scum 1977 vs 1979
Richard Kelly, Alan Clarke, London: Faber & Faber, 1998, xviii. However Carlin then takes over. But then the programme was pulled from broadcast.

After more than twelve months of conversations and correspondence with the BBC, the writer, the director and the producer are still mystified”. ), Agent of Challenge and Defiance: the Films of Ken Loach, Westport, Connecticut: Praeger, 1997, 28. An uncompromising story of life in a British juvenile offender institution in the 70's. He decided early on that he was to learn the rules and regulations inside out and give the officers and prison department as hard a time as possible- even if it meant he serves his full sentence. She wanted a promotion of traditional Christian values in the arts especially within film (and video) and television. 6 The demands included cutting one of the two suicides, cutting the moment of impact when Carlin hits Richards across the face with the snooker balls in a sock and shortening the rape of Davis in the greenhouse. The Balance of Power- Scum (1977 and 1979) meathookcinema in cinema, cult film, Uncategorized February 7, 2016 2,047 Words. The suicide scene in the TV version is nevertheless one of the longest in the film, with a slow build-up of despair which proves very effective., The opening scene shows a runaway, possibly, This version has a more claustrophobic feel with it's narrow halls and dimly lit areas. [4] Two years later, director Alan Clarke and scriptwriter Roy Minton remade it as a film, first shown on Channel 4 in 1983. 3 It was effectively banned from broadcast until 1991 a year after Clarke’s death, when it was finally screened on Channel Four as part of a season on the theme of censorship. But what is ultimately most upsetting in this stark, unflinching portrayal of life in a borstal is that the regime of violence, bullying and racism is not only cynically condoned by the guards and prison directors but positively encouraged to uphold the “natural” hierarchies that emerge in lockdown.20 At best, prison staff are carelessly ineffective; at worst, they are sadistically enjoying themselves. The script was originally filmed as a television play for the BBC's Play for Today series in 1977. Carlin and the inmates have taken away the reins of power from the officers and prison authorities over this tragic event and are letting it be known that they have gone too far. In the case of Scum, Minton met ex-borstal “trainees”, as the inmates of these young offenders’ prisons were then euphemistically called. There are also members of the public whose first impulse on seeing something they don’t understand or approve of is to say ‘this should be banned’. The Independent Broadcasting Authority had approved on its transmission. More surprisingly, the film displays more guiding work from camera movements and editing: one example of ironical commentary is the shot starting with a close up of Archer’s naked feet and developing through a tilt up to a close up of the Governor’s eyes (0:29); another example is the mirror-effect conveyed by the circular movement of the camera encompassing both the Housemaster and Carlin as the former devolves some of his power to the latter. Carlin dismisses him when he is reluctant to talk in front of Carlin's 'missus' (partner). Remade as a feature film in 1979, the original drama received a single broadcast screening on Channel 4 in 1991. From next week, the 1977 play can be bought as a permanent download on the digital on-demand BBC Store, for £3.99, to mark 40 years since it was originally commissioned. ALDGATE Anthony, Censorship and the Permissive Society. An insight on the gritty life of a bored male, Chelsea football hooligan who lives for violence, sex, drugs & alcohol.

9 In May 1992 television broadcasting came under the supervision of the Department of National Heritage then in 1997 of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. The 1977 borstal drama Scum, considered too controversial to broadcast by the BBC, will now be sold as a download […] By Adam Sherwin. 16 of 19 people found this review helpful. The programme was the first time the general public had seen inside one such institution and the disturbing events therein that unfolded in this episode. What crisis? All rights reserved. However the programme makers shot this drama with no interference whatsoever from the powers that be in the Beeb.


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