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A little strange to work with at first, but very fun and intutitve after that :), PRO: CherryTree is a great alternative, particularly if you're also looking for the notebook/wiki setup (think of it as a newer, less buggy Zim). Support staff is excellent. Notes, lists, tables, styles, templates, levels. 【iPadPro10.5用Smart Keybordレビュー】iPadブロガーには必須アイテム!. Keep is good for sticky notes , short lists and quick reminders . What more? you can synch files & images this is the closest program I have found that is a direct replacement for Evernote in both function and "feel".

Updates come through regularly with new features, includes very generous free account, and paid unlimited version is very affordable!

Other interesting Windows alternatives to Evernote are Joplin (Free, Open Source), NoteLedge (Paid), Simplenote (Free, Open Source) and Google Keep (Free). Notion is the most powerful notes solution i've ever seen. While it might be a good program it doesn't fit. Very quick sync, responsive UI, works good across Windows, Linux and Android, although missing support for graphical notes and more text formatting options. CON: 定番メモアプリといえばEvernoteですよね?

Positive comment • more than a year ago • 2 users agree and 1 doesn't. Evernote is more for MSWord-like notes. Open Source code.

Positive comment • more than a year ago • 14 users agree and 3 don't. Positive comment • 12 months ago • 3 users agree and 1 doesn't.

Negative comment • more than a year ago • 18 users agree and 7 don't. Positive comment • more than a year ago • 3 users agree and 4 don't. Great to store and organize notes, possibility ton includes pictures. Positive comment • more than a year ago • 7 users agree and 2 don't. Nimbus Note is practically an Evernote clone - and a great app too (I use it often). Check it out it's also free. Sync across your devices. Positive comment • 11 months ago • 2 users agree and 1 doesn't.

Positive comment • more than a year ago • 4 users agree.

Leave nothing behind. AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you love and hate. Evernoteは全ての情報の終着地点に 私にとってEvernoteとは「脳」そのもの。人間の脳では記憶しきれないものすべてをここに集約し、必要なときにその引き出しを開けるイメージで使用しています。ただしこの引き出しにたどり着くまでに段階を踏んで行き、必要と判断したものだけをここに … Includes nested notes, Wiki-like linking, and conversion to HTML. As far as web clipping is concerned, Evernote’s browser plugins do a pretty good job too. - save them on your computer(backup with thirdparty backupsoftware) Google Keep has several features including color coding notes, inserting images, creating lists, geo-fencing, shareable notes, and search by color. There is very little documentation and a poor forum. free, simple to use, clear and easy functions, not overloaded. Positive comment • more than a year ago • 13 users agree and 5 don't. The site is made by Ola and Markus in Sweden, with a lot of help from our friends and colleagues in Italy, Finland, USA, Colombia, Philippines, France and contributors from all over the world. The list of alternatives was last updated on Oct 14, 2020.

Evernote Syncの設定画面では以下の3個所を設定します。 Platform(プラットフォーム):Evernote(エバーノート) Developer Token(デベロッパートークン):取得後述します。 Publish Mode :draft(下書き) This app has dark theme. 動をし終了です。, 本プラグインモジュールを単体でインストールできるようにしました。. With so many tools, it's hard to keep everyone on the same page. Standard Notes is a simple and private notes app. It is not real cross-platform (Linux is not compatible). FOSS and private :) You can synchronize your notes with your favorite cloud plateform, notes are saved in the .txt format. Negative comment • more than a year ago • 63 users agree and 8 don't. Does not support images or attachments, only text.

Free for mobile single users. A desktop personal wiki with inline preview as-you-type and lots of plugins. Positive comment • more than a year ago • 27 users agree and 7 don't. After years of searching for a decent app to do almost all the things Notion does, I finally found it and it does even more!

Most comprehensive note, to-do, project management, and archiving software I know of. No Linux, no Mac client, no Firefox plugin. 「Evernoteに保存する」プラグインモジュール Version2.3 ダウンロード前に下記の使用許諾契約書を必ずお読みください。 ダウンロードを開始された場合には本許諾書に同意されたものとさせていただきま … That's right, all the lists of alternatives are crowd-sourced, and that's what makes the data powerful and relevant. The most popular Windows alternative is Microsoft OneNote, which is free. There is even an Evernote Importer built in! Less restrained and cluttered than Evernote.

you can easily share boards of bookmarks & notes

100 per cent free. Positive comment • more than a year ago • 16 users agree and 6 don't. It allows you to write and sync your notes across all your devices, including your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and web browser. Evernote Web Clipper helps you save interesting things you find on the Web into your Evernote account. No Monthly upload limit like Evernote. Evernote reviews, screenshots and features. Notion is a new tool that unifies them all.


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