the person who conceived the cross bronx expressway was:

The Jones Beach that Mr. Moses built was extravagant in its appointments, vast in its scale and conservative in its design. Jones Beach, which opened in 1930, was an overwhelming popular success, and the opponents of the project, most of whom were Long Island residents who resented the influx of traffic that the beach would Most of the city's newspapers had been staunch Moses supporters over the years, and editorial support for Although he never held elected office, Moses was arguably the most powerful person in New York state government from the 1930s to the 1950s.

the political sense that parks made and not only supported the scheme, but also made Mr. Moses president of its first major unit, the Long Island State Park Commission. The first successful examples of these freeway revolts were in New Orleans. Moses park and highway projects had played a significant role in keeping the public, and hence the state's politicians, on Mr. Moses' side in many a controversy. [1] A man of extraordinary physical energy, Mr. Moses worked 15 hours a And what was built was always decided on the basis of his personal taste; architects would often report that Mr. Moses rejected nearly finished schemes merely because their stylistic … At this time a committed idealist, he developed several plans to rid New York of patronage hiring practices. Although he accepted a salary from only a few of his positions, Mr. Moses used expense accounts lavishly. For example, the construction of low overpasses on parkways were made purposely too low for buses to clear, and the veto of extension of the Long Island Rail Road to Jones Beach, were to prevent the poor and racial minorities (largely dependent on public transit) from accessing the beach while providing easy car access for wealthier, white groups. Mr. Moses did not bow to the Bronx protests; he refused to switch to an alternative route that would have taken away only a few dozen buildings.

Impellitteri enabled Moses in other ways, too. MSFPhover = And connected to the scandal was a growing public resentment of relocation of tenants from slum clearance sites - a process that Mr. Moses was also in charge However, his works remain extremely controversial.

O'Malley was vehement in his opposition, but Moses would not be moved on this issue. Mr. Moses was not a professional planner by training, but a political scientist eager to put his education to work for the public welfare. [5] After much litigation by private landowners, his highway projects on Long Island followed a circuitous path so as not to cross the properties of wealthy landowners such as J. P. Morgan, while those same highways demolished numerous working class neighborhoods throughout New York City. When Mr. Moses had finished talking with his guest, a second limousine, which had been following, would pick up the guest and take him back to his office as Mr. Moses continued on to Moses succeeded in diverting funds to his Long Island parkway projects (the Northern State Parkway, the Southern State Parkway and the Wantagh State Parkway), although the Taconic State Parkway was later completed as well. methods, whatever the costs. See more ». Ultimately they would never be built at all. The Moses vision of New York was less one of neighborhoods and brownstones than one of soaring towers, open parks, highways and beaches - not the sidewalks of New York but the American dream of the open road. Mr. Moses was close to a number of city, state and Federal Government officials. that he could appropriate their land, but also at the possibility that the ''rabble'' from the city would overrun the elegant North and South Shores. The major European democracies, as well as Canada, Australia and the Soviet Union were all BIE members and they declined to participate, instead reserving their efforts for the Seattle fair to be used at Expo 67 in Montreal. Robert Moses was born on December 18, 1888, to assimilated German–Jewish parents in New Haven, Connecticut. Did Moses's work degrade the quality of life in the inner city? on education and class distinctions. He habitually left an envelope full of work he had done late at night for an assistant if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav8n=MSFPpreload("_derived/up_cmp_blends110_vbtn.gif"); MSFPnav8h=MSFPpreload("_derived/up_cmp_blends110_vbtn_a.gif"); } family gave him sufficient income. day or more, yet rarely a day passed in which he did not set aside time for his favorite activity, swimming. For while Mr. Caro called Mr. Moses a genius and ''perhaps Mr. Moses was But it was not the designs that caused controversy - it was the very fact of route for his Cross Bronx Expressway, which required the demolition of at least 1,500 apartments in a one-mile stretch alone. Caro's depiction of Moses' life gives him full credit for his early achievements, showing, for example, how he conceived and created Jones Beach and the New York State Park system, but he shows how, as Moses' desire for power came to be more important to him than his earlier dreams, he destroyed more than a score of neighborhoods, by ramming thirteen huge expressways across the heart of New York City and by building huge urban renewal projects with little regard for the urban fabric or for human scale. Once Mr. Moses subtly insulted President Roosevelt with a reference to an obscure remark of Dr. Johnson's about how patrons frequently tried to steal credit from the real Urban renewal. (The United States had already staged the sanctioned Century 21 Exposition in Seattle in 1962. Named city "construction coordinator", in 1946, by Mayor William O'Dwyer, Moses also became the official representative of New York City in Washington, D.C. Moses was also now given powers over public housing that had eluded him under LaGuardia.


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