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Does anyone remember radio talk show host Perry Wright and his show "The Phone Zone" on WTAC?

There was a time when the station had now deceased talk host Dave Barber(along with his long time producer Rich Frost) and myself(along with Jeff Tebo) hosting 2 separate talk shows on each end of the day. The humble beginnings of what was once called the Buick Freeway. Bob Dyer's Obituary - one of the greats from WKNX and Y-A-GO-GO. We worked the Buick Open together in the sixties. TIGERS BASEBALL. I showed these to the late Ed Berryman when he was employed at St. Joesph Hospital in Flint (after his WTAC days) and he confirmed that these were, indeed, the two original turntables used the most to spin out thousands of records on WTAC. I was very close friends with his children and I'm still in contact with Charlie and his kids today.

YOU MAY ALSO BE SUBJECT TO CRIMINAL PROSECUTION FOR PERJURY. I remember Grapevine (yes, on Clio Rd) - there I bought Gary Numan & Tubeway Army's album with Are Friends Electric? Jeff and I have been very close friends for many years and are currently in business together running a WISP...wireless internet service provider serving rural communities with internet access. 1 A series of Flint buildings shot by Austin McLogan . Pete helped me immensely by promoting my show to his very large audience every Sunday night.

I was at the grand opening in either 1976 or 1977 -- interviewed the manager for the Northern HS paper! I think the website ishttp://www.las-solanas.com/arsa//index.phpYou can send copies if you can't part with them. I hired Jeff to help produce/screen when he was only 14 and still in school. I took a community education class with him when I was young, and I remember spending an evening with the Earp family during that same time on Ketzler Dr. as I recall. Does anybody remember a record store on Flushing Road near Ballenger Highway back in the 60s?

nbsp; Featured Video. I love seeing all this memorabilia and have forwarded it on to all of them. Live stream plus station schedule and song playlist. Is it simply because the factory complex was located in the valley formed by the Flint River? I also met the late Jack Hood on several occasions and he was a really nice man...I for one miss the good old days of live AM radio, just like WTAC, WTRX, WFDF to name a few.

It was nice to hear from you...Perry Wright. Michigan Begins Tournament Play Thursday. Speaking of WTAC Wee-TAC 600, brings back a memory. living with his parents,Vern W. Hunter and Ruth Emma Gruber-Hunter, his father was born in Kansas, mother in Maryland , He married Ruth, Oct.15, 1947, she was working as a draftsman in PittsburghHe died 14 April 1995 at the age of 72.On 20 Jan 1943 he enlisted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the Miltary when he was single. It is the Flint affiliate for the Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, Michigan Wolverines football and men's basketball, and CBS Sports Radio. I worked for some time at WTRX as the Music Director, Talk Show Producer and the Talk Show Host of "Flint Nightline". Led by Dick Wagner, the group issued 12 classic singles that were big hits in the Tri-Cities and got lots of airplay on WKNX. Lots of great memories of WTAC -- staying up late on New Years Eve to listen to the year's top 100 was always cool. That would be Rock A Rolla Records, Anonymous. Doug Earp owned and operated it until his passing in 2004 or so. Sports Xtra 1330 WTRX. Each station published it's own hit survey for the fans: WKNX Powervoice 1210 BIG 10 Survey, Big SAM 1400 Super Sound Survey, WTAC Fab 40 List of Top Records. Listen to your favorite radio stations at Streema. I remember buying a B-52's album at Grapevine. I bought two Gates-Inter-type turntables that were being replaced. This, along with the growing popularity of FM stations at the time was not good for WTAC's future. In the mid sixties they played venues like Mt.

I had a great time running the oldies. Make sure you read the thread about the Oak Grove Campus, slim chipley lives, and many others. Per your radio comments and what happened to me. Of all the stations I've worked WTAC "The Big 6!" He was a pro himself, and was always willing to help with your game. I picked it up on a trip to Grapevine Records on Clio Rd. That September I hired in at AC Spark Plug on Industrial Avenue. Then computerized music selection programs, consultants, etc, totally changed the face of radio. Somewhere at my parents' place I still have a WTAC top 40 playlist from 1975 with songs from Hot Chocolate (probably "You Sexy Thing")and KISS ("Detroit Rock City") on it. Saw a very dapper Dan picture of him once in uniform - (US Army Air Force officer) next to his lovely wife and they both looked like movie stars. Our band played with them a couple times at the Blue Light in Midland. With no more Buick, does Flint still need the freeway? It has a lot of the insight of those days Gary Major Interview. If you're talking about the head shop that also sold a few records, you're thinking of Rock A Rolla.

Daniel James Hunter, Was born in Detroit,Michigan,30 March 1923, at the age of 24 he was a radio announcer in Pittsburg, Penn. And I remember the Rock A Rolla stores...used to buy CD's there when they first came out. Portions of Content provided by Last.fm. Essential reading for anyone trying to understand why bad things — like the Flint Water Crisis — keep happening to Flint. You might enjoy my book about Flint called "Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City," a Michigan Notable Book for 2014 and a finalist for the 33rd Annual Northern California Book Award for Creative NonFiction. http://las-solanas.com/arsa/surveys_item.php?svid=5445It's been said before, we need more complete station surveys for Flint online.Those of you who are hoarding surveys can simply transcribe the information or send a copy and retain your survey.Or we could get together and have a website with the local surveys.There's still only a handful of surveys for Flint stations on ARSA.

That's where I got my tickets to the Jimi Hendrix show at the IMA that occurred on 3/26/68. Grapevine was definitely on Clio Rd, between Pierson and Carpenter near Woolco. NFL news. I am trying to get some info on there song or a copy. He was an icon in Flint broadcasting. We've been doing that for almost 20 years. Also, when the radio DJ's did a gig, they usually had a stack of "promo only" 45's to give away, promoting a new, unknown artist or group. I decided to venture into stand up comedy and performed comedy, booked comedy shows and managed comedy clubs for around 15 years.
It's #5 on the Big Six Pick Hits Of The Week on this chart, abbreviated "It Could Be". I later took over hosting the Nightline show on weeknights. Maybe the corner of Bundy st., & Saginaw?

They gave away a 4-song Burton Cummings EP to everyone who showed up ("My Own Way to Rock"). Boy, THIS brought back memories! Bill Lamb has one called "Buick, The Factory Whistle, and Me", and of course "Local DJ" by Peter C. Cavanaugh. I felt like a rock star in that little studio, and they were great at coaching me through my many mistakes.

©2020 Last.fm Ltd. What I wouldn't give for some tapes of the station in its heyday. Was Rock A Rolla the little one stop on the east side of Dort between Hemphill and Atherton? He also had Jeff Tebo on board who screened the incoming calls. Radio, once in your blood...never leaves! They had locations on Dort Hwy and in Saginaw as well. We asked former DJ from WKNX and WSAM (Big Sam) what are the chances of a local band having a local radio station play their music today like the Bossmen and other Michigan Garage Bands did back in the sixties, and this is what he said: As far as the possibility of music today versus then there is no comparison. The Early Bird " Dan Hunter, a man with real class and talent. Our band played with them a couple times at the Blue Light in Midland. Its studios are located in Mundy Township near U.S. 23 and Hill Road and its transmitter is in Burton near Dort Highway and Bristol Road. WTRX 1330 AM - Trix - who on December 9, 1966 listed the Bossmens hit "Baby Boy" at number two on their list. Slim Chiply Lives: You Know You're From Flint if... Flint Artifacts: WTAC Big 600 1967 Playlist. Hey Bach, I remember the Jayhawkers. He released an autobiography earlier this year, called "Records Truly Is My Middle Name", which reportedly mentions his time at WTRX. There are at least 6 other DJs who worked in Flint who have published autobiographies and other books. I am looking for any info on the band The Jayhwkers who had a record played on WTAC in 1967 called Love Have Mercy. on it. I obtained a near life sized cardboard stand-up of the rock band POLICE, when visiting the store in 1980 and finding out that they threw most of those in the dumpster when changing record campaigns. To be fair, they did have a lot of records, and quite a bit of paraphernalia. I'm a better man for knowing him. JBING50: Thanks, I forgot his last name. Hey Tom Crown, Perry Wright here...I was just goofing off on the internet and came across this page/post...including your question. Another excellent post from Flint's past. Now that I think about it, didn't Hamady's have a record rack with the top singles and LPs? Your posts bring back some memories...Back in 1985 I worked two radio engineering jobs, one at WCRZ-FM "CARS108" / WKMF-AM, and the other at WFDF-AM. I grew up across the street from Charlie Speights, the general manager for many years of WTAC. National News. Or York, & Sag.I can remember buying "45s" in there, but can't remember the name of the place. R.I.P. 512(c)(3).

Great seeing some of the memories posted here about Dad.


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