spare the rod and spoil the child debate

Parent’s Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz followed the instructions set out in a book called, “To Train Up a Child” by author Michael Pearl. I particularly liked the alternatives you shared but keep in mind that the majority of parents are trying to do the best and both methods (spanking and dialoge) have their pros and cons. In North America, corporal punishment remains a norm within our society. I never deserved it, I was not misbehaving, but trying to master life. Benatar (par.46) came up with positive arguments for carrying out corporal punishment on children one of which was that it was used to discipline children who were found to be guilty of misconduct.

It can be traced back to the Middle Ages when children or adults caught in misconduct were disciplined by physical violence. I am always intrigued by the responses that we receive on Psychology Today and the conversations stimulated by our posts. While we continue to live in a society that permits corporal punishment; the alternatives are increasing and the knowledge of child behavior is as well. Therefore, later in life they will continue this behaviour, and even as children, when someone disagrees with them.

No adult in their right mind would do that. Mistakes happen (such as literal spilled mild). Going into the current status of society and children, parents have stopped parenting.
Have you been taught to use corporal punishment by a religious. The dangers of spanking may not apply to all children, but we ignore the general results at the peril of our clients and their children.". As a father, mother, teacher, or school administrator, do not fear being limited in your information. But if presented with information about the effects of spanking on most children, they refuse to learn to do anything else, their kids (who are already at risk) are more likely to suffer. I am struck by their total absence. To this day I avoid overly emotional people - I don't trust them. That is not the case for these results. Raising a child does not come with a manual or a personal guide, but you can find comfort that we all have something to learn when it comes to raising a child. How Young Americans Become White Supremacists, Why Politicians' Kids Publicly Take On Their Parents. Even if, "...there the possibility that less severe CP doesn't have such severe, permanent effects? Gershoff, E. Corporal punishment by parents and associated child behaviours and experiences: a meta-analysis and theoretical review, Psychological Bulletin, 128(4), pp.539-579, 2002. Perhaps the judicial system should reinstate the use of corporal punishment. In fact, we should remove the word discipline from our vocabulary, replacing it with the word GUIDANCE. The debate for corporal punishment has varied from religious instructions to parental rights.

Still have questions? Most of these jerks have gotten by with acting like jerks for years.

If you smack in front of a child, you teach them that hitting is OK. Technology isn't a parental replacement and it is NOT the school's responsibility to discipline children. The obvious question is how did they control for directionality on the negatives? Have you chosen to be a positively influential role model?

In Middle Age England, the most common form of punishment was flogging which involved whopping or whipping the offender with a rod or whip.

As in the workplace, alternative punishment or correction will not occur without consideration and constructive dialogue. Seriously, because anti-social, mental health issues etc obviously have both confounding AND direction effects.

When he came home from school, my wife found the marks on him. The vast majority of children raised during the spanking millenia have ended up socialized to a sufficient degree to permit them to function constructively within the larger society. That is why CP is insidious. Children are not born with good manners, nor are they born with any innate good sense with respect to their own safety.

Consider looking online for information from legitimate sites and resources: American Psychological Association; Center for Effective Discipline; Project No Spank; etc. Where can I find someone to pay to do my homework? No data. For many children, when they are acting out, they are poorly communicating or feeling unheard.

There are no absolutes when raising a child.

The longstanding argument for corporal punishment has been the parental right, religious ideological perspectives, and the right of the government to correct, rebuke or create physical consequences for negative attitudes, behaviors or actions. Argumentatively, while there is undoubtedly a historical precedence that is in play; the argument for such correction has grown tired, weak and no longer justifies the use of corporal punishment. Perhaps, but I don't care for that question.

Brenden L. Smith, composed an article published with the American Psychological Association entitled "The case against spanking. Children who are physically punished for doing something wrong are most likely to not repeat the offence in future. The risk of harm is far too great. Furthermore, there are many who believe that they are spiritually instructed to use corporal punishment as a form of discipline. Corporal punishment is an effective method of deterring detrimental behaviors in children who are still developing. Beating a child causing injury is not CP. “What I love most about fatherhood is the opportunity to be a part of the development process of a new life.”. I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful reply to Alistair. Web. Why are you attached to the use of corporal punishment? Web. Mary, I am so very sorry that you had to endure this egregious form of abuse.

Always remember, that “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.". Because of this, however I think people find that to be THE solution instead of finding one that works without the use of CP. For many, corporal punishment has its foundational roots in religious and moral teachings. good values are inculcated faster through love and understanding. Healthy discipline occurs when the child is gaining a positive perspective on a negative choice or decision that they have made. Some states in America have banned corporal punishment by enacting laws that prohibit teachers from physically disciplining children. (Wholeheartedly Agree)". The use of corporal punishment has also been seen to restrain children from engaging in reckless behavior with respect to historical statistics which have shown that children behave well after they have been subjected to corporal disciplinary action (Turner 217). For after all, it really does "take a village to raise a child.". ARIEL CHILDREN. My perspective is based on years of clinical work, psychological research, and review of other research. Corporal punishment is also defined as the use of physical force to cause pain to the recipient as a way of punishing their misbehavior. Why not even consider returning to an age of using stoning and the severing of hands? Young children that are acting out. 50). What do they want? Very young children do not learn by reasoning, because they do not have a sufficiently developed brain with which to process reasoned input. Richardson, T., Marsha, W., Bruce, A., and Daniel A. For example corporal punishment deters repeat cases of misconduct and misbehavior.

"The study looks at five decades of research involving over 160,000 children. I sincerely appreciate your time, consideration, and thoughtful feedback. Pro: Allows child to develop individuality, - allows child to be self-sufficient in moral values, - allows development of parent-child relationship to be unfettered, - gives the child a chance to live a happy, free childhood, - teaches them valuable lessons learned by themselves, Con: Could cause lack of respect/tolerance of others, - encourages slovenliness (lazy lifestyle), - disconnects them from the reality of the world, - makes them morally soft and impressionable, gullible, - could leave them at a social disadvantage (depending on position in society). I never dated overly emotional men either.

If I see a child being spanked, even at my age of 59 - it causes me much stress. 1. Really robust write up. Six of nine justices concluded that the provision does not violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as it does not infringe a child’s rights to security of a person or a child’s rights to equality, and it does not constitute cruel and unusual treatment or punishment. “My father did not spare the rod, therefore I will not spare the rod.”. Many scholars and academics have viewed corporal punishment to be a negative form of discipline as it affects the child’s or student’s behavior. The parent should accept a timeout to cool down and refocus ensuring personal control. employer? Why should a child be scolded for striking a fellow student; if they themselves are allowed to be struck by an adult for misbehaving? Therefore, it is of a very similar construct that a child that receives corporal punishment will seek to deliver the same method of punishment unto his or her child. As parents and adults, we should seek constructive information, education, and skills. The problem is, they spanked to create pain in order to reinforce a discipline.

The child will learn more from positive correction than physical manipulation.”.

I am sincerely appreciative of your time and consideration. Mary, I am sincerely appreciative of your time and willingness to share your story.


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