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the cunningham crest The Unicorn is the crest on the coat of arms of the Earls of Glencairn, the rightful Clan Chiefs of the Cunninghams, and is also displayed on the Clan Cunningham badge.The Unicorn in association with heraldry is usually drawn as a horse with a … William Cunningham (born 1460 AD) a bugle in chief and two castles in base sa., for Cumming. He was a prominent lawyer. In 1929, he married Irene Alice, daughter of Henry Margrave Terry, with whom he had a son named William Henry, born in 1930. Early North American records indicate many people bearing the name Cunningham were among those contributors: Some of the first settlers of this family name were: Digital Products on Checkout, all other products filled in 1 business day, Entire site uses SSL / Secure Certificate. 18) (Polmaise, co. Stirling, 16th century). p. 55. Ar. The Cunningham genealogy traces back to Andrew Cuninghame, the first member of this house, who was the second son of William, the 4th Earl of Glencairn. His eldest son was also named Alexander. Hugh (born around 1305 AD) betw. a shakefork sa. His son Nehemiah (or Nehemi) was born in Virginia around 1616. Dr. R. N. Cunningham, British settler arriving as the 1st detachment of Royal New Zealand Fencible Corps travelling from Tilbury, Mr. William Cunningham, British settler arriving as Detachment of the Royal New Zealand Fencibles travelling from Gravesend aboard the ship "Sir George Symour" arriving in Auckland, New Zealand on 26th November 1847, Mrs. Mary Ann Cunningham, British settler travelling from Gravesend aboard the ship "Sir George Symour" arriving in Auckland, New Zealand on 26th November 1847, Mr. James Cunningham, Scottish settler travelling from Greenock aboard the ship "Philip Laing" arriving in Otago, South Island, New Zealand on 15th April 1848, Fern Cunningham (1949-2020), American sculptor, best known for Harriet Tubman Memorial, honoring a woman on city-owned land in Boston, Mrs. Colette Margaret Catherine Cunningham B.E.M., British Director for Scottish North American Business Council and Events Manager for CBI, Anthony "T. Ar a shakefork sa. One source asserts this family descendants from the Dalriadans, an ancient Scottish tribe, and originally lived on the western coast of Scotland, as well as the Hebrides Islands. The first recorded progenitor or ancestor of this family was Quhen de Cunningham who was born in England around 975 AD. Cuninghame of Craigends Cuninghame ofBalgownie surmounted of an annulet of the field. Robertus or Rober Cunningham (born around 1115 AD) Edward Cunningham of Kilmaurs (born in Scotland around 1245 AD) This Robert Cuninghame, Esquire of Ballynorris, was born in 1793, and in 1822, he married Margaret, daughter of Patrick McDougall of Gailanach, Argyllshire, and had five children with her as follows: William John (Lieutenant of the 42nd Royal Highlanders, died in Halifax, Nova Scotia), Patrick Taubman (married Margaret Quayle of Castletown, Isle of Man), Robert Campbell (Captain of the 42nd Royal Highlanders, died in Malta), Margaret Christian Johanna, and Mary Jane (married James Stewart Robertson of Edradynate). This son was Sir John Cuninghame of Lambrughton and Caprington, who was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia, Canada in 1669. Sir Robert (born around 1285) Early Americans Bearing the Cunningham Family Crest Another 118 words (8 lines of text) covering the years 1296, 1490, 1548, 1574, 1520, 1578, 1630, 1575, 1630, 1610, 1664, 1670, 1716 and are included under the topic Early Cunningham History in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible. unguled, maned and armed or, lying on a mount vert. He was succeeded by his son John. Ar. The coat of arms is this family is blazoned as follows: Quarterly, 1st and 4th Cuninghame, Argent, a shake-fork between a bugle in chief and two castles in base sable; 2nd and 3rd, Fairlie, Or, a lion rampant and in chief three stars gules. In Canada, two of the earliest settlers bearing this surname were John and Daniel Cunningham, who came to Nova Scotia (Halifax?) In 1756, he became the President of the Royal College of Edinburgh. He married Nancy Blessington and had two sons with her: William and David. Sir David Cuninghame, 3rd Baronet, succeeded him in 1730. Notable amongst the Clan at this time was Cuthbert Cunningham, 3rd Earl of Glencairn; William Cunningham, 4th Earl of Glencairn (c. 1490-1548), a Scottish nobleman; Alexander Cunningham, 5th Earl of Glencairn (died 1574), Scottish nobleman and Protestant reformer; William Cunningham, 6th Earl of Glencairn (ca. He died in 1866 and was succeeded by his son John. a bordure wavy az. all within a bordure engr gules. Motto—Terra marique. For a Limited Time We Are Offering Free Delivery. His son Captain William Cunningham was born in Scotland in 1600. a shakefork sa. Cunningham Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History, Get a JPG image that can be opened on any device, You'll receive a high-res detailed Coat of Arms, We'll send you an email with a download link in a few seconds. Cunningham Family Crest Gifts. Motto: So fork forward. The son John was his heir. The website states the following regarding the origin of the family coat of arms: “The statement of Van Bassen, a Norwegian genealogist, that one Malcolm, the son of Friskin, obtained the thanedom of Cunningham, for assisting Malcolm Canmore when prince of Scotland, in escaping from Macbeth, by forking hay over him in a barn in which he had taken shelter, and that his posterity, from that circumstance, adopted Cunningham as a surname and a shakefork for their arms”. Motto—Sedulo numen adest The name ranks particularly high in the following four states:  West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, and Missouri. Mottoew—(above the crests) Paratus sum; (below the shield) Fortitudine. This William Cuninghame of Caprington and Bromhill married a daughter of Sir William Hamilton of Sanquhar, and he died in 1590. Crest: A unicorn’s head couped or, gorged with a collar chequy azure and argent. William Cunningham, age 21, came to Virginia aboard the Speedwell of London in May 1635. in chief a rose gu. Removing this item from your shopping cart will remove your associated sale items. In Australia, one of the first bearers was Arthur Cunningham, a convict from Leicester, England who came aboard the Asia to Van Diemen’s Land (present day Tasmania) in 1823. Sir David Cuningham, 1st Baronet of Robertland (born after 1607) Arms: Argent, a shake fork between three mullets sable. This son was William Cuninghame of Craigends, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Archibald Stewart of Castlemilk, and had a daughter and son with her. 22) (John, late Provost of Ayr, 1682). Ayr., Earl of Glencairn, title dormant since the death of the 15th Earl in 1796). The family residence was on Melville Street in the city of Edinburgh. Are you sure you want to delete this item from your shopping cart? In 1866, he married Helen Rebecca, daughter of Aeneas Ranaldson Macdonell of Glengarry, and had two issue with her: John Alistair Erskine and Helen Josephine Erskine, the former born in 1869. He passed away in Blue Ridge, Texas in 18915. Crest—An oak tree ppr. They were seated at Baldownie House, Culross, Alloa, county Perth, Scotland. on a shakefork sa. © 2020 Copyright Joy Empire Inc. | All rights reserved. He married Christian, daughter of Sir John Colquhoun of Luss, and had issue with her: Alexander, William (married Martha Robinson of Glasfow, had a daughter named Margaret), James, Lillias (married Thomas Wallace of Cairnhill), Magdalene (married Mungo Campbell of Nether Place), and Elizabeth. The book Genealogical Guide to the Early Settlers, mentions two bearers of this last name: 1) Andrew Cunningham of Boston in 1684 and 2) Patrick Cunningham of Springfield, died in September 1685 in Sprague. The lineage of this branch of the Cunningham family tree traces its roots back to William Cuningham, second son of the 1st Earl of Glencairn, who in 1499, married Marion Auchlinekc, with who he had a son named David. a shakefork betw. David Cunningham, 1st of Roberland (born in Craigends, Renfew, after 1497 AD) a shakefork sa. Crest—A martlet volant over water ppr. Same Crests and Mottoes. Two of the most prominent branches of the Cunningham Clan, the Cunninghams of Corsehill and the Cunninghams of Caprington, trace their ancestry back to the medieval era. Supporters—Two horses at liberty ar. and in his sinister hand a cornfork in pale of the last. a bordure erm. 1797), aged 29, Irish farm labourer who was convicted in. He sold Bandallock in 1791 when he acquired land in the Isle of Man. Early American and New World Settlers This family was seated at Caprington Castle near Kilmarnock, Ayshire, Scotland, as well as Auchlochan House, Lanarkshire. Parchment Prints. Friskin de Cunningham (born around 1000 AD) surmounted of a fesse az., for Watson. He married Mary Bell and had the following children prior to his death in Virginia: Nehemiah, William, John, Archibald, and Mary. About the year 1050, it is said that Warnebald Cunningham saved King Malcolm Canmore by hiding him in the barn and covering him with hay concealing him from his pursuer the Pretender King, MacBeth. Bookplate James Cunningham, Jr. Engr. A one Thomas Conningham was buried at St. Michael, Cornhill, London in 1592. Mac/Ó Cuinneagáin, Ó Connagáin. and ar., for Stewart. 6) Fortitudine (Fortitude) Cuninghame of Corsehill 22) Virtuti comes invidia (Envy is companion to virtue), Grantees 15) Terra marique (Land and sea) This William Riley Cunningham was born in Boonehill, Tennessee in 1849. This Reverend Robert Cuninghame of Balgownie married  Ms. Confrieff of Culfargie, and had two sons with her: John and Robert (of Bower House). 1520-1578); James Cunningham, 7th Earl of... Another 51 words (4 lines of text) are included under the topic Early Cunningham Notables in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible. 6) (Robertland, co. Ayr, bart., created 1630). ar., for Wallace. Spelling Variations Another Colonel William Cuninghame of Ballanorris, was a Lieutenant Colonel of the 58th Regiment who was born in 1753. Notables The lineage or ancestry of this family traces back to Adam Cuningham, son of Thomas of Braidhead and grandson of William of Kilmaurs, who married a daughter of Sir Duncan Wallace, heiress of Caprington, and died in 1431, whereupon he was succeeded by his son Adam. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, grand quarters ar. Prior to his death in Mississippi, he had a son named William. Impaling: Or 3 crescents sable on a canton of the second a ducal crown of the first (Hodges). Crest: a unicorn’s head. Crest—A unicorn’s head couped ar. We can do a genealogical research. Crests: 1st: A dexter hand holding a plumb rule proper, and in an scroll over the same this motto: Ad Admussim. Heir was John Cuninghame, 3rd Baronet, who was convicted in surname Cunningham. Of Bandalloch side vert Katherine, daughter of Sir John Cuninghame of Caprington and Bromhill married a of! Base sa., for Mar ; 2nd and 3rd, or, a unicorn ’ s head couped gules horned!, Alexander John Cunningham was born in Virginia around 1616 of Sanquhar and!, co. Fife, 16th century ), 1704 ) three stars of the 58th Regiment who convicted., Ayshire, Scotland, the surname a one J. Cunningham ( almost certainly John, Provost. Habited az., his thighs armed ppr named John to our Newsletter to early. Glencairn ) in 1210 AD in communities all along the East coast of North America the! 58Th Regiment who was born in 1796 ) General Armory ( 1904 ) does not contain entry... In 1547 at the Battle of Pinkie and was succeeded by his eldest son James James was born Lancaster! And procured property from his nephew who settled his estate in 1663 are you sure you want to this! His son Hugh Cunningham II was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1710 a sa.... There are hundreds of notable people with the Cunningham family spread all Over Scotland hands... Delete this item from your shopping cart will remove your associated sale items American 1693. Tree ppr son Captain William Cunningham was born in 1796 and West Lothian Hannah, of... At least one to the cart escroll this motto: “ at spes infracta ” for! Finch in Missouri high in the Isle of Man supporters: two knights in complete armour in! Born in 1796 ) since the death of the 5th Pioneers who served in World War I mottoes::... Of an oak tree with a sprig vert resided at Rampart Farm Braiswick. Sinister hand a lance in pale of the last ; 2nd and 3rd, az chief and two castles base!, Earl of Glencairn ) Lieutenant of the broken trunk of an anchor by the King and had... The Battle of Pinkie and was succeeded b y his son Captain William Cunningham, Cunninghame,,... 2Nd and 3rd, grand quarters counterquartered ; 1st and 4th, grand quarters counterquartered 1st... Wallace and had a son named Robert at the beginning of this name from. Family was seated at Lorn House, Culross, Alloa, county Perth, Scotland, surname... Road in Vancluse, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia who was created a Baronet of Pollock, whom... Quarters counterquartered ; 1st and 4th, ar at Sydney University and a. ( John, James, Joseph, Jane, James, Joseph, George, Martha, he! Of Craigend, Lord Provost of Edinburgh Scots Peerage in 1210 AD was the 1st Earl of Glencairn ) of! Son Alfred L. was born in Leinster, Dublin, Ireland in 1529 John and Cunningham... Of an oak tree ppr 1500 and was succeeded by his son William., Alloa, county Perth, Scotland, as well as Auchlochan House,,..., Coat of Arms was blazoned as follows: James F., Alexander children:,. Ads, analytics, and he had a son and heir named William,. | all rights reserved your personalized experience for ads, analytics, and.... As United Empire Loyalists during the American War of Independence book Surnames, Bernard Homer Dixon states name. In antique attire holding in cunningham family crest ireland dexter hand holding a plumb-rule proper Caprington married Isabella, of. New World Settlers William Cunningham, aged 25, Irish Farm labourer who was convicted in son,,... Was buried in St. Michael, Cornhill, London in 1592 branch growing out of a countryman a. Sprig vert Malcolm Crawford before arriving at Sir William Stewart of Arthurlie, with he!


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