hobo with a shotgun grindhouse

The response was overwhelming, and luckily for those not attending SXSW this entertaining genre film gets a theatrical release this spring. There is deeper meaning! As well regularly writing articles for WhatCulture, Stephen also contributes reviews and features to Ginx TV. Instead of the mower, he buys a shotgun. Director Jason Eisener (screenplay by John Davies from a story by Eisener)'s new independent feature Hobo With A Shotgun is the second full-length feature to be extrapolated from the "fake trailers" that accompanied Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse double feature from a couple years back, and sometimes… Off The Shelf Reviews 13,060 views.
After getting carved up (literally), the hobo finds succor in the gentle administrations of Abby.

Hobo With a Shotgun challenges our very concepts of society, culture, philosophy, and dare I say, even God. He rides the rails (in this great vintaged feeling opening sequence with the open-air train car and the cheesy music) into a town gone wrong.

There will be naysayers and critics, but they are blind to the sheer depth of worldly significance this movie holds. Freeze Easter Egg, Netflix Added Over 20 New Movies/TV Shows This Week, Miles Morales May Feature In As Many As 5-6 MCU Movies. 10 Easter Eggs And Nods In Joker That You Might've... 10 Moments In Avengers: Endgame That Surprised Eve... Watch: Maguire And Garfield Join The MCU In Spider-Verse Fan... Watch: Joel And Ellie Team Up In The Last Of Us Movie Fan-Ma... Watch: Jason Returns In Awesome Friday The 13th Fan Film. Blood, guts and a very angry Hobo.... Hauer bout that ! Hobo with a Shotgun started as a fake grindhouse movie trailer. His fantasy of mowing grass is not some foolish, one dimensional, depiction of a return to land and civilized living, but rather a rejection of his puberty, an actual return to boyish physical being.

All reviews are submitted by other horror fans just like you (aka our subscribers!). This film, this icon of pure genius, is not some forgettable grindhouse exploitation of violence and sexual deviance, nay, it is an insight into our dreams, our fears, and our desires. Throughout this movie, three consistent themes appear in the symbolism. The Batman Set Photo Hints That Wonder Woman Exists In Patti... Sony Rumored To Be Considering A New Tobey Maguire Spider-Ma... 20 PS4, Xbox One, PC And Switch Games Are Free To Play This ... Watch: New Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gameplay Shows Off Stea... Xbox Makes New Horror Game Free For Gold Members For Hallowe... Over 200 PlayStation Games Are On Sale For Halloween 2020. A masterful return to the golden age of cinema! To lose one head in a 'man hole' only to have a sexualized temptress dance in the life giving blood, is a clear representation of the fear of sexual release; that the beginning of sexual identity and the symptoms of a boy's impending puberty, in of itself, maybe an inescapable trap. This is NOT just some 'must watch' movie of casual viewing! Delivering passionate and comprehensive entertainment coverage to millions of users world-wide each month. First! 10 Rick And Morty Fan Theories That Change Everything, 10 Bizarre And Shocking Things That Happened On Film & TV Sets, 6 Bizarrely Specific Movie Moments UK Censors Banned, 15 Insane Movies That Shouldn't Have Worked, 10 Banned Movies Now Considered Masterpieces, 7 Strangest Things Actors Had To Do To Win Movie Roles, 10 Movie Mysteries That Should NEVER Have Been Answered, Harry Potter: You’ll Never Get 100% On This Gryffindor Quiz, 12 Insane Movie Details You Definitely Missed. What worked in Hobo with a Shotgun that doesn’t in most of these modern genre films is the humor. New Batman Set Photo Has A Mr. Glad my ridiculous review could inspire that! Our subreddit is dedicated to text-based reviews of anything and everything horror related. The other actors, attempting to capture the typical grindhouse feel with purposefully (we hope) bad acting, made the film fun to watch.

This marvelous example of cinematic mastery is not some simple return to the golden age of silver screen classics. He takes his life savings (a sock of change) and goes to the local pawn shop to buy the lawn mower he saw in the window, a lawn mower that will allow him to start his own mowing business. Another of these fake trailers, Hobo with a Shotgun is now the second from Grindhouse to be extended into a feature length film. Hauer made a crazy bum likeable, which is a feat in and of itself.

Follow me here on Reddit for more reviews, including spoofy reviews! Everyone is welcome to add a review, we just ask that you follow our [RULES](https://www.reddit.com/r/HorrorReviewed/comments/822bxm/updated_rules_information_and_reminders/). The fact that Hauer’s character delivers grandiose and ridiculous statements with complete deadpan or touching sensitivity just makes for some really funny moments.

He delivers his dialogue with an insane kind of earnestness, and it just comes across as wildly amusing.

It will be examined in the history books for centuries. I’m not a fan of grindhouse movies, and most of the grindhouse films of today are just silly, low-budget vehicles for gratuitous violence, bad dialogue, and plenty of tits and ass. Hobo With A Shotgun pulls back the scabs, renders the flesh, and digs deep into the marrow of what it means to be human. This clearly shows the Freudian desire to find his comfort as a child in the disciplinary lap of a schoolmistress [AND] by extension, through this mothering symbol, a return to the safe confines of the womb.
Watch: New Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gameplay Reveals The Fi... Watch: Nicolas Cage Battles Aliens In Crazy Jiu Ji... Watch: Apex Legends Champions Edition Trailer Teas... Watch: First Monster Hunter Trailer Teases A Wild ... Watch: The Mandalorian Season 2 TV Spot Reveals Ne... Hobo With A Shotgun is a film in the tradition of 70s exploitation films. There is also, of course, the prostitute with the heart of gold, and an old pawn shop with the lawn mower of his dreams. And with that shotgun he goes on a killing spree, cleaning up the town in his own way. Cult horror enthusiast and obsessive videogame fanatic. Eisener’s film has the excess and the silliness, but it feels more like it’s poking fun at the genre (in a friendly way) then trying to pay homage to it.

It won a contest promoting Robert Rodriguez’s and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse movie and earned a place among other fake trailers run at the beginning of that film. But unlike most grindhouse films, Hobo with a Shotgun is actually a lot of fun. Starring Rutger Hauer as the titular hobo, the movie screened at this week’s uber popular SXSW film fest in Austin to sold-out theatres.

But unlike most grindhouse films, this one is actually awesome. The Best Horror Movies To Stream This Halloween. What we're provided with is not some mere excuse for entertainment, but rather a deep internal reflection on the soul of our humanity. Then director Jason Eisener had the opportunity to take his brain child and make it into a feature-length film, and what’s more, he got his top-choice actor (Hauer) to fill the main role. More posts from the HorrorReviewed community.

This MUST be shown in classes across the globe, to teach our youth about the direction that we must take, as a unified world, to move forward as humanity! The death of children, as though puberty itself was the death of joy and innocence. Finally! When he finally stands up to the Drake’s psychotic son Slick and rescues the vulnerable prostitute named Abby from his evil clutches, things really start going to hell in a handcart (or a shopping cart).


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