-boyfriend, Monroe. Pinhead orders Joey to give him the box, but she escapes him.

[32] It premiered at the Dylan Dog Horror Fest in May 1992. Given a restricted budget, the Mosfilm State Orchestra and Choir in Russia was chosen to perform the score. The Cenobites kill local police as Joey enters a church and begs the priest to help her.
Gary J. Tunnicliffe, who would become a writer and director in later Hellraiser films, joined the film's make-up crew and created the Lament Configuration boxes.


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