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A brother is cast out from his family, sold in to slavery and then returns years later as a man of power - but shows forgiveness and compassion to his family through the strength of character given to him by God. Not all of the more historically themed Pepla were epic war films however and historical adventure films formed one of the more common subgenres of the Peplum, combining real historical settings with fictional stories. Has anyone compiled a list of how many peplum films have featured a gorilla or any other type of ape-man creature ? Much of the dim view held of the Peplum films these days comes from the acting of these performers - while stars like Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott had been trained as actors, many of the others were simply bodybuilders with no performance training at all and as a result the quality of a number of the films suffers - although script writers were often able to keep speaking parts down to a minimum for the lesser actors. He spends most of the movie in the pleasure gardens of Queen Omphale of Lydia. The climactic flood is one of the best ever filmed. Twin brothers were raised by wolves, revolt against tyranny in pre-Roman Italy and then come to a parting of the ways as they lead their people toward the founding of a new city, the founders of Rome. The Peplum should also not be confused with the later 'Sword and Scorcery' genre that arose from the success of Conan the Barbarian (1982) and although there is a lot of overlap, the latter distinctly employed more high fantasy and magical elements. A sequel quickly followed, Ercole e la regina di Lidia (1959) with Steve Reeves returning in the lead role. A well written Egyptian set film with some beautiful scenery starring Mark Forest as Maciste.

The film was directed by Giorgio Ferroni and starred Steve Reeves as Aeneas and John Drew Barrymore as Odysseus. A majority of these films follow the same basic pattern. The genre decays in the late 1960s, but rises again decades later, when a modern classic is released in 2000. Then, peplums take root at Cinecittà studios, in Rome, where cheap cinema is produced with bodybuilders as heroes. The white-clad marauders can't follow them if it means being caught in the sunlight which instantly dissolves them. The Second World War did even more damage to the Italian film industry but it quickly strove to return and alongside the famed Neo-Realist films, the more popular genres began to re-emerge with dozens of low budget comedies and soon enough another retelling of the classic Last Days of Pompeii (1950), followed by Riccardo Freda's elaborate Sins of Rome (1953) set around the legend of Spartacus and a version of the classic tale of Ulysses - Ulisse (1954) starring Kirk Douglas. The massive demand for muscle-bound heros during the genre's heyday meant that Reeves himself could not handle all of the roles and so producers scoured tough man competitions, importing dozens of musclebound Americans to play their lead roles - at the time, as was still the case many years later, an American actor was considered essential the help the film sell on the international market. However, like most euro-cult expressions it has become confused and re-used heavily down the years - most often interchangably with the generic term 'Sword and Sandal' leading to many American made films being rather incorrectly classified as Pepla. Generally these stories would be unrelated to the actual legends surrounding the hero, to the extent that the characters often became interchangable and in different dubs of the films Hercules would become Samson and Goliath would become Hercules without any other changes needed to the script. Cross-over films began to appear towards the end of the genre's heyday with the musclebound Peplum heros being added to swashbuckling 16th-19th Century adventure stories - this led to such bizarre films as Zorro contro Maciste (1963), Hercules and the Black Pirate (1964) and Hercules and the Masked Rider (1964). A unique African location is wasted by a completely generic script and lackluster pacing. Her father arranges the marriage to Alboino, which he believes will be beneficial to him, only to have Alboino kill him and leave Amalchi, his daughter's real love, beaten and left for dead.

Actually, the dancer is the queen Cleopatra who leads a double life using this name. While young Ulysses tries to help him regain his memory, political tensions escalate in Thebes, and Hercules' new wife Iole finds herself in mortal danger. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. The genre began to wane however, with Italian cinema as a whole, in the aftermath of the First World War - one exception being Mussolini's pet project Scipione l'africano (1937) about the destruction of Cathage and considered to be the largest scale epic ever made. The film depicts the last of the Punic Wars between the Roman Republic and Carthage. See more ideas about Epic movie, Movie posters, Movies. Join here.

The list is arranged in chronological order. Not many Giants, but Brad Harris makes good work of this entertaining Traditional Peplum. The film focuses primarily on the exploits of the Trojan hero Aeneas during this time. Upon arriving, however, he discovers that his father has been murdered by a gang of black-hooded looting bandits. Published 2016-03-02T04:19:42Z Updated 2020-10-12T02:38:57Z. After a serious accident during the filming of Last Days of Pompeii (1959) he was forced to stop his heavy workout routines and tone down considerably - but by then his name was permanently attached to the genre and he continued to work through until the end in the mid-1960s. Film data from TMDb. A rather typical Peplum story is bolstered by a solid storyline and some well budgeted direction.

Maciste arranges for himself and his new friend Bangor to be captured by a mysterious band of white-clad marauders and taken to an underground city. sport throughout the genre) is most commonly applied to the mass of muscle-man movies that sprung up in the 1960s after the success of Hercules (1958). It doesn't disappoint.

When Petronius' daughter, Livia, newly-arrived from Rome, falls into his hands, El Kabir uses this opportunity to win her over to his side before releasing her to her father. There was plenty of variation of course - the settings were most easily altered and could vary from the Far East (Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World (1961)) to Africa (Maciste in King Solomon's Mines (1964)) and even South America (Colossus and the Headhunters (1960)). Set during some generic period of ancient Roman or Greek history, our hero discovers a 'wrong' (usually an evil dictator who has usurped the throne of a kingdom) and in setting out to right it will upset the villain who will sent waves of cannon fodder soldiers at the hero, all building up to a climactic confrontation with a nice happy ending.

In contrast to Hollywood's output however, even the largest scale films would rarely exceed 90 minutes run-time and the overblown excesses of such productions as Twentieth Century Fox's Cleopatra (1963) were avoided. Gordon Scott fights alongside the Blue Men and takes on vampire zombies in an utterly bizarre Traditional Peplum. Steve Reeves stars in a well made historical Peplum with good direction and a solid storyline. / Color. Less recognised but equally as numerous was the Historical Peplum. Glaucus vows revenge against the killers, but just how high up are those involved? Thanks to his aggressive promotion, the films proved among the highest grossing of the year, outperforming Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo (1958). Karl is using Letterboxd to share film reviews and lists with friends. The way was set for the first of the Italian exploitation booms.

The latter is most notable for the introduction of the Maciste character, a musclebound hero in the Hercules mold, played by actor Batolomeo Pagano - he went on to play the character in twenty-six more films up until 1926, with a mix of classical and more contemporary settings. Acording of the oracle Medea, Dianara's only hope is the Stone of Forgetfulness which lies deep in the realm of Hades.

Mark Damon stars in this well written but largely action-free Peplum with real Egyptian locations. 1,213 31. Login to create it. Set in the 4th century B.C., this Biblical epic stars Richard Egan (Demetrius And The Gladiators, A Summer Place) as Ahasuerus and Italian leading man Sergio Fantoni as Haman. Calling himself "Hercules," Glaucus defeats Mycenae's champions and gains the favor of the voluptuous Queen Demetra (Rosalba Neri) whose son, covered in a dog's head mask, has been raised as the living embodiment of the dark god Moloch and receives sacrifices in his sprawling underground grotto. Many of those films, released directly to TV in the US actually got theatrical distribution in the UK, like PERSEUS THE INVINCIBLE. Then, peplums take root at Cinecittà studios, in Rome, where cheap cinema is produced with bodybuilders as heroes.

Thus performers like Brad Harris, Gordon Scott, Richard Harrison, Ed Fury, Mark Forest, as well as British born Reg Park all played their parts in the Peplum boom.

Italian exploitation producers put out an increasingly perverse series of unofficial sequels and follow ups, including Bruno Mattei's Caligula et Messaline (1981) and Joe D'Amato's Caligula II: The Untold Story (1982) before the genre quickly vanished again in favour of cheaper to produce exploitation. The films focus around a central hero, be he Hercules, Maciste, or one of the multitude of heroic figures that the film-makers plucked from both history and the bible for their productions. Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus al. See list view for ratings and reviews. The movie is filled with clichés, Feats of Strength, everything that a PEPLUM fan like me looks for in a PEPLUM movie. Based on real historical events, or well known legends such as the Battle of Marathon, these films were often darker and more violent than the Traditional Peplum, although a happy ending would usually be provided. Jojo Lapin X.


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