aisha bint abu bakr

Allah and Muhammad s.a.w told me many times in dreams qasim one day you will get out the Whole Muslim Ummah from the darkness and then even the whole world and one day the whole world will become peaceful. When Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.)

[8] Upon her arrival in Medina, Aisha retired from her public role in politics.

i-e Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A.). Eventually the rebels broke into the house and murdered Uthman, provoking the First Fitna. In other words, it was during their marriage that the teachings of the religion of Islam were perfected. Do not allow any site to track your physical location: It was night and she fell asleep.

[11] Because of her involvement in this battle, Shia Muslims have a generally negative view of Aisha.

When Aisha (R.A.) found that the army convoy had gone, she stayed there and sat down to rest, hoping that someone would come back to fetch her when her absence was noticed. She was also awarded a pension by Ali. He (S.A.W.) It was not luxurious by any means, the room was barely six feet wide, built beside the mosque out of clay and palm trees. [86], In 634 Abu Bakr fell sick and was unable to recover. She (R.A.) knew that she was innocent and that Allah would not treat her unjustly. ), Aisha (R.A.) adopted a great position.

Allah clearly declared in the verses of Quran (Surah Nur-24: Verses 11-20) that Aisha (R.A.) was innocent. [41], Aisha's age at marriage has been a source of controversy and debate, and some historians, scholars, and writers have revisited the previously-accepted timeline of her life. Suffice to say, however, that Aisha remained steadfast in the belief that Allah would reveal the truth, and she was eventually acquitted, not though a trial of men, but by Allah Himself in the clearest terms, through the following revelation: Surely those who fabricate the lie are a group from among you. Promote your business in this option to let all sites automatically see your location. Aisha (R.A.) was known as an intelligent woman who debated law with male companions. She died in Ramadan 58 AH during the caliphate of Mu‘awiya... Aisha was born at the beginning of the fourth year of prophethood. Her slaves mounted the howdah and prepared it for travel without noticing any difference in weight without Aisha's presence.

It was during the course of their marriage that, amongst others, the battles of Badr, and Uhud, and Al-Khandaq (the Ditch) were fought.

In few dreams i saw when whole world will become peaceful a man coming from somewhere else and try to destroy the world peace.

The Companions noticed this and reserved their presents to the Prophet SAW when it was his turn with her. Aisha (R.A.) was one of three wives of the Prophet (S.A.W.) '"[64] Furthermore, Muhammad and Aisha had a strong intellectual relationship. [24], There was no official registration of births at the time that Aisha was born, so her date of birth, and therefore the date of marriage, cannot be stated with certainty. She endured poverty and hunger with the Prophet (S.A.W.). engaged her and Sawda bint Zama (R.A.) at the same time but he (S.A.W.)

I saw Esa A.S in my dreams many times. [65] Muhammad valued her keen memory and intelligence and so instructed his companions to draw some of their religious practices from her.

Aisha spent approximately nine or ten years of her life with the Prophet SAW.

Due to this, Aisha's political influence continues to impact those in Islam.

By the end of this time, his wives were humbled; they agreed to "speak correct and courteous words"[75] and to focus on the afterlife. "[103] Her intellectual contributions regarding the verbal texts of Islam were in time transcribed into written form, becoming the official history of Islam. knew very well that Aisha (R.A.), his wife, was free from such slander. Many people told me you are mentally ill or its shaitan, that is why u are seeing these dreams.

As caliph, Abu Bakr was the first to set guidelines for the new position of authority. Following are some of many blessings from Allah which distinguished Aisha (R.A.) from all other women in the world except Maryam bint Imran, the mother of Prophet Esa (A.S.): 1.

The Angel showed her image wrapped in green silk to Prophet (S.A.W.)

She saw the rules of four caliphs in her lifetime. Those around the Prophet SAW understood the sadness that he faced, not just for the loss of his lifetime companion, but also for the other turbulent events that happened in what we now call the Year of Sadness. Since you received it with your tongues, and repeated what you did not know anything about with your mouths, you thought it was a trifle, but in the sight of Allah it is serious. my fb page, my blog, Assalamoalaikum


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