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The baby starts the cry and Tsotsi picks it up to quiet it as John comes outside. ( Log Out /  He goes back to rob the house of the baby, and kills one of his own crew, during the robbery.

As Tsotsi holds the baby in his arms, John convinces him to give up the baby. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. [9], Roger Ebert gave the film a four out of four star rating and stated in his review " How strange, a movie where a bad man becomes better, instead of the other way around. The sight of Boston’s swollen, infected face. Tsotsi is a 2005 crime drama film written and directed by Gavin Hood and produced by Peter Fudakowski.It is an adaptation of the novel Tsotsi, by Athol Fugard and is a South African/UK co-production.

Tsotsi and Aap go to Pumla's house. There is one which is old and rusty and right next to it is one very colourful and inviting and bright.

Later in the film there are some shots of the character's face which remains misshapen and swollen with one eye permanently closed.

In the crime genre the structure is, there is a murder, then and investigation then it is solved. An attempt to repair the disruption- He tries to look after the  baby but cant so he asked for help from the princess. [3][4][5] In 2009, it was unofficially remade in Tamil language as Yogi.[6].

The film was passed 15 with no cuts. ( Log Out /  Thanks for dropping by cheriesmithblog! In one, Tsotsi is shot in the shoulder, and while the officers are shocked at what happened, he escapes through a large field back to the Alexandra slums after avoiding another shot from the chief police officer. The critical consensus states "Chweneyagae's powerful performance carries this simple yet searing tale of a shantytown prostitute redemption.

The contrast from Tsotsi at the beginning from Tsotsi at the end is so different. This film is all about the rich and poor divide and how people want to change.

Change ), Saw the musical and Small Soldiers and Evaluation, Production diary (Horror Short) Evaluation, Evaluation for soundtrack Moving Image (C.A.S.S Production). John tells the officers to lower their weapons and they do so. So it kind of equals itself out. He collapses and dies while John and Pumla look on in horror. Within this film, there is a murder and there are knives and guns involved which you would link to the crime genre. He and Aap escape in John's car moments before the security company arrives. The genre of this film in my opinion is a Crime Drama. If it is raining in a comedy film then the audience will suddenly feel down and not find it funny just because what is on screen. It also features Terry Pheto, Kenneth Nkosi, Jerry Mofokeng and Rapulana Seiphemo in supporting roles.[2]. These are the clothes and the colors of bad people who commit crimes, you will see throughout the film the changing of clothes is different and more free. [...] How the story develops is for you to discover. So the audience reaction is not vert sympathetic towards this character only the character who got stabbed. But while looking up the the colourful chime and touching it with his gun this could shows he looks up to people like that but scared to step in that direction. Pumla survives the attack and works with a police artist to create a composite sketch of Tsotsi's face, which is then run in the newspapers. Tsotsi goes up to them. When Pumla's husband John (Rapulana Seiphemo) returns from the hospital, they follow him into the house and tie him up.

[12], Gavin Hood was also nominated for the 2005 Non-European Film – Prix Screen International at the European Film Awards for his work on the film. If you take away a part in the film it changes the whole film all together. Tsotsi was submitted for classification in November 2005. Only one person sees so much more than he lets on to be (Miriam) and those emotions come out more and more as the film goes on. Finally the animal cruelty was entirely impressionistic. In this film you go on a journey with one particular person with a troubled childhood and the ability to change. You could say here that he couldn’t changed without help and now it was time to let go he wasn’t ready. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. When Aap goes to raid the fridge, John activates the alarm. The reason it is Crime Drama because in the beginning you know Tsotsi as a thug, he stabs somebody on a train for money, he steals from a homeless guy in a wheel chair and there is aspects of crime in this film but there is also aspects of Drama in this film as-well like the flashback within the film when he looks back at his Family and the reason why he ran away and become the guy that he has become and that change in his life. [13], This article is about the film Tsotsi. Tsotsi sets off to return the baby. Set in the Alexandra slum in Johannesburg, South Africa, it stars Presley Chweneyagae as David/Tsotsi (Tsotsitaal name for "criminal"), a young street thug who steals a car only to discover a … Tsotsi is an African film that shows the contrasts between the rich and poor divide (Binary Opposition) and tells a story in the eyes of a thug and shows redemption and even a thug can change.
Realizing that he cannot properly care for the baby on his own, Tsotsi spots Miriam (Terry Pheto), with a young child strapped to her back, collecting water from a public tap. The first time you see this emotion is when he follows the homeless guy in the wheel chair and starts harassing him. It tracks the redemption of its central character, Tsotsi, a mean criminal who is widely feared in his area of town, and forced to live in a shanty town after the death of his mother to AIDS. There is a scene that stands out to me when he first has the baby and he sees a single mother with her baby and he goes to her to feed his baby. There will be no redemption, no change in his character and the whole story line will be different. As he just looks straight through the rusty one it could show that he is invisible and wants to move away from it and break away. • 2. So the colours are very dark and its raining which is a sign of emotion being poured out in the character even if they don’t show it.

Which this does tell you when he goes back into his flashback from how his mother died form how his father treated him and why he ran away and how he ended up in the end. Year: 2005. When the audience see’s rain on the screen it changes their emotion as-well so the audience can empathize with the characters on screen. If the he stayed the same person throughout the film then the film will be changed and he would continue being violent and he would keep on running away form the law. • 4. The main part of the film is how Tsotsi looks after the baby, but what will happen if you took away the baby? I was surprised to find that it leads toward hope instead of despair; why does fiction so often assume defeat is our destiny? Here they are seen as dangerous as Johannesburg has one of the highest crime rates ad as the main character is a thug then it points the audience in that direction.
It is not an easy going film to watch. In addition the work has two shootings, one of which is shown with some blood detail. He didn't mean to kidnap the baby, but now that he has it, it looks at him with trust and need, and he is powerless before eyes more demanding than his own. It tracks the redemption of its central character, Tsotsi, a mean criminal who is widely feared in his area of town, and forced to live in a shanty town after the death of his mother to AIDS. It depends what is happening on screen. Adisruption of the equlibrium by some action- He hits one of his gang members and his gang falls apart.


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