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Help high school students understand how racism played a role in Black women being excluded from the right to vote. How does it behave? It just so happens that I gave a lesson using this film only a couple of weeks ago and the response was very positive. Show the film until 02:41 again. Keep up the good work, Hi Judith,

Make a list of 'for' and 'against' arguments about buying a new puppy for your son. This short film is based on a comic strip.

All the best, Cheers, They are wonderful and helpful.

Get a new Film English Club 33-page extensive viewing guide to the Oscar-nominated film Up in the Air starring George Clooney and Vera Farmiga for English language students who want to learn English through watching films. Pair students so that there is one member of the group who came up with the positive adjectives and a member of the group who came up with the negative adjectives in each pair. Write your own story with the title 'The Present'. By kierandonaghy.

I love your suggestions. Could you create your own animated version of this story? Thank you very much for the film. All the best, Thanks! Students write a composition based on the point of view of the mother or the boy. A few days ago I read a piece of news about a little girl without one arm who has a three legged puppy… And now I see this! It is a short film by Jacob Frey based on a comic strip by Fabio Coala. Could you create your own comic strip that retells this story? What do you think it might be about? Share it here! Could you use these images of a video game themed classroom as inspiration for your own classroom designs? American …

All the best, I have been following your films and lesson plans for a while and I have tried some of them. SPECIAL FOCUS: THEME, PLOT TWIST, INFERENCE, AND CHARACTER Interactive Pixar Short Films are a fun way to teac. Step 2. Create a character profile about the boy. All the best, (212) 885-7700 Thanks for commenting and for the kind words. Join our email newsletter to receive free updates! Published on January 25, 2016. Imagine that you were the boy's mum. Tax ID/EIN: 13-1818723 Have you made a great resource? They went well with my students. The speech bubble idea is wonderful - maybe a series of screen prints for students to work on, before watching the animation a second time. Listen to the film's soundtrack without looking at the picture. Ask them to summarise the story the film tells.

Hi Elaine, Make a trailer to promote this short film to others. Create a persuasive poster to raise awareness of different types of animal cruelty.

© Teaching Ideas 1998-2020 SCROLL DOWN OR CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. Write a set of instructions to teach people how to look after a pet. Can it be reproduced without the dialogue but maintaining the sound effects? You’re very welcome. 605 Third Avenue I’m from Serbia. The film can spark a conversation about people with disabilities in an age appropriate, accessible and engaging way. Teaching Ideas Ltd.

What questions would you ask him? Pause the video at different points (e.g. Subscribe to Film English to receive notifications of new lesson plans. As they watch they should compare their ending with what they see in the film. What does it mean to be disabled? Students practice adjectives related to character and teenagers, watch the start of a short films, write a narrative and discuss the film. Hi Marie, New York, NY 10158-3650 Explore the concept of racism with young people through the perspective of.

"The Present" and Living with a Disability, Equal Treatment, Equal Access: Raising Awareness about People with Disabilities and Their Struggle for Equal Rights, The Sound of Silence in Football: Derrick Coleman, Lonnie Chavis of 'This Is Us' Writes about Racism, Women's Suffrage, Racism and Intersectionality, Support ADL through your Donor-advised Fund, Support ADL through a wire transfer donation, Communication Guidelines Relating to Ability.
How might he respond?
Watch this delightful short film with your children and try some of our suggested teaching ideas and classroom activities. © 2020 Anti-Defamation League.

I think I’ll try to combine both for my next lesson with a teenage student. Explore our library and use wonderful books in your lessons! Encourage students to use both positive and negative adjectives. Stay up to date and receive our free email newsletter! Kieran. Lesson Plan This is a lesson around disabilities and how someone can deal with their own. Kieran, I saw this short film over the weekend and I immediately thought, I’m sure Film English will do something great with this one … and you did! Discuss your ideas with a partner. 0.09, 0.44, 1.05, 2.40 and 3.10) and describe how each character is feeling. Frey said he was in awe of the storyline of the comic and was inspired to translate it into an animated short film. I am Brazilian and I like your ideas very much.

All the best, You can watch the film below and find a full lesson plan here. Frey said he was in awe of the storyline of the comic and was inspired to translate it into an animated short film. I’m very happy you like the lesson Registered in England - No: 09178280 VAT No: 199650845. Thanks a lot!

'The Present' is a short 4 minute animation created by Jacob Frey. Does your opinion of him change throughout the story? What food does it eat? How would you describe him? Hi Ragnhild, Tell half of the groups that they have to come up with positive adjectives to describe character; the other groups have to come up with negative adjectives to describe character. How do you know? Thanks very much. They will reflect on a negative response to a teacher's bitmoji classroom and consider the importance of conveying values. Anti-Defamation League The Present is an animated short film that was released in 2014 and quickly went viral. Find out about the Paralympics and investigate the achievements of athletes with disabilities. Thank you! The dog has a disability and it turns out that the dog and the boy have something in common, which is revealed at the end. I will try this one out today, with my 9th graderes in Norway. Printable photos of different toys that can be used for different activities. The Present is a gripping short film with a wonderful twist by Jacob Frey which deals with the themes of empathy, teenagers and disablity. Kieran. This ELT lesson plan is designed … Reading, Speaking and Listening, Language. Get feedback from the whole class on the boy’s character and behaviour.

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We are working on adjectives at the moment, so this was perfect.

Language level: Pre-intermediate (A2) –Intermediate (B1), Activity: Practising vocabulary, watching a short film, predicting the ending of a film, and speaking, Language: Adjectives to describe character, Downloadable materials: the present film instructions.

How would you describe him? I like this lesson and video. Students will create their own bitmoji virtual spaces and choose aspects of their identity they want to represent. Glad to hear you like the lesson so much. Why doesn't the boy want to go outside at the beginning of the story? Excellent lesson and video! I loved this video and the lesson.

The Present Step 1. A boy is given a gift which changes how he feels about the world around him. It’s great to see other teacher’s using the same materials. All rights reserved. Which song would be most appropriate? Tell your students they are going to watch a short film in which they see a teenage boy. Students practice adjectives related to character and teenagers, watch the start of a short films, write a narrative and discuss the film. Thanks very much for commenting. This ELT lesson plan is designed around a moving short film by Jacob Frey titled The Present and the theme of teenagers. If they have not got the opposite of an adjective, they should try to supply it. This lesson provides an opportunity for students to watch and reflect upon the film, learn more about people with disabilities and create their own comic strip based on the film or another story about a person with a disability. Create a fact file about a pet. The film is about a young boy who seems to prefer his computer games to anything else. A set of printable display letters that spell our the word 'Tornadoes'. Nothing can seem to drag him away. What types of disabilities are there and how do they affect different people? The viewing guide includes: • […] Read more . August 2020 marks the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. Why? The guide will help students improve their English vocabulary, listening comprehension, pronunciation and speaking. Their task is to compare their adjectives and to try to match the positive adjectives with a negative adjective.


Retell the story from the boy's (or the puppy's) point of view.

Until his mother leaves him a gift - an adorable puppy. The film was created by German animator Jacob Frey who was inspired by a comic strip by Brazilian artist Fabio Coala. The film was created by German animator Jacob Frey who was inspired by a comic strip by Brazilian artist Fabio Coala. Has your opinion of the boy’s character changed. Get feedback from the whole class, and write up the most common positive and negative adjectives. I would love to use this in my Spanush class. Make a game about a dog that has to catch a ball. The Present is an animated short film that was released in 2014 and quickly went viral. Could you choose a different song to accompany the credits?

Create a character profile about the boy. Ask students to predict the rest of the film. Mute the sound on the video and add your own narration to describe what happens. Think of some questions that you would like to ask the creators of this animation.

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The film is about a boy who is enthusiastically playing video games indoors; his Mom comes home and brings him a new puppy as a present but the boy seems more interested in his video games than playing with his new dog. I’m in the Chicago area in the United States. Divide the class into an even number of groups.

Soar. In their pairs ask your students to discuss the following question: What adjectives are normally used to describe teenagers? Allowed HTML tags: