who killed regina in twisted
She threw the party in the Pilot episode, inviting Danny, at which she was killed afterwards. Kyle’s contends that Jo’s taste in men leaves a lot to be desired, and Rico, a little too quickly, responds, “Amen to that!”. Unfortunately, 10% of Jo’s anger is horrifying to Rico, and he sprints away from them, probably planning to flee the country to avoid Jo yelling at him. Next, Lacey crashes the soccer team’s party, and Sarita — the charming girl that she is — immediately intervenes and demands for Lacey to leave. Sarita and Regina seemed to be friendly, but shortly after Regina's death Sarita attempted to convince Lacey into doing things or guilting Lacey by using Regina's name, saying things like "Regina would've thought it was funny". Regina found out and was blackmailing him for a large sum of money. Her boss is relieved that Karen’s confrontation has nothing to do with him hitting on her, and he allows her to stay late at work to prepare a presentation that she’s completely unqualified to do. This escalates really quickly, and Jo and Tyler sleep together. Karen concedes that Danny is upstairs. Tess assures Rico that Jo considers him an important person in her life. “Anytime you answer a question, there are more questions,” Avan says. Afterwards, Jo admits that this was her first time she’s “done anything.”  Tyler is honored by this, but Jo doesn’t look like she feels very honorable right now. Whether or not she actually did know the truth or was just lying to convince Danny to come over to her house is unknown. To her surprise, that leads to Rico blurting out that he’s in love with Jo and that she’s his “dream girl.”  He goes to kiss her and Jo looks stunned. The necklace brings on much suspicion of Regina's death. Phoebe tells her "well, i'm sorry you're bleeding and all" and continues on to why she was so mad. Phoebe notices an enormous gash on Regina’s arm. There’s your one-up on Danny, Jo! 2 Answers. He blames himself for Lacey losing all of her friends and he has a plan to fix it. This is likely because of how Phoebe was ostracized in the flashback that we saw earlier in the episode. Jo explodes that she wants all 3 of her friends to leave. She requests that Tyler close his eyes while she puts her clothes back on, and when she’s fully dressed again, she’s also wearing a look of regret and confusion on her face. Regina tells Phoebe just to be quiet because she wants a break from the petty drama. Marilyn informs Karen that they have a warrant to arrest Danny for Regina’s murder, and she demands to know where Danny is. One would think she was a celebrity on the cover of one of those trashy gossip magazines. It is left unknown who gave Regina the necklace and if there is a connection between the two. He panics; obviously Jo is already burning all of his textbooks and he should start saving up for a new backpack. I appreciate everyone’s patience.Note: The second to last episode of Twisted did not have much criminal behavior, but there was one crime that cannot be ignored, so it will be discussed in this entry.Before delving into the beginning of the Twisted finale, recall that in the episode before this, either Doug or Eloise released the video that Doug creepily took of Danny and Lacey hooking up. Despite Danny's reputation for being a killer, this did not bother her and she flirted with him the moment she sees him during lunch. She would always try to get him alone, asking for sex. Well, Avan has a theory about that: I think there’s a level of danger with Danny. Vikram had Marylin murder Regina so that she could never reveal that he was still alive. Even though Jo isn’t home, Rico is still at her house. Archie admits that he and Scott were the ones who poisoned Cole. It’s not like Danny can get expelled again. Her boss has been committing tax fraud by not declaring commission for all of his clients. She was known as the alpha female at school, so she was very self confident. It turns out, Vikram Desai is on the other end of the phone, and unless Tess has discovered some crazy scientific information, this means that Vikram is alive and has been faking his own death, and that Tess knew about it. She wants to talk to him in person. If none of this sounds good to you, you’re on the right track. Regina is best friends with Lacey and, despite being popular, seems to have been nice underneath it all. It is later revealed by Lacey that she originally got the necklace the previous spring before the series began, but doesn't know who gave it to her. Clearly people don’t want Lacey there, but she refuses to leave. When Jo gets home, she is greeted by her best friend, which in my book is a lot better than a mother screaming at you that you have to leave town immediately. At counseling, Phoebe calls Regina her soul mate. She was one of the popular girls at the school and was best friends with Lacey. The weapon is covered with Danny’s fingerprints, and Marilyn already has a patrol car waiting outside of Danny’s house for when he gets home. When Danny starts rambling about how unique and special their friendship is, Jo clearly has gotten her answer. When Lacey explains that she did everything in her power to prevent Jo from seeing the video, she lets it slip that Rico knew about the video the entire time. 0 0. In the flashback, Regina gets out of a car with Connecticut license plates. I wonder how many people will feel like they have seen a ghost when Vikram returns, and how many people will react more like Tess — not shocked at all. He also has no idea how Karen knew that they were coming… and neither do we. Cole begs Danny not to make a scene; Archie is angry enough because of Danny’s presence. Phoebe picks up one of Lacey’s photos and coincidently, Regina is in the picture wearing a bandage on the arm that she claimed Phoebe scratched. She wore a lot of black mixed with bright colors or a touch of vintage. Meanwhile, Kyle has learned about the Danny/Lacey video and its effect on Jo. At age 11, Vikram Desai, murdered his own sister, Tara Desai, while she babysat Danny, Jo Masterson and Lacey Porter. “There’s an incredibly surprising moment with a character that I didn’t see coming at all,” Avan admits. Who killed Regina on Twisted? Kyle gets called into the office once again. Vik had a complicated relationship with his sister Tara Desai, whom he killed while Danny took the blame for him and went to juvie. Rico bolts out of her house faster than he did earlier in the episode, if achieving such a speed is possible. Regina Crane is a character in Twisted that appeared in "Pilot". Rico waited all night for her to get home. When he admits that the IRS doesn’t know about his behavior, Karen blackmails him. When they show up, Rico answers the door and warns them that Jo doesn’t want to talk to them. That’s one more thing that we will have to wait to find out in the new episodes. However, it is assumed she had alternative motives since she claimed to know why he killed his Aunt Tara. She has to tell him in person, otherwise she’ll never get over her feelings. He is Danny's father and Karen's husband who disappeared in a boating accident and was alive for eight months after faking his own death, secretly comunicating with Tess Masterson. That’ll be interesting for fans to see, and I can’t wait to see people’s reactions.”. Regina never tells Phoebe who scratched her; she only refers to the person as “that bitch.”  Unfortunately, judging by the behavior of many of the people in Green Grove, this doesn’t narrow down the suspect list very much. PLL 7.01 Legal Recap! Relevance. Meanwhile, Rico is at the REAL party of this episode; he’s hanging out with Jo’s parents eating spaghetti. Favorite Answer. In the flashback, Regina claims that Phoebe violently scratched her arm. Regina is a slim strawberry blonde with blue eyes. Shortly after Danny brought forth to Karen the possibility of Regina and Vickram having an affair, Karen began to believe it. She was killed at her own party sometime during the early morning. 7 years ago. Danny’s got some major damage control to do now that his naughty video with Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) has been leaked — and Avan Jogia says that’s mostly what the Aug. 27 summer finale of Twisted is all about. The camera zooms in on Lacey’s phone and we see a text from Danny reminding her to go along with the plan that they rehearsed. While Jo’s parents are out having a nice, leisurely night at the movies, Karen is at work begging her sleazy, flirtatious boss for extra hours for overtime pay. She describes him as an “amazing constant in [her] complicated life.”  She reminds him that she wants him to always be upfront with her. Regina and Lacey were shown to be best friends. She knocks on Tyler’s door and when he opens it, Jo barges in and starts kissing him immediately. Jo screams that she’s tired of Danny’s lies and that Lacey is a hypocrite. He loudly accuses Archie of poisoning him, and when Archie attempts to deny it, Lacey backs Cole up and reveals that Archie admitted to poisoning Cole.


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