mauve black masked lovebird

Handfed black masked lovebird babies for sale in Chicago Heights, Il. Generally, Masked Lovebird is active, very curious, but social and affectionate. Every species of lovebird is capable of having mutations. This is a hand fed baby. Black Mask Lovebird . $299 hand fed – For a little more get Linda training for kissing, snuggling and riding around on your shoulder. 2x Masked Lovebirds (pictures 1-3) - Blue masked (male) - Green masked (male) 2x Peachface lovebirds (pictures 4-6) - bonded pair - Green wildtype peachface**** (male) - Blue cobalt peachface (female) ****The green peachface has started plucking its front feathers a few months back, the vet said this is due to stress from wanting to nest. Black Masked Lovebirds, Launceston, Tasmania. Although they have been observed in the wild in Puerto Rico, they are probably the … They bond with their species a lot. All Lovebirds are known for their aggressive tendencies towards their own kind, although will form a strong "love" bond with their chosen mate. 133 likes. They usually populate well wooded grasslands and inland plateaus. They make excellent companion birds given they are correctly handled and raised. Black Masked Lovebird Overview The black masked lovebird (Agapornis personatus) is named after it’s facial coloring, which incidentally looks like a black mask, and is native to central and northern Tanzania although some flocks have been found in Kenya. A list of Black Mask Lovebird for sale. Dec 7, 2012 - Thunderbirds USA is located in Atlanta, Georgia and was established in 2001. $75 ea 1 mauve 1 cobalt blue 1 violet All are recently weaned and ready to meet their new families. The most popular mutations of the Masked Lovebird are lutino, albino, mauve, cobalt, and blue. Aug 27, 2014 - Explore T. Chloe Yates's board "black masked LOVEBIRDS" on Pinterest. You need to identify a Lovebird through it’s color “patterns” and eye type and body type. Fly Babies Aviary, FL We Ship. Masked Lovebirds or Yellow-Collard Lovebirds are spritely small parrots from Northeast Tanzania, Africa. Masked Lovebird Behavior.

See more ideas about Love birds, Pet birds, Parrot. We are a small aviary with a flock of about 150 birds, consisting of Gouldian finches; Red Rump Parakeets (assorted mutations), Scarlet Chested Grasskeets, White-Eyed Lovebirds, Blue Fischer's, Meyer's Parrots, Rainbow Lorikeets, Parrotlets (assorted mutations) and many other … This page is a photographic record of the birds in Colony 14, and a place where I hope I can get … The answer is you don’t. There are around a dozen different color mutations available. A Peach-faced Lovebird can be many colors from greys & blues/violets to bright yellow and many colors of green. The yellow-collared lovebird (Agapornis personatus), also called masked lovebird, Black-masked lovebird or eye ring lovebird, is a monotypic species of bird of the lovebird genus in the parrot family Psittaculidae.They are native to northeast Tanzania and have been introduced to Burundi and Kenya. Please email for information. Some mutations are available for all of the species, for instance, Lutinoism can appear in the Fischer’s, Peach-Faced, and Black-Masked lovebirds, other times a mutation will be limited to only one or two species, such as Albinism only occurring in Fischer’s and Black-Masked lovebirds.


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