thor brood

The Soulforce was almost infected by the evil of the Brood. However, Wolverine's healing power purged him of his embryo, and he helped his friends to escape (except Fang, who changed into a Brood before they left). However, there are still malevolent Brood in the Marvel Universe. It all comes together to make the stakes more distressing and terrifying, and it turns the X-Men from infallible heroes into vulnerable humans.
That means the Brood haven't just gained a Thor-powered host; they now know everything Thor has ever known, and have full access to his memories. There are numerous invasive alien species in the Marvel Universe. Captain America has been creating a captain's log for prosperity.

But against the Brood, there's a real sense of broken defeat to the X-Men. Carapace with the strength of platemail. [29], S.W.O.R.D. Seeing her as a threat, Ms. Marvel fought her again and in the process merged part of their minds temporarily making them unable to use their powers and therefore vulnerable to the Brood. What’s surprising, however, is that there’s apparently a strain of Brood that have the ability to infect a powerful deity like Thor. 1 Takes an Academic Approach to Monsters, X-Men: Marvel's Nicest New Mutant Demolished The Shi’ar’s Superman, TMNT: How Alien Dinosaurs Crashed Into the Ninja Turtles' World, Thor's Power Problem Sets Up the Return of a Classic Marvel Concept, Death Metal: How the REAL Darkseid Won Final Crisis, Thanos: Why the Ultimate Marvel Villain Did NOT Want the Infinity Gauntlet, Nightwing: How Batman: The Animated Series' Dick Grayson Left Batman, X of Swords Sends an X-Men Leader Into Unarmed Combat, Future State: A Transformation for Two Key Characters Has Already Happened. RELATED: The Avengers’ New Space-Travel Tech Looks a Lot Like the MCU's. This suggests that for one to successfully have infected someone as powerful as Thor, something must be amiss. [32], This ability for compassion from Broo deemed him as a mutant.
the conscious mind and self-awareness), making them compliant. Where she consumed their leader and used the rest for restore her clan. If he can still lift it, it means there's still enough of him left to make him worthy. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Brood King - This unique male Brood is a rarity and even considered a mutation in the Brood society and is created when a King egg is implanted on its host. From that point on, Kirk fell deep into the world of Marvel comics and became completely obsessed with anything and everything related to comics.

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