way of the wicked dnd

Armed with Chantra’s knowledge of the Duergar (and Gardain disguised as a short human), the party still found it difficult to track them, but in the end they encountered a group of twelve Duergar, who agreed to take them to their thane. The kraken didn’t survive the blast of boiling hot water. The chieftains and commanders were given lordships befitting their commands. They did not present much of a threat to the trio, though. Before leaving, the Lords researched the Iraen and gathered what knowledge they could.

I SEENS IT WITH ME OWN EYES! Mardok woke up to the sound of footsteps, the kind that only men that try to be quiet make. Watch this space for a character concept. A path to vengeance.

From this point, the party had to be ready to defend the horn against intruders. When the group entered, he asked St. Martius of the Blade for strength.

She had three brothers, her father rules Verochanzia in the Nine Kingdoms, and her mother is recently dead from a poisonous snake bite.

Slowly, they were able to get through maze and find the chamber in the center. The battle began suddenly, with three of the crew being pulled into the sea to be eaten by dire sharks. Paths (77 instances) Wicked (577 instances) Related Topics.

On that pier waited for them six bugbear warriors, who apparently had a taste for human (and dwarven and gnome) flesh. Finally, Sakkarot told them of Raiju, an oni who killed a bugbear chieftain’s son, and was probably as good as dead. One of them cast dimension lock, making him unable to teleport away, while their +5 dancing swords shredded him like a blender. He dropped some goodies and they took them. Whatever that destiny may be, the people of the Iraen cannot say. Not too long after they passed the great wall, though, they were confronted by a patrol ship. Soon, Sakkarot Fire-Axe, an imposing bugbear wearing plate mail and armed with a red greataxe appeared and greeted them welcome, declaring that they should not be harassed or eaten in any way. They were led to Sakkarot who greeted them heartily and suggested they discuss things in his war room. I don't get a lot of opportunities to play an evil D&D campaign. That fight turned to be a little harder then the previous two, with the Captain doing some real damage to Grumblejack, who had to withdraw from the fight in order to get some healing. Concerned, the group went to visit the woman and make sure she had “pure intentions” or whatever.

On the next morning the party left the vale. He also did some scrying on the sixth knot’s emenies that managed to escape/ Elise Zadaria was in some inn, and doing some shopping, but Sir Havelyn seemed to be in the middle of some quest. With the ship started tilting into the ocean, suddenly footing was a lot less sure. Her magical pendant went off, triggered by the draining health, and healed her fully, then her other magic ring was triggered, sending out a number of illusionary duplicates. After much discussion, the Thane agreed to ally with them. When the team hit a dead end, they went to visit, As soon as the bag of shadow-stuff opened, it jumped out and almost killed. Damien sent a telepathic order to the duergar forces to advance and then they headed up the spiral staircase to the roof, where they knew to celestials were waiting.


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