stoker piano scene

I personally loved his style; he was moving the camera around and I was eating it up. Hmmm….

There was a scene where he comes really really close, but then Evie shows up and puts a stop to it. Both of these axes, India’s sexual awakening and Charlie’s efforts at manipulation, are also presented through a number of symbolisms.

It’s obviously very calculated how he draws her in; it induces a lot of suspense and it also had me admiring Charlie’s manipulation ablities quite a bit.

It’s not even acknowledged at all (as far as I remember). I still kind of think I’m right though. There were a ton of cleverly done Hitchcock references here; so even if you only see it for that you won’t be disappointed. Also, I get Psycho alarm bells going right from the start with the fact that Matthew Goode looks so damn much like Norman Bates. ORDET India finds out more and more of the past murders Charlie’s committed but doesn’t seem to mind, and even when she starts to it seems that Charlie’s able to convince her that it’s okay. Hopefully that’s what he was going for. He buys some ice cream and has India take it down to the freezer, which happens to be in the creepiest basement ever, complete with cobwebs and a swinging light. It’s never explained outside of the fact that they’re just weird. That’s all I was getting at I guess. Movies & TV. India resides in a murky place as the film progresses. A great script with evident Hitchcock influences. India’s is “dressed” with a yellow-patterned wall paper, while her things are lined up perfectly, mirroring her character’s predisposition for order. Bu I definitely recommend you go back and watch some of his Korean movies. Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for Duet (Stoker) by Philip Glass arranged by letszapago for Piano (Piano Duo) It’s a well-made film in its own right. that might be me, and again i havnt seen this so i dont know the level of creepy required. I’m a massive Can-wook fan… like so many people, Old Boy is one of my favourite movies (they shouldn’t have let Spike Lee or anyone else near it!). It’s pretty clear what the story’s going to be like from the trailer, even if it’s not as clear how it’s going to end up. Art & Design. It's only a local election, but don't forget to vote! It’s just that when I think of Firth my mind doesn’t go straight to creepy or even close. His constant efforts to approach her are met with defensiveness, until India starts suspecting that her uncle harbors a number of dark secrets. With India, it becomes abundantly clear how absolutely false this is. From the moment I saw the freezer, I thought it looked like a good place for storing dead bodies. So if you combine the two, Charlie is like the spider that’s drawing India, the fly, into his web. “That’s sort of one of the scenes that you’re always anticipating during the shoot,” says Wasikowska.

Charlie just moves right on in with Evie and India. FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE Though Evie and Charlie get closer and closer, you can always tell he has his eyes on India and India knows it too but can’t figure out why. 11:27 AM PST 2/28/2013 He enjoys films from all genres, although he is a big fan of exploitation. The piano is the catalyst of this formative moment, her metamorphosis from girl to woman and, as she acknowledges in her monologue, “To become adult, is to become free.”. I loved that you wrote about all these references.

Though we came to a different conclusion about the spider and fly. I thought it was more to throw us off, because at the end of the day her coming of age seems to have more to do with killing than sex. I though Goode did very well, the only part that seemed a bit off was in the flashback when he was in the car with Richard. Sports. I think it was a good call to give India a different name, instead of using the same for the uncle and the neice like in Shadow of a Doubt. Who he actually is, is a murdering psychopath! Anyway, thanks for commenting! Some holes in the script may be evident, particularly when the revelations begin, but in general, the story provides a great setting for Park to unfold his talent in a good direction. This question of nature vs. nurture is the moral quandary presented to us in Park Chan-wook’s. SOLARIS What India’s attracted to is not Charlie so much as the act of murder; murder is the drug and Charlie is merely the enabler.


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