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Once, he ignites a toxic flame, and takes turns on the gas mask with Kaspar so neither breathes the fumes. My only gripes are that it seemed to take a little too long for any pay off from the semi-slow build up, and that the sense of paranoia/mental instability that the main character was obviously experiencing, didn't entirely transcend the screen throughout, making some of the scenes hit a little less hard than maybe the director intended. Probably a good film for fans of body horror. Where Potrykus' breakthrough films, 2012's "Ape" and 2014's "Buzzard," found their subjects alone among the urban crowd, his third feature "The Alchemist Cookbook" is purely, strictly isolationist: Sean (Ty Hickson) lives in a dilapidated trailer in the woods, far from other humans. he gained knowledge -- and that was the treasure?

and experiments with homemade psychedelics (put Kool aid in a test tube and call it alchemy). Lots of times alchemists would approach venture capital or monarchs/aristocracy for partnerships/assistance, and vice-versa, and certainly alchemists would rate each other on success/failure, but there was no peer-review or open-source data sharing. More details at A list of oddities from the last decade in every genre. Alchemist Cookbook is a slow, melting acid burn on the pages of an instruction manual. But what he gets on a deeper level than anyone else making movies right now are slackerish delusions of grandeur and revenge and the private megalomania of the eternal nobody. It’s punk in spirit and sometimes grotesque for grotesque’s sake, completely non-mainstream but not inaccessible, in part because Potrykus (himself based in Grand Rapids) never misplaces his affection for bug-eyed, self-mutilating Midwestern losers and because he knows what’s funny. A horror/comedy/psychological thriller with a cast of just two, not to mention a cat and a possum. also most of it was just long-ass takes of one long shot that never changed and it just looked real cheap. I was a bit confused.. sorry im a little slow i guess. He … Posted by 4 months ago. Ty Hickson plays Sean, a young schizophrenic who is combining electricity and old style alchemy to awaken a demon. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. Really distinct, interesting, and fun film making here though.

I’m bamboozled still. Loner Sean (newcomer Ty Hickson) locks himself away in a trailer the middle of the woods to meddle in metallurgy and alchemy, trying to unlock the secrets of homemade gold, all the while self-medicating himself with prescription drugs.
He dreams of a room stacked to the ceiling with Little Debbie snack cakes; he spits Faygo Rock 'n' Rye soda on a campfire just to hear the sizzle.

The Alchemist Cookbook is the sobering reality that 99% of us would quickly go nuts … The ending of The Alchemist by Paul Coelho...? the death of the dream. Mothafucka out here going crazy in the woods. It’s also punk as fuck, from screen to release. As Sean, Gimme The Loot’s Ty Hickson gives what is very nearly a solo performance, ranting, guzzling soda, wolfing down Doritos, listening to The Smoking Popes and a warbly recording of “Jingle Bells,” sacrificing an unfriendly possum to evil forces. About 2 minutes of “alchemy” in this movie about practicing alchemy.

that I generally dig, along with a tone/atmosphere/vibe that I was fully on board with.

Yet at the same time, the movie follows an almost classical arc, its structure most obvious through the three lengthy scenes that Sean shares with Cortez (Amari Cheatom, in a role that’s just as demanding as Hickson’s, but with only a fraction of the screen time), which trace a progression: day, dusk, pitch darkness. His heroes (too sympathetic to be called anti-heroes) are dregs of society living on the fringe of a desolate world still stuck in the late 1990s or early 2000s; they don’t harbor violent fantasies so much as become subsumed by them. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Subscribe to Had I known this was written and directed by a film school prof, I never would have given it a shot.

Whether Potrykus - who writes as well as directs - is embedding the rules of this reality in the margins of the script or the corners of the frame, I'm not sure. The Alchemist Cookbook is like The Martian if Matt Damon was living in a rusty trailer deep in the Michigan woods and he decided to pseudo-science the shit out of spare cleaning chemicals because he wasn’t smart, just insane. Movie Reviews; Poems; About ‘The Alchemist’ Book Review/Summary. The Alchemist Cookbook is the sobering reality that 99% of us would quickly go nuts if left to our own devices. I loved this one a lot. Please support high-quality journalism. In many respects, The Alchemist Cookbook is a horror film, following the example of so many low-budget backwoods creepfests about ghouls and demons lurking among cracking branches and crinkly dead leaves. m_gallery = "the_alchemist_cookbook_-_movie";

Directed by Joel Potrykus. There’s a total reticence of technology in the film (except for a tape player).

The Alchemist Cookbook [SPOILERS] spoiler. Scavenger Hunt 65 #2 out of 31 - Go to a random number generator and generate a number from 80 to 180. When he runs out of drugs? June 26, 2020 ~ Shantanu Kulkarni. But though it shows an increase in technical sophistication over Buzzard—Potrykus’ hilarious portrait of a dimwitted conman unraveling in a fantasy of himself as a criminal mastermind waiting to be caught—it’s a sparser movie and even more underground. Cortez's penance is to eat the cat food after he insists its main ingredient, "white tuna," is delicious, and Sean provokes him with a schoolyard dare. The filmmaker's method hasn't changed; "Cookbook" is eccentric and minimalist, often shot in long, crazy takes drawn out many beats beyond where we might expect a cut, especially when his characters are eating.

If you're going to chase one, be it within or without, the woods is a perfectly fine place to do so, free of the distractions of society.
Wouldn’t even have to pay for it.".

"The Alchemist Cookbook" is a subtle, creepy, and really black souled little movie which begins as the tale of a Ted Kacyznski type woodsman and boomerangs into something serious.

He also has a beloved cat named Kaspar, and that's where the cast list abruptly ends. but it was a hella goood book! Carried almost exclusively by a captivating performance from Ty Hickson, Cookbook on its surface asks us to determine on our own what is really happening. I figured it was a movie … I wish I could tell you what this movie was about but I honestly didn't absorb anything I watched. They're not heroes or anti-heroes - more like unheroes, existing on the frayed ends of society and sanity, their self-discovery keenly tied to their self-destruction. 82 minutes :'). Gradually his reliance on outside sources to solve his problems gets the worst of him once his cat disappears. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. On top of this, he runs out of medication he apparently needs (what kind of meds? m_gallery_json = ""; Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed. Cast: Ty Hickson, Amari Cheatom. The young man, named Sean, has secluded himself and has been living this way for some time. The two performances were solid as well, and got better as the movie progressed. Young up-and-comer Ty Hickson also keeps this engaging when it could've easily not been.


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