lords mobile secrets

If you are attacking with the troops or a shock phalanx.

You can increase the collection rate in 3 ways: Talents are explored at the Academy. Therefore, it is the player who must decide what to do in any given situation.

Artifact "Lost hours" should not be collected in the initial stages of the game.

The council should help the head to attract new players, create guild rules, monitor the implementation of these rules.

For example, the number of dead monsters per day, the required daily fee, and more.

On the cells (you need to open the map, select any resource, and click on the "Collect" button). Gold supply - gold production rate increases by 50%. Skill "Earthquake" gives from 5 - up to 30 fragments of pacts for 1 use. Infantry - increases infantry attack by 30%. Gradually other people entered it. Such kingdoms are protected by a gaming shield.And you can move when the shield is removed. Switch to the enemy cavalry. Ultrasound (active skill) - deals increased damage to 1 opponent. There is a science "Collecting Level 1" and "Collecting Level 2". Twice one promo code can not be entered. Soul Fire (passive skill) - increases the magic attack of the hero. One-eye (for example, the Lighter often keeps him away). The resources in the warehouse will be protected by people who have the castle closed from attacks by a shield. Trap - gives additional strength to the set traps, increases the protection of cavalry by 75%. For example, it’s not a bad thing.

Get bonuses for the speed of collecting tasks and events (you can buy for real money in the store). Guns - Increases your health points by 75%. There is a quest for the complete collection of cells level 5 (to get a purple color). This is a strong hero. Hurricane - causes massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). This is not an unequivocal advice, many players like to move cities closer to the guild.Advantages of housing for 100 km from the hive: Get an additional account (twink) . If the enemy is lower than the level, then the stun chance is 100%. Silent trap (active skill) - causes great damage to the enemy from behind.

The attack power depends on the level of the army. The second line "Guild Label" - you need to enter 3 letters that will be visible to all players. It should determine the enemy’s wall.

May stun for 3 seconds. Trap - increases trap health points by 75%. With armor for research, you can increase the speed of learning. LORDS MOBILE is a strategy game that was born on March 16, 2016 in the depths of the Chinese company IGG.COM. With them you can make good money, get a lot of resources and useful things. The attack power depends on the level of the army. But the team with the killer is not terrible, if you can understand it. Dark onslaught - causes massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The better the team is completed, the more victories will be won by the gamer. Silent murder - deals massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). They take damage for a while. The old kingdoms (1 and 3) are suitable for players who are not interested in wars and battles. The first step is to collect clothes for research: All elements are collected from simple resources that fall from the resource cells on the kingdom map, from chests with materials, from tests, from the quest of the day and the quest of the guild. There are "Invincible Leggings", which give the squad + 30% to the speed of movement (but for their manufacture requires 3 rare ingredients, knocked out from the monsters, and they are very expensive). Army - increases the attack of all types of troops by 20%. Shield strike (active skill) - deals 1 opponent, increased damage and stuns him for 3 seconds.

Food delivery - increases the speed of food delivery by 225% (a necessary skill, when many units appear in the army). Unlike soldiers, knowledge will not get to anywhere. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. In the guild council you need to choose 2 - 3 adequate people. Secrets of aria (active skill) - for 8 seconds increases the attack of nearby allies. It will be a lot less powerful. Infantry - increases the protection of fighters by 50%. Next, you need to scan the enemy for counterintelligence. If a gamer plays with cavalry and shooters, then the maximum should be (all 3 levels) to study the sciences: At the start, you can skip the detachment protection skills. The secret seal (active skill) - causes massive damage to nearby enemies, for 3 seconds imposes silence on the enemy. Wood supply - increases tree extraction speed by 150%.

Dexterous hero. Tools - increases attack sediment by 50%. In order to figure it out, it’s necessary to understand the mechanics of battle. Meteor - causes massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level).

Icy heart (passive skill) - using energy, increases its power. For each type of acts acts. The call must be very attractive so that players want to join the new guild. You should click on the guild icon, a new window will appear with 2 buttons "Enter" and "Create a guild". If you are looking at a lot of teams with the Assassin. It is required to immediately proceed to the study of sciences that give additional points of health to the army. The new kingdoms are under the shield for the first 50 days. The child of Apollo (active skill) - for 4 seconds puts a shield over any friendly character that absorbs damage. 1 time per battle, the shield will ricochet against the opponent. But, if a player wanted to leave such a kingdom, he would not be able to return back until he removed the protection. Wise hero. Huge hives of different guilds are concentrated around the Citadel, but no one attacks them, and they peacefully exist side by side. It is often used to control the forts, where the opponent is knocked out by 1 type of troops. Product change - instant product update on the Trade Ship.

The cellar must be constantly filled with resources . When thawing, the enemy receives additional damage.

Also in some competitions, the player performs and beats a pack of 5 characters. Resource chests are the only thing you can spend guild coins at the beginning of the game. Click button “Generate Online” 2.


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