ragnarok leveling guide priest

24 GMs for around ~16 ATK increase is too expensive. Instead of having 227 to 95% dodge, you just need 189. Why even bother with builds when people can just build however and whenever they want and easily switch or reset stats at the click of a button? Speak with bishop Paul to start the test, He'll ask you to visit the ff: 1. Furthermore, one of the reasons why I was putting off writing a Priest Guide is because of this game mechanic. VR is where you take a bunch of flywings with you and immediately flywing away when a boss locks on you. This should help in survive. Undead monsters don't get frozen so you know that your party mate's stormgust is maximized. Every time you hand in 9 peak shards, you get increased 3 max job levels. • Get a wizard then start mobbing. You can heal on ALT+Z so you can easily see who has the lowest HP. One is Priest who is full support skill for party. Anubis It rewards good base and job experience. Can I ask why your build has luk 99 over vit/dex? Anti-spam word: (Required)* LUK 99 because it increases the DMG for Judex as it is affected by LUK if you equip Nemesis. But when u do get something it will be a joy. (10 Skill Points first)Lvl 3 Suffragium – Reduces cast time for skillsLvl 10 Safety Wall – Decreases melee physical DMG by 100% for 50s, max wall hit count 12, 3 walls at any time (Lvl 10) (Consumes 1 Blue Gemstone, purchasable at Item Shop for 500z)Lvl 10 Meditatio – 10% Max SP, 30% SP Recovery Rate, 20% Increased Healing EffectLvl 10 Magic Prayer – Uses less SP, Weapon: 2 Slot Nemesis (Goblin Card x2) – Currently 1 slot with 1 Goblin CardOff-Hand: Sacrifice BookHead: Little Tree HatFace: Monacle – Currently Night AiraMouth: Angry Snarl – Currently Frost RosaArmor: Mage Coat (Agav Card)Garment: Staunch CapeShoes: Staunch Shoes (Cookie Card)Back: Spring – Currently Blue Izlude SeaTail: Anything – Currently Flower PistilAccessory: Orlean’s Glove x2 – Currently Orlean’s Necklace + Orlean’s Glove, Holy AttackMATKSP Auto AttackSuffragium DurationKyrie Eleison Rush, INT 119DEX 29 (until Adoramus is instant cast)LUK 119Rest to VIT, Max Job level at Archbishop (plus breakthrough), Lvl 10 HealLvl 10 BlessingLvl 10 Kyrie EleisonLvl 10 Increase Agility, Lvl 10 Increase Spiritual RecoveryLvl 5 MaginificatLvl 5 GloriaLvl 3 RessurectionLvl 2 AspersioLvl 10 Impostio Manus – to buff party, Lvl 10 MeditatioLvl 20 JudLvl 10 Magic PrayerLvl 3 Lex DivinaLvl 1 Lex AeternaLvl 5 AngelusLvl 5 AssumptioLvl 3 Suffragium, Lvl 5 OratioLvl 15 AdoramusLvl 5 ComprehendLvl 10 Coluceo HealLvl 3 DenyLvl 10 Exhort, Lvl 10 Dark Shadow Slaughter (Dark Dmg)Lvl 5 Dark Shadow Slaughter – KillingLvl 10 Hoddle’s WingsLvl 7 Hoddle’s Wings – Dark Shadow PowerLvl 10 Gratitude PrayLvl 5 ElegyLvl 5 Fimbul’s WinterLvl 4 Fimbul’s Winter – Abnormal, Dark Shadow SlaughterHoddle’s WingsPrepare for Elite (Blessing & Magnificat)Suffragium (with Sacrifice Ode), Weapon – Hammer of Judgement (Synthesis)Offhand – Sacrifice BookArmor – Dawn Clothes (Synthesis)Garment – Staunch CapeFootgear – Staunch Shoes / Boots of Judgment / Rune BootsAccessory – Orlean’s Gloves / Eye of Dullahan / Pocket WatchHeadwear – Ned Hoge’s Poison Fang (Headwear Gacha) / Little Tree Hat / Sunday Hat / CoifFace – Dancing Flame (Headwear Gacha) / MonocleMouth – Starlight Lullaby (Headwear Gacha) / Angry SnarlBack – Gold Christmas BellTail – Flower Pastil (Headwear Gacha) / Fire Tail, Holy DamageAdoramus – MasteryAdoramus – EnhanceAspersio – Multi EffectINTDEXSacrifice Ode (must get for Shadow Slaughter Build)Suffragium – DelaySuffragium – Mastery, Sohee (Matk + SP Regen)Year Beast (INT + Dmg %), Leave a comment if you have questions or think you’ve got the best Priest build ever.

No less than lvl10. Agi is useless for you, but luk is essential especially for Turn Undead Priests.

You dont need to have Gloria activated all the time. Take it from me, if I had only known, I would've cherished the times I spent in Ghost Ship farming Skeletons. Is there any other set for robe and shoes that can increase survival? If u bless Anubis, it will reduced its STR, DEX and INT by 50%. Lets say I started with mostly all NPC items. ;). People more interested in playing melee-attack Priests might not find what they are looking for in this guide since support skills rely heavily on INT and physical attack Priests rely heavily on STR, or basically, two stats that are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. We focus farming on these mobs as we are specifically capable of bringing their HPs down faster than other mobs. This page lists recommended leveling spots, with the maps and monsters associated with them. You could get job level 50 here at an early base level of 40. Thanks again and Merry Christmas =3, Hi im newbie what do you prefer to build first to get lvl fast. That would be until you get your Magnus Exorcimus skill. is there other item able to replace the gacha items?

Poo Poo Hat This was written a few months ago and there's been a couple of updates to the game. Hope this helps! Not completely verified as the Exchange system is mysterious but what I do is not remove items until they expire. I am maining my priest and giving everything to it. Long, but very informative guide. Shoes: Staunch Boots [combo with Staunch Robe], just my opinion. Archer and Mage class is your best freind for you.

Lastly, always communicate with everyone in the party. As one who takes on the Priest class, you are free to do whatever you want to fit your preferred game style but choosing to stay away from the support side of Priests may cause you to miss group content until later. A Priest must also know his/her limitations and call it a day when they feel the burn rushing in.

You don't needd job level 50. • Grab a archer or hunter then take them to geo! Facebook; Twitter; Google+; Pinterest; I did this article last because Acolyte leveling Guide is pretty simple. As you can see, I’m just the recruiter here. And I tell you it will waste your hours leveling up in this shitty place if you are not an archer. You guys would also level up faster if there were 4 of you.

Head's up though. After job changing as an acolyte, all you have to do is get a good amount of heal and just sit down and heal people.

Contents -Intro -Builds -Useful Advice *Saving/Making Money *Game Play -Leveling Guide -INTRO- Battle Priests- In my honest opinion going vit as a battle priest condemns you to never going over level 70 and enjoying it, agi is definitely the way to go. It’s a lot of info to take into account. For a little background, I have always liked playing the support classes in games but that does not mean that I build my characters to only support others, ie.

Hello! There is something called Offensive Blessing (you can type /nc to make it easier). You should also know by now how long your buffs last, when to recast them, how to allocate skills for your auto bar, and how to keep yourself and a party alive long enough to clear content. Skip to content. Whats items should i get? Weapon: Croce Staff +4. Good luck to you. Accessory: Eye of Dullahan [combo with Croce Staff] That’s the main reason why I prefer leveling alone, but I am an FS Priest and I am useless without someone to support. Nemesis>Mage Coat> so far meron po ako . Once again, thanks! Im building my ME high priest based on your post. Grab a knight with a bowling bash and see your exp bar explode! If you have another acolyte in your party, I suggest you guys to do heal shifting. It’s like a free leech service but you can’t be afk because you should heal your party members. Also, go for DEX INT LUK instead of AGI DEX INT. I’m trying to figure this out too. Go to the next levels for more exp and monsters. I’m currently HP and my job always ends at 40 and i tried to level it up but it’s not adding exp anymore. However, 2-3 times out of 10 times, I witness that Jud damage does not resister to the mob while the amount of the damage from Jud literally shows above the mob. Matched section list with actual content for easier searches. Leveling spots are optimized by only killing monsters that do not have an EXP penalty at the character's current level. Nobody really wants to party with an Acolyte here unless you’re lucky or you organized the party yourself especially those days when ESB was rampant. Thank you so much haha. Luckily there are not many of them. Preferably get a slotted hat Actually slotted gears in general. A simple set of WOE gears will be far better than the Aco Set. Recommended level is 5. Your party should automatically know that their support is down and should cool the agro, sustain their health and if possible, protect you while the debuff counts off. *Gets bored 2 hours later*. Appreciate your effort in making this guide! Do you have a recommendation for the equips for TU builds? It make the soul strike, thunderstorm to hit 1 1 1 1 1 1 on me. Str for physics atk. Stay at Dokaebi until 80. With your agi and med-vit it’s ok to tank one or two but be careful to mob train. • Magma dungeon, the holy grail of zeny makers. Funny? Its a Judex build built around one-shotting Zipper Bears. Not every dungeon, map, or monster is included in this guide, mostly the New World maps.

You want it to last long enough for you to TU. Ty for awesome guide. Ayothaya is everyone’s JOB XP favorite place. dude if you make runes guide for each type you are going straight to the top bc none do this thing properly! So our method here is: the first acolyte heals then the 2nd acolyte sits down until his SP is full or when the first acolyte’s SP is depleted.
Otherwise, they will refuse your visit.

Offhand: orlean’s server As long as you diligently bless and Lex D every Anubis, there’s almost no way for you to die.

But my fear is that another mob like Minorous or Pasana may hit you and lose your … It also don’t work on Boss protocol monsters. You have to join or create party.

. Lvl 10 Blessing – Increases 20 INT/STR/DEXLvl 10 Increase Agility – Increases 20 AGI/30% movement speedLvl 10 Heal – Heals & damages Undead monstersLvl 10 Kyrie Eleison – 30% HP shield for Melee ATK only, Lvl 10 Turn Undead – Chance to instantly kill Undead enemy, if not killed, DMG is done based on your INT.Lvl 5 Gloria – Luck +20 (30 sec)Lvl 10 Magnus Exorcismus – 1000% DMG multiplier aoe skill. A Priest, if built and geared efficiently, can very well keep up with other classes in terms of getting XP and farming materials. Thank you. I will try to make one as soon as I can because there are just too many variables for that. *Levels up together* Buffs (last buff will be Gloria, its got the shortest duration), A screenie of my Built and my Gears at lvl96 (44% TU success on first try). I’m glad it’s helped you . 1. Stay tuned! Haha.
This is where I met a friend Heidiaki. Minorous do Stun..so, VIT above 50 is recommended. Take a few Fred/Minstrel quests to unlock recipes for items/gears you need alongside quests that unlock specific game mechanics like the pet system, cooking, and adventure book tabs. The worst part of doing this method is: “rejection”. , Well, here is what I’m trying to build for my BP (Magical), Weapon: Nemesis [reduces CT of TU & ME] Yes… u will die a lot… and it can be annoying at lower levels… but every success TU you gained like 20-30% (depending on your server rates).. and every death you loose 1%. Can you possibly make a priests leveling/farming guide next? It was a little bit hard to find a party because most people of my level are still grinding in the shitty payon cave. Good Luck! It’s also the highest job experience contributor for non-boss protocol monster outside of Bio Lab 3. There’s just so many ways to go about it. Your equipment definitely needs improvement.


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