overlord albedo
After traveling some distance from her camp, she realizes that he is leading her away on purpose. Besides having already so many level 80 vassals that possess holy elemental attacks effective against undead prepared ahead of time, she requests that Ainz allow her to enlist Cocytus and Mare among her forces. She was originally programmed to prefer frequent sexual activity, but Momonga altered her personality and changed her setting to be madly in love with him instead. That way, she can fulfill Philip's late father's request: to ensure that his son suffers as much as he and the villagers did due to Philip's incompetence.[48]. On the other hand, as the new plan is set forth by their master, Doppel-Yuri tells Ainz about a condition insisted by Albedo so she can fully support his plan. She suggests capturing the perpetrator with all the strength Nazarick can bring to bear and then torment them to the point where their ego breaks down. She informs them about Ainz's true motives and setup behind Project Utopia, where Nazarick is now in the phase of gathering all kinds of creatures besides plant-type monsters from outside the tomb onto the 6th Floor. She plans to conduct some talks of negotiations with King Ramposa III. As Hamsuke approaches the Floor Guardians, Albedo tells the beast to stop moving and she is later threatened by Aura and Shalltear. While Albedo, Shalltear, and Aura are having their day off on the 6th Floor of Nazarick, the Guardian Overseer summons forth her mount, a level 100 War Bicorn Lord for experimentation. Le premier étant. Before Ainz leaves Nazarick to complete his tasks as the adventurer Momon, Albedo informs him that Cocytus and Entoma are preparing to make contact with the Lizardman Village. Although she is envious at first by how Aura states that Momonga is kind to her and her brother Mare, Albedo lets go of the jealousy and expresses honor and fondness for what their master has shown them. Albedo then decides to kill a young boy who is disturbing their arrival march, but is stopped by Momon.

In her new room, Albedo takes out the flag of Ainz Ooal Gown and begins desecrating it, cursing it and 'them' for taking her lover's name.[7]. She puts her argument with Shalltear on hold when it is time for her to issue orders which Floor Guardians like themselves have to carry out.[3].

Afterwards, Albedo dispatches other vassals to reinforce the first floor of Nazarick in the event that Shalltear plots to attack the tomb. After fulfilling Ainz's order, Albedo, Shalltear, and Aura have chosen to take a break in Spa Resort Nazarick while relaxing. Afterwards, she is then given three days of solitary confinement.

Before heading out with Ainz to Shalltear's location, she and Mare are ordered to dispose of the adventurer team Kralgra, who ignored their master's advice after his meeting with the Adventurer's Guild came to an end. On the behalf of the rest of the Guardians, Albedo also makes sure to rebuke Shalltear for behaving in an unsightly manner without knowing about the sin she had committed to Ainz. Despite the proposal, Ainz chooses Cocytus' suggestion and crowns himself as Sorcerer King, which makes Albedo a little disappointed since he didn't choose her suggestion. Elle est en charge de la direction générale et supervise les activités des sept gardiens de niveau. With Demiurge preparing to set off from Nazarick, Albedo is informed about his departure beforehand. Albedo admits that if she was in Riku's shoes when fighting Pandora's Actor, she would have killed him immediately if he was just a regular civilian. Just as the meeting is about to end, Shalltear raises a question on whether Ainz's offer to Riku Aganeia to join as a vassal is sincere. On the other hand, she is threateningly stern of Cocytus' behavior towards Ainz and the request he made to her master before Ainz restrains the Overseer in her tracks. [32], After the massacre at Katze Plains, Albedo accompanies Ainz and his army to E-Rantel. As such, her grotesque appearance horrified all the guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown, who all immediately attacked simultaneously upon s… She laments at her powerlessness to support Ainz during his hour of need, remembering how he made mention of a "GM Call" to her, much to her own ignorance. Alignement : ScélératValeur Karmique : -500 Albedo has taken an interest in researching whether the undead can experience strong emotions. Le fabricant japonais Furyu, qui nous avait déjà proposé de sublimes figurines d’Overlord (Momonga & Albedo) en 2019 revient à la charge ! However, Demiurge tries reasoning with Albedo out of support for his master's opinion that it could have been the case as Philip is an idiot who makes irrational decisions.[44]. En tant que régente des gardiens, elle est aussi intelligente que compétente. Pourtant, en dépit de sa rivalité avec Shalltear, elle affirme qu'en tant que souverain suprême de Nazarick, il serait étrange pour un si grand seigneur de n'avoir qu'une seule femme, elle ne rejette donc pas l'idée que son bien-aimé en ait d'autres, tant et aussi longtemps qu'elle est celle qu'il aime le plus.
She reasons with Ainz that there is no need to show mercy to a traitor like Shallear, but the latter refutes her reasoning, stating that they need to find out why the vampire has chosen to betray them. After this, Albedo formally declares war between their two nations, stating that the Sorcerer Kingdom will deploy their troops a month from now at noon.


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