how do i write to the prime minister of new zealand

MPs' salaries have been temporarily reduced during the COVID-19 pandemic in New Zealand—the prime minister's salary currently is NZ$376,840. New Zealand:Hells Angels, street gangs vow to defend mosques as NZ braces for Friday prayers, 'I was the last person to get out alive':Narrow escape from the New Zealand mosque. Especially if your letter is in your own words rather than a standardised letter cut-and-pasted from our website. The prime minister was also responsible for the New Zealand Security and Intelligence Service (NZSIS) and the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB). Former prime ministers retain this style for the remainder of their lives. Ardern said the March 15 attack "demonstrated the weakness of New Zealand's gun laws" and therefore she vowed to end the "easy availability" of weapons used in the attack. the White House and 10 Downing Street), Premier House does not serve as the government headquarters; the location of the prime minister's office is the Beehive, in the parliament precinct a short distance away. [11], New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world to have had three female heads of government, and one of only three countries to have had a female head of government directly succeed another. talking with someone, raising the issue with their party, voting to support a bill etc. For all enquires relating to Freepost, please contact: [email protected], All members of Parliament Care of Distribution Services Freepost ParliamentPrivate Bag 18 888 Parliament Buildings Wellington 6160. Most of the tips for writing letters apply to writing emails and the following will help maximise the chance of your email being read: Working for better radio, TV and online media for all New Zealanders, Site built & hosted by Fyles Online Consultancy, RNZ Concert and a new youth radio network. Parliament Buildings

Choose how you want the list to display (for example, display the list by political party, portfolio, electorate, or select committee membership). [34], The first person to be formally appointed to a position of executive leadership was Henry Sewell,[34] who formed a brief ministry in April 1856, at the beginning of the Second Parliament. We don't forward copies of emails to members of Parliament or Ministers.

Use the correct form of address - formalities work.

Weld's successor, Edward Stafford, briefly changed the title to "first minister", but it was soon restored to premier during the second tenure of Fox. New Zealand’s prime minister and her party are coasting to victory in national elections, but it is unclear how far she will push her progressive promises.
The influence a prime minister is likely to have as leader of the dominant party.

There the prime minister hosts receptions and events for New Zealand and overseas guests. Click on the member’s name to go to a page that includes their contact details and parliamentary biography. [7], By constitutional convention, the prime minister holds formal power to advise the sovereign. Previously, New Zealand prime ministers had attended occasional colonial and imperial conferences, but they otherwise communicated with London through the governor (a position then appointed by the British government). [29], Assuming that Henry Sewell is counted as the first prime minister, 40 individuals have held the office since it was established. As head of government, the prime minister alone has the right to advise the governor-general to: The prime minister is regarded by convention as "first among equals". CabNet is a database the Cabinet Office administers. [12] The governor-general might rarely exercise reserve power[13] to dismiss a prime minister in circumstances pertaining to a non-confidence motion against the government in the House of Representatives. An original letter sent by one single person is more effective than a form letter (or cut and pasted texts) sent by dozens of people. And if you need more info contact us.

The lists at the bottom of this page provide contact details and can be used for mailing list purposes. [18], The prime minister is also expected to take on additional portfolios. Living former prime ministers of New Zealand, This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 01:40. Mass emailing politicians can be blocked like spam, either technically by the computer or mentally by the assistant reading them all.
MPs often also have public offices away from Parliament. In 1917, however, British prime minister David Lloyd George offered the New Zealand prime minister a seat in the Imperial War Cabinet, the British Empire's wartime coordinating body. The other 48 MPs are selected from the party lists. Commence with "Dear ...", so your email doesn't look like junk mail. Below this, write “Prime Minister of” followed by the relevant country. In 1919, Bill Massey signed the Treaty of Versailles on behalf of New Zealand, signalling both prestige within the empire as well as a new independence for the country. The office exists by a long-established convention, which originated in New Zealand's former colonial power, the then United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. By the conventions of responsible government, the governor-general will call to form a government the individual most likely to receive the support, or confidence, of a majority of the elected members of parliament (MPs). [23] Unlike the residences of certain other heads of government (e.g. Send your email to your local representative and the Minister/Opposition Spokesperson responsible for the matter, not to everyone. As she leads a nation still grieving over 50 killings at two mosques, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Thursday declared a ban on military-style rifles, which includes assault rifles, high-capacity magazines and military-like semi-automatic rifles. "The guns used in this attack had the power to shoot continuously. [41], Until the premiership of Helen Clark, it was customary for senior members of the legislature, executive and judiciary—including the prime minister—to be appointed to the British Privy Council, granting them the style "Right Honourable". The prime minister is obligated to do so within three years of the previous election. To make the most of your effort and time spent writing the letter, here are some tips from the experts (adapted from several websites including Greenpeace and the EFA). Profile of a leader:Jacinda Ardern leads New Zealand in aftermath of killings police say could have been worse. Place the politician's email address in the "To" field of your email, not in the 'cc' or 'bcc' fields, to minimise the risk of your email being treated like spam and automatically deleted or sent to a junk mail folder. He may have sought notoriety but we in New Zealand will give him nothing – not even his name.". [8][c] The prime minister may lead a coalition government and/or a minority government dependent on support from smaller parties during confidence-and-supply votes. For more information about tours and visiting Parliament, click here.

If you have any feedback about the content of the CabGuide website, please contact the Cabinet Office on 04 830 5010 or email [email protected] . A prime minister is appointed if or when, Convention merely requires that the prime minister's government can survive a. You can get involved by voting in elections, contacting an MP,  making a submission or petitioning Parliament. Personalise your relationship. The closer your representative feels to you, the more effective your letter is likely to be. It's about all of us. Ardern, a member of the Labour party, graduated from the University of Waikato with a bachelors of communications studies in public relations and political science. Please note that this service is offered to ensure free access to members of Parliament by New Zealand individuals wishing to make contact by letter. Call general elections by advising the governor-general to. MP's email addresses follow this formula: [email protected] and cabinet ministers use this formula: [email protected] [43], On 21 June 2018, Labour's Jacinda Ardern became the first prime minister of New Zealand (and second elected head of government in the world) to give birth while in office.[44][45]. In the 53rd New Zealand Parliament there are five parliamentary parties represented by 120 MPs. However when you are unable to find time to mail a letter or make a phone call, it is better to send an email than do nothing. To write to specific members of Parliament you should address your letter as set out below. Conclude by requesting a specific action such as: taking concrete action on the issue i.e. Sir Geoffrey Palmerserved 1989–1990born 1942 (age 78), Jim Bolgerserved 1990–1997born 1935 (age 85), Dame Jenny Shipleyserved 1997–1999born 1952 (age 68), Helen Clarkserved 1999–2008born 1950 (age 70), Sir John Keyserved 2008–2016born 1961 (age 59), Sir Bill Englishserved 2016–2017born 1961 (age 58), The most recent former prime minister to die was Mike Moore (served 1990), on 2 February 2020, aged 71.

New Zealand's Prime Minister lifted coronavirus restrictions on its largest city on Wednesday, after the country appears to have eradicated community spread of the virus a second time. Jacinda Ardern, the second female leader of the Labour Party after Clark, became prime minister in 2017. Use your own words. Politicians need to be able to tell the 'other side' that they have been inundated with calls and letters supporting their position. These MPs represent 65 general electorate seats and seven Māori electorates. New Zealanders will be voting in a national election on October 17.

A handwritten, or typed and signed, letter is far more effective than photocopied form letters, postcard campaigns or emails. Wellington. If you have any feedback about the content of the CabGuide website, please contact the Cabinet Office on 04 830 5010 or email [email protected] . [28], The Diplomatic Protection Service is a special branch of the New Zealand Police that is charged with protecting the prime minister (and their family) and other senior government officials, as well as diplomats. Especially if your letter is in your own words rather than a standardised letter cut-and-pasted from our website. Use this list to help you decide which Minister is best for you to contact. Sign off with a salutation, e.g. Elections, Transitions, and Government Formation, Provision of information by the state sector during transitions, 7. regards, yours sincerely, thank you. "He is a terrorist, he is a criminal, he is an extremist, but he will, when I speak, be nameless, and to others I implore you: Speak the names of those who were lost rather than the name of the man who took them.

Please note that the Prime Minister’s Office is a part of the Cabinet Office, a Government Department. And today, they will," she told her nation in a live television announcement Thursday.


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