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We’re nearing Summer, which means that now’s the best time to start planning the seasons music festies. SMFs generate innovation in the sector and are a crucial part of providing cultural innovation and pathways for emerging artists, these pathways support larger festivals by providing a breeding ground for culture, and also for cultural export internationally for these artists. “Drug dealers who prey on our young people, and seek to profit by peddling illicit substances at music festivals, are on notice.”.
Please make sure that you confirm all details with the. • Police and Health will set conditions as part of each license – including user-pays policing requirements, on-site ambulance requirements and other harm-minimisation requirements such as chill-out spaces. 13. The boat parties are next level and tickets sell like hot cakes – don’t miss out this summer! We are concerned that the NSW Government is not abiding by the agreement made by the Australasian Police Ministers’ Council, Principles for the Application of User Pays Policies for Police Services, 1995 – otherwise we would have seen increase in the user pays policing costs. Or on regional areas who rely on these events for significant financial injections into their communities. Rent a houseboat for a really unique weekend experience on the river. some rural towns only have one ambulance.

So grab a handful of your besties, pack up the campervans and go explore these top 7 boutique music festivals this year. The new regulations are still being written. If an adverse decision outcome is reached against an application by a festival, there is no timely dispute resolution mechanism, and no guarantee of service by ILGR.

These new powers are broadly discretionary, and effectively give NSW Police and ILGR plenary powers – decisions are being made at a state level and will be implemented locally with operational staff at the NSW Health Local Health District and NSW Police Local Area Command level. There are wonderful art exhibitions and fabulous concerts, bustling farmers markets and traditional agricultural shows, as well as thrilling sports and much more. 11. The freshest festival on the list, this experience is about far more than just the music, which this year spanned everything from Boy & Bear to Late Night Tuff Guy. See you this summer somewhere down the gypsy road. Under the new regulation they will have regulatory oversight of all other safety issues at a festival.

It’s also a relaxed small crowd so you’ll lose your mind before you lose your friends. These are nervous times for music fans in Sydney and across NSW, with harsh new licensing conditions set to be applied to festivals from March 1. 2hrs N of Sydney | February/March | 2 days. Great Ocean Walk – 5 Days on Victoria’s Iconic Coastline, Osprey Aura AG 65 Hiking Pack // Gear Review, How To Remove Ticks and Prevent Tick Bites. • Liquor and Gaming NSW can request further clarity or attention on certain components of a festivals management plan. 3) Return to Rio

ILGR does not have the technical expertise and skilled enough staff to assess the new licenses and must defer for advice to other regulatory bodies – this is convoluted interagency approach and will generate massive delays. Festivals down under! At present ILGR does not maintain reasonable timeframes of response to business as usual activities such as answering emails and granting licenses. This introduces catastrophic regulatory risk into the sector and into the approval process, where an application for approval is declined, and deposits forfeited, the capital used to host events will be destroyed. Light to Light Walk Reopens November 1st! Now festivals. • Liquor and Gaming NSW are proposing a new licensing fee to help cover the administrative burden being imposed by the new licensing system. From secluded mountaintops and enchanted forests to rolling Aussie countryside and mystical river locations, the camping spots rival the best i’ve seen. Two events have already buckled under the weight of ballooning costs associated with those rules, which are intended to keep folks safe and alive. • Liquor and Gaming has provided an indicative risk matrix, which places festivals in either low or high-risk categories. DISCLAIMER: We are a festival directory website. However, Premier Gladys Berejiklian pointed out the Government owes it to young people, and their parents and families, to make sure they are safe. • As part of this new license application, festivals must provide extensive detail on all operational components of their festival including security and harm-minimisation. The Aussie Backyard Bird Count Starts Today! Live music Australia has the best gigs across Australia. This means that future events will not proceed despite any administrative appeal outcome, after significant impacts have imposed upon the sector by the regulatory authority. 14 festivals across the state were deemed to be high risk. 7) Secret Garden Festival Most are in the warmer months of summer but music festivals are available in all seasons. A RIS will also take into consideration the additional costs, mechanisms for approval, and broader economic implications of the new laws to event organisers, the resources it would take from other stakeholders like health and police, how that would impact the community during high use times as a result, and whether the industry would survive the implementation of new laws. A NSW government frontbencher has preempted a coroner's report into deaths at NSW music festivals by saying he wouldn't accept pill-testing measures. In consultation meetings ILGR have stated that they are willing to set aside risk assessments ratings created by their own risk assessment process and substitute lesser requirements if they deem it appropriate. Although new regulations have been made it has not been demonstrated that the laws will increase public safety or reduce harm. This will kill live music. “The new licensing regime we are introducing, combined with better regulatory coordination, will ensure that events with a poor track record and heightened risk will face greater oversight from the authorities – if they don’t change, they won’t go ahead,” Ms Berejiklian said. •Through this process, police are able to set a user-pays policing requirement as a condition of the festival receiving its license. Once you scratch beneath the surface of the Australian Festival scene it becomes quickly apparent that there’s a lot more to it than just spending a day listening to Avici with your face rubbing against the dripping back of roided-up 18 year old. By making an amendment to old legislation, the government is not doing its due diligence on the proposed changes by way of a regulatory impact statement (RIS).

Put on the kettle, get settled. In and Around Sydney | Varied | 2 days. Through our experience as national operators in other Australasian jurisdictions, we know we are not being charged increased user pays policing fees outside of NSW, and that we face the same public safety and event issues in other Australian jurisdictions. • This also applies to user-pays medical such as on-site ambulances. rmances, clandestine dining rooms and bountiful bars. Appeals against decisions and litigation following an adverse decision will not be heard until after an event has been unnecessarily cancelled by organisers if a decision by ILGR has not been made correctly. Throw in the best Aussie and International music around and you’ve got yourself a cocktail for a damn fun weekend.

A RIS is required by the Subordinate Legislation Act 1989 for all new significant laws which are not amendments. By making SMFs financially unviable, the whole sector faces increased costs and financial risks as artists will relocate from NSW as higher income can be received elsewhere. adventure + music + nsw = good times Once you scratch beneath the surface of the Australian Festival scene it becomes quickly apparent that there’s a lot more to it than just spending a day listening to Avici with your face rubbing against the dripping back of roided-up 18 year old. You’ve been warned. • There is currently no method available to festival organisers to query these fees or be provided any transparency or justification for these fees. This is an abuse of power. The NSW Government is looking at a range to new measures to make music festivals safer.

Everyone really pulls their fingers out on the fancy dress department for this one, the wackier the better so come prepared. Tamworth Country Music Festival and Sydney Festival, which have received exemptions for unknown reasons without this being justified as being within the public interest, or by way of a safety case about the risks associated with those events, and potentially ignoring requirements of competitive neutrality in the provision of goods and services by the public sector. If you work in music, or you just love the stuff, there’s no bigger story bubbling away right now.

These new laws are amendments to the current liquor licence. This means, that unless the festival agrees to the police bill, they will be denied their festival license. There has been no clear indication from ILGA or the NSW Govt as to how the inter-agent assessment committee will regulate the restrictions placed on festivals. 1.5hrs N of Sydney | November and March | 3 days. Music Festivals Australia. The amazing location, stellar lineups with the best of house and electronica and up-for-it crowd are just a few reasons why Harbourlife is one of Australia’s best music festivals.
4. They are a group tasked to regulate liquor & gaming. • Impacts all music festivals in NSW excl. Music Festivals Australia 2018.


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